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He did not really want the responsibility, but it’s just something that he knew he needed to do. After the first alien aggression crashed his dog’s head, he decided to carry on the job that his father never got to finish. And so aboard his trusty black van, he went out to the streets and hauled in the first five random people he saw: a drunkard, a policeman, a priest, a prostitute and a spoiled little girl with the fancy pink wig. He did not really think of the possible consequences of his choices, just that these people will be the world’s last salvation.

A week into his attempts at training his motley crew of heroes, who would rather kill each other than die together fighting alien invaders, he tripped on another epiphany… This could very well be the end of the world!

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You screamed and bawled like a baby when the doorknob came off. You said we were going to die for sure, before fainting into blissful unawareness. Whatever happened to for better or worse?, I asked myself. To till death do us part? To all those mushy stuffs you’ve been telling me all these years? I looked at the timer counting down the seconds to the death you have so passively embraced. If I only knew what you meant when you said, “I will die for you,” I never would have said, “I do.”

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He wrapped his hands around her arms, leaving marks where marks should never be. He shoved her to the wall, hard, like he meant to break her apart. She begged her to stop, he kept on hurting her, painting his angry masterpiece in blacks and blues on her skin. The pain was unbearable, but familiar. When she finally slid down to the wall, virtually dead, she heard him catch his breath. Felt his arms wrapping around her like he cared, like he’s suddenly a different person. The warm, frantic whispers came next, at once professing his love for her, at once blaming her for the fault. She has been so stubborn, he said. She should’ve known better, he said.

The bandages he lovingly wrapped around her wounds afterwards did not do much to mend her heart.

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“My tooth hurts,” I complained this morning.

“Soak it in warm water,” you advised.

And so I gurgled warm water like you said. “It still hurts,” I complained a second time.

“Lie down and rest and elevate it on pillows.”

And so I stack a couple of pillows up and lay my head on it. “Nothing’s happening!” I called out, irritable now.

“Maybe you should massage something onto it,” you replied back.

“Like what?!” I hollered.

“Anything for muscle pain.”

“What muscle pain?!”

You appeared on the door, akimbo and frowning at me like I’ve just said something dumb, “Your foot hurts right?”

I growled in frustration and threw a pillow at your face.

Talk about the deaf leading the dumb.

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I asked you to help me out and you said yes. But you remained blind to my suggestions, as I remained deaf to your nonsense. We argued over colors, and fought over sizes. You wanted all the eccentric molds, while I rallied for the simple and traditional shapes. In the end, we went home with nothing but open cans of worms, vowing never again to fall for grandma’s senile requests. If she wanted balloons, she could very well get them herself!

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You laughed your heart out as my face burned red with shame.

“Are you desperate?” you asked.

“Are you an asshole?” I snapped before turning away. It’s just like you to make a federal case out of something so trivial.

So what if I heard you say, “You’re mine?”

You’re mine. Turbine. It’s an easy mistake to make.

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The splash came to you as a mockery. I meant it to be a joke. One of my pathetic attempts to catch your attention. You did notice me, but not really in the way I have always wanted you to. Your eyes burned right through my soul. No words were necessary to let me know you’re never going to forgive me for this. I guess putting that bucket of water on top of your door really was going too far. Then again, who knew someone who had everything could be so short on humor?

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I thought it was unfair that I had to be holed up in this hell with you. Whoever came up with the idea of putting two rebellious kids together in a single room with enough hours to allow them to come up with the most rebellious schemes? Mr. O’Neill’s asleep, but our mind’s weren’t. I looked at the blueprint of the plan we have devised out of boredom and smiled. Whoever thought detention can actually be productive and kickass fun…? I’ll definitely be seeing you tomorrow! :)

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People often say that science and magic just don’t mix. But, I think they sometimes, do. Say, for example when a person falls in love… certain chemicals in the body make all the physical symptoms visible, but it is really that person’s intangible intuition that gives meaning to the attraction. And love is really all about the deeper attraction that comes after the physical stimulation subsides and the loss of logic settles in.

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I turn my sight away from these old scenes, mere highlights of a past I struggle not to remember. A past where I stand alone in a crowd, a wallflower without the wall. Without even the semblance of a flower. A past where I felt invisible, ignored, at peace in complacent bitterness. Then you came in and gave my life a twist, a climax to a fantasy slowly turning to reality. Who cares if I don’t smell of roses? If I stay forever pinned to a wall I can never see? With you beside me, my life will always be a blockbuster movie.

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You come from one direction. I come from another. Yet, our minds always seem to meet at a single plain of eternity that has been wrought out long before we were even born. So how come we had to be separated, lost and wandering from opposite ends, when it’s always been ‘US’ all along?

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The basic definition of love is not all that simple. It doesn’t only include a hug or a kiss. The most basic meaning of love goes deeper than skin deep, but is indescribable by human standard. It is something that shamelessly touches the most intimate part of a person’s being–his soul. Love doesn’t come from the heart, it comes from the very essence of existence.

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