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Her hair was flying all around her in a cloud of brown frizz. Hermione wildly waved her wand, glancing out of the corner of her eye at her competitor, who looked as smooth and collected as always, tapping his cauldron lightly with his wand, the faintest hint of a smirk on his smooth pale lips. He knew she was watching, he knew he was winning.

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The gown glimmered in the light; the translucent layers caught his eye and reminded him of a dragonfly’s wings. She looked like that, floating within the crowd, sparkling and standing out from the rest of them in their dull, normal gowns and robes.

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It made absolutely no sense. Why would she throw her laptop out the window? Her, of all people? She was supposedly the most intelligent girl at their university, and yet, here she was, standing before him with an absolutely shattered laptop, looking hopefully at him like he had any sort of ability to repair a *shattered* laptop. What, was he some sort of god? Why was Hermione Granger, most logical person in the world, expecting an act of holiness such as this from him?

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