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» Posted By mad On 06.14.2014 @ 7:54 pm


I was a visitor in my own home. In my own city. In all of my old haunts and hangouts. I wasn’t a regular who the people working there new by name. Now I was just another face, and there were new people working the counters. I was back from a college; a stranger in my own home town. My bed didn’t fit. My room felt too large. The floor squeaked where I didn’t remember it squeaking before.

It is a strange feeling, being a visitor in your own home.

» Posted By mad On 01.28.2013 @ 2:38 pm


online chatting is very scary when pedafiles hit on you. i love to chit xchat with my best friends. chat kinda sounds like cat or hat. it could maybe be a hat for a cat. or make a net?
i really enjoyed chattiong with people in jail. they had really interesting stories

» Posted By mad On 06.08.2012 @ 7:30 pm


Some people were born to do things. Some were born to raise children. Others to be the grandmotherly type who lives on the corner and passes out homemade chocolate chip cookies on Halloween instead of miniature candy bars. Some people search their entire lives to find what they were born to do and never figure it out.

» Posted By Mad On 05.20.2012 @ 8:07 pm


I belief that what makes us strong is to get out there everyday and prove everybody else wrong.

» Posted By mad On 03.12.2012 @ 6:22 pm


When things are funny people laugh, sometimes a lot and sometimes not too much. Cartoons aren’t really funny anymore the way they used to be, and a lot of movies aren’t either. The Three Stooges were funny, or at least I thought so.

» Posted By Mad On 11.21.2011 @ 12:18 pm


no one could predict what would happen next, in all its complexity it could not be stopped nor heard nor predicted it was happening.

» Posted By mad On 06.20.2011 @ 3:05 pm


a new word please the item said, he wanted to be held but that was all that came out

» Posted By mad On 06.20.2011 @ 4:55 am

he held it for ages and he loved without any thought to the outside world and no matter how hard he tried he could not let it go. At the same time a girl held an identical object but could not think of holding on to it for any longer.

» Posted By mad On 06.20.2011 @ 4:53 am


A big man. A person not afraid to speak their mind. A person who doesn’t care what people think about her/him. A person who can get up in front of a crowd and be silly.

» Posted By Mad On 02.26.2011 @ 9:05 pm


she went to the market in the morning. it was one of those mornings that got caught in the dew. it was almost icy, but not quite. at the market, she plucked the pears from their elaborate pyramids, squeezed their skins, and guessed as to their juiciness.

» Posted By mad On 11.13.2010 @ 11:29 am


i need a new coin pouch. all my change gets lost in the bottom of my purse and i can’t get to it when i really need it. i’d like to be able to ride the bus with out holding the coins in my hand at the stop.

» Posted By MAD On 09.14.2010 @ 10:11 am


I’m following it. Lifting up from dirt and debris. The string leads the way. I wonder where we’ll end up. The sky, I bet.

» Posted By mad On 05.25.2010 @ 9:14 pm


i wonder if he will ever return to her, maybe or maybe not, i don’t really like the new him, he isn’t as fun, or as good for her, and i don’t know why shes away with the new him, after such little time, but she had such good times with the old him, and i like him too.

» Posted By mad On 05.05.2009 @ 3:47 pm


I am a princess of office supplies. I run the staplers and I own the paper clips. My crown is made of scotch tape and my hair is littered with cardboard. My hands are cut from opening freight but my royal blood never spills. I am the princess of office supplies and I will never break under pressure

» Posted By MAD On 01.25.2009 @ 8:05 pm


Blue and throbbing. They’re some of the trippiest things on this earth. I sit there and watch them move…MOVING all on their own. Fascinating. Whoa…they turn me on a bit. My OWN veins are seducing me…

» Posted By mad On 01.15.2009 @ 10:58 am


chenge the word please. i want some other word.
why is this page locked with the word locked??!!!

» Posted By mad On 03.19.2009 @ 7:15 am


c’est ça, c’est là, plus besoin de se questionner. Elle est là, on la voit, on l’embrasse. Que de mieux, que de plus? C’est une évidence.

» Posted By mad On 09.29.2008 @ 10:50 am


people, obviously, gay leather sunglasses 60s free love, psychedelic magic mushrooms Alister Crowley, Satan, pentagram pentagon Washington dc, white house bush, fake , in league with the devil?

» Posted By mad On 08.14.2008 @ 3:50 pm


i was certain. when we met. you couldn’t be. and i can’t envy those love came simply for, because now you’re certain too.

» Posted By mad On 11.02.2009 @ 2:05 pm


Balances. I don’t like this noise. I need to check up on the dog and see if she still breathes, It’s true; I need another reality check. I like this boy and he doesn’t like me, this is how reality works. I need help in areas of life that require serious talks about serious business. I’m not happy here. I need help.

» Posted By Mad On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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