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She didn’t see herself as valuable. She said she was too plain, not good enough, would never reach her goals. She looked up at me with her stage makeup on and said, “I’ll never really be a star. I’ll never get a big role.” I said “Look in that mirror. See how the lights reflect on your face and in your eyes? You glow.”

» Posted By Macy On 04.13.2017 @ 3:21 pm


There it was again, that deep, dark feeling in her bones, a feeling she couldn’t ever place nor describe.
It used to come once a week, would always make her double up in pain. She’s had it for years, as long as she can remember, and has gotten it checked up by a doctor to no avail. No one seems to have any clue what it is that’s inflicting her.
This was the third time today that she’d collapsed from it, however. It seemed to be speeding up its face, increasing in intensity, but for what purpose, she didn’t know.
She clutched at the back of a chair nearby, using it to support herself, without realizing she didn’t have enough strength to even hold herself up this time, and fell to the floor.

» Posted By macy On 08.27.2014 @ 12:23 pm


Two people. That was the first thing that popped into their mind. Two people, together. They didn’t know if he meant romantically or not, but the fact that he had asked them out – to go out together sometime, meant something, at the very least.
Their mind was racing. They had no clue how to interpret this information, how to decide what to do, how to respond.
They knew the longer they waited, the more their actions would appear suspicious, and the thought that he could – would – maybe pick up on their feelings made their hands shake.

» Posted By macy On 08.20.2014 @ 7:06 pm


nobody. i am a nobody. nobody loves me and nobody wants to be my friend. nobody is there. i am alone. nobody can help me. i hate being nobody. i am tired of being nobody. nobody cares and nobody ever will.

» Posted By Macy On 08.06.2014 @ 1:32 am


I feel like I’m blamed for a lot of things that aren’t my fault. is everything my fault? ugh. I found this website a little bit ago and i love it. so fun. such a nice way to relax. what is relaxing when i still have so much shit to do, though. how frustrating. I just want everything to slow down a bit so i could really enjoy it. I’m moving far far away in less than a month. am i ready for it? can i be this far from everything that i know? everyone that i know and love? do i have it in me to do this. the most nerve wracking part of it all; leaving my dog at home with my parents, brother and sister. my dog is my girl.

» Posted By macy On 06.25.2013 @ 4:10 pm


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» Posted By macy On 06.12.2013 @ 2:11 am

To decompose is essentially to fall apart. I feel like falling apart right now. Decomposing reminds me of death. Death reminds me of myself. That is so terribly sad. I hate me.

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He claims that he didn’t do it. the other boy did. Claiming is making people believe that you didn’t do it. You claim. I claim that i want to go to college. I claim that my sister did it not me. I claim everything.

» Posted By macy On 02.06.2013 @ 4:12 pm


since you’ve been gone the world just doesn’t make sense. I look for you and you’re not in your chair. You’re not making breakfast anymore.. Why aren’t you here? why are you gone? Heaven is where you are. You’ve gone home. I miss you. I wish you weren’t gone just yet. And yet, if you weren’t gone, your mind would be gone, and I couldn’t bear that. So I will deal with the lesser of two pains.

» Posted By Macy On 10.13.2012 @ 12:13 am


half of pound
half a gram
half of brick
half of something
i got a half of my money
half of the rent
i walked half way home

» Posted By macy On 08.22.2012 @ 5:42 am


some people need approval from their parents and stuff and they crave it. I don’t because I can’t really care what they think and I try hard to not care what other people think of me. Except for my friends. Well, like, I care what they think and they care, too. so that’s okay.

» Posted By Macy On 08.11.2012 @ 1:41 pm


i opened up the cabinet and pulled out my box. a box of pictures. a box of memories. and a mix tape. i put it in and listened and it took me back to a time when you were mine. i miss you.

» Posted By Macy On 07.28.2012 @ 9:22 pm


You can’t catch me.

The words marched across the page in a straightforward fashion, as dry and emotionless as he could manage. With a huff that struggled to not be emotional, he reread his words for the last time, folded the page, and set it on the table on his way out the door, his backpack bouncing with the promise of each new step.

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With most things in life, there is a pattern. But some things can’t be explained by pattern. Try to find a pattern in the grass on the ground, strewn everywhere, or the random rushing of water in a stream. With a lot of the best things in life, there is no pattern.

» Posted By Macy On 03.15.2012 @ 5:35 pm


Belief. Don’t believe a lie. Don’t be a lie. blind faith. A jump. Pit less bottom. Unsure. Skepticism. Death. Life. Trust. Hope.

» Posted By Macy On 06.19.2011 @ 8:31 am


I use it every morning. Making my look sexier, charming, more like me.

» Posted By Macy On 05.05.2011 @ 1:30 pm


And it was the night. Clear night. She has a hard time to build the tent but she did it, and she was smiling even though she was exhausted. And I loved her so much at this moment, because she would smile while building a tent.

» Posted By Macy On 05.04.2011 @ 4:28 pm


The internet connects us. people come together can get conncected in many different ways. maybe e-mail maybe letters. May be snail mail. Coming together for a common goal.

» Posted By Macy On 04.06.2011 @ 11:39 am


God’s love. His glorious unfailing, unhindered love. He is beginning and the end. The Alpha and Omega. He is without time limits and in a class all of his own. He is the reason I live. He is endless.

» Posted By Macy On 01.22.2011 @ 6:08 am


I think we all need support. Whether we admit it or not, support is what gets us through life. Without support we are nothing. This is not always just the support of others; we must support ourselves as well.

» Posted By Macy On 01.10.2011 @ 12:39 am


I never liked mythology.

» Posted By Macy On 12.26.2010 @ 9:16 pm


I was obviously headed in the wrong direction when the road turned to dirt. I could no longer see any buildings in the distance and there was no sign around to indicate where I was.

“Where the hell am I?”

» Posted By Macy On 12.25.2010 @ 9:05 pm


She stood before the altar where mere hours before was surrounded by friends and family she loved. She still wore the wedding dress that she would have gotten married in, if her fiancé had arrived.

He was no where to be found though.

She was now all alone with mascara tears stained upon her cheeks.

» Posted By Macy On 12.24.2010 @ 9:51 pm


She could alter anything she wanted with just the flick of her wrist.

If she wanted the grass to be purple, then she would make the grass purple.

If she wanted the sky to be orange, the sky would be orange.

And if she wanted someone dead, then you better pray to God that you were on her good side.

» Posted By Macy On 12.23.2010 @ 9:52 pm


I watched as she attached paperclip by paperclip in order to make a long chain. It was as if I were a Christian standing right before God at the pearly white gates. She fascinated me, it was as simple as that.

She looked up at me as she tried to get the tiny piece through the loop, curious as to what I was staring at.

If she had asked, I would have replied “love”.

» Posted By Macy On 12.22.2010 @ 7:41 pm


this is what you climb in order to reach your final goals.

» Posted By macy On 10.07.2008 @ 1:24 am


Outter shell. Never good enough. Perfect lines to be trapped between. Trimmed to a perfection. Flawless.

» Posted By Macy On 01.06.2010 @ 4:03 pm


I like shields, I have a character on Oblivion that has a shield. I think it’s made of something to do with Elves. Elves are awesome when they have awesome shields. Shields tend to be shiney, right? I like shiney stuff and therefore I like shields. Brooke Shields used to be really pretty. She also had post natal depression. LOLOLOL. I love shields and I love lamp. The end.

» Posted By Macy On 11.05.2009 @ 3:24 am


people who see what your exterior is. Sometimes it seems like I dont have a real identity because I have never told anyone that I am adopted. Am I the person who people believe. Does this mean I have lied toeveryone who is close to me? Should I come clean or live blissfully ignorant like my friends. It is painful to think that I am not really who they think.

» Posted By Macy On 11.03.2009 @ 7:24 pm

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