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Time felt like it was coming undone. Well, probably because it was, the time machine’s generator had ruptured and the fabric of time in her general vicinity was literally unraveling. Thankfully, Nyah Kunto knew exactly how to fix it, assuming she could get herself over to that end of the pod before her hull’s time unraveled far enough to both before and after its existence.

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He raced up the steps taking them two at a time. He could hear the dogs barking at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for their masters to catch up before charging up after him. Scarred out of his mind, he turned off into the first hallway he reached, racing for the other stairs he knew to be at the other side of the building.

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His presence in the room was nearly intoxicating. I mean, usually a person as incredibly fantastic such as this boy would be quite wonderful, but this? This was beyond anything I’d I’d ever experienced before.

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The solution had a pH of 2. It was unfortunate, what with spilling it on myself and all. Thankfully it was only HCl and not HF because that would have sucked. Dying isn’t fun. This just burned a bit…. /sigh/

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To raise the dead and command them as her own, the necromancer required a bandolier. A specific one at that, one with the seven bells.

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The goal was to “civilize” the “savages” of africa. I didn’t understand why we had to impose our will upon these clearly civilized people.

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“I must bury my feelings for him or else he will hate me,” he was so certain that his best friend would hate him for those feelings. The lustful longings mixed with absolute adoration would most certainly leave Алексей lonely and afraid.
He couldn’t have known that Николай felt the same.

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She knew she had the upper hand in the relationship almost immediately. The guy that she was set upon was definitely unused to the attentions of girls as pretty as herself (which was, in her opinion, not exceptionally gorgeous but definitely up there). Also, he had expressed his fancy before she even had a lot of time to consider it. He may have been the more attractive one, but he definitely would bend to her will whenever she choose to exert it, so long as she did so sparingly.

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There was a girl running through the streets. She was cold and wet and above all else very, very afraid. The Men were coming after her. It was only a matter of time before they figured out she’d escaped and they’d be after her. She knew the punishment for escape was death if caught. She however did not intend to be caught. She had seen the sewer entrances everywhere. She knew, in spite of the stench, they were warm and at least relatively safe. Safer than whoring that is. Some of the men, and on occasion women, had some intensely fucked up fetishes. Some even would insist upon murdering their girls. She knew it was only a matter of time before the Men would sacrifice her to them. So she must get away. She must get to the sewers. The Men would not follow her there. That was the safest place in the world right now.

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There was a fresh fruit stand on the corner of first and main. I would stop every day there and buy a mango to eat at lunch. They were definitely the best mangos I had ever eaten. I miss living there.

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She was completely certain that what they were about to attempt was not even possible in this world.
“Matte!” She yelled after him, but her words fell upon stubbornly deaf ears, “Matte! Watashi wa anata aishite!” [wait! I love you!]
“Noni?” he turned, surprised at this confession, but too late…

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The variety of candies at the Dime ‘a Dozen was endless. Almost as endless as the number of children at the elementary school Jonathan was now required to attend. He loathed every single last one of those spiteful little brats. With all their varied and a sundry means of torturing his mind. Because they were afraid of him. As were all the adults. Except Jim’o, the owner of that beautiful candy shop on the corner where his scientist parents would come and pick him up to take him back to their lab/home in the middle of the mountains. They were requiring him to go through this torturous ordeal because of their discovery that he was teaching himself calculus so as to hack into their top secret facilities’ firewall just to be able to spend more time with them. They thought all he needed was other kids his own age. They did not understand. He would make them understand.

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Together. That’s how they always did everything. I mean, surely couples were supposed to hang out often. But this was just obnoxious. It was so bad that most were calling them the Siamese couple.

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He had never felt so alive as he did with her. She was crazy and smart and hated being clique and loved life so much. He was fairly certain that she didn’t have manic pixie dream girl syndrome either which was a major plus as all girls he’d previously met that were this awesome definitely had the terrible thing. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around how she even knew he existed let alone that she wanted to hang out with him. He was a nobody in his eyes. Just one more socially awkward programer type boy on campus. But he was her everything.

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My friend was seriously not pleased with the state of her lungs. They were being sucky lungs. She couldn’t get enough air into them because they were allowing themselves to be filled with other shit. Shit like liquids. Not the air that her other organs were begging for.
“Stupid lungs that suck at being lungs. Stupid asthma that gives my stupid lungs an excuse,” Anna was cursing under her breath.

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The weather was beautiful. At least, that’s what she thought; being from Tucson caused her to hold an unpopular opinion of what beautiful weather was. The storm clouds were rolling in, huge, and dark, and massive. She could see the repetitive flashing of lightning. The thunder had been giving her happy shivers all afternoon.
“not sure if #34: not sure whether to exclaim in joy over the giant storm rolling in or to simply write ‘unpopular opinion here’. Thoughts?” she posted on her facebook status.

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The magazines on her desk were all, much to her dismay, fashion-related. All she wanted was a simple national geographic subscription but her mother had insisted that acting within the gender stereotypes for females was more socially appropriate and therefore refused her the science she so desperately craved.

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the candle holder was falling. You now that moment when time just seems to slow down and you’re body is reacting practically at the speed of light? That’s what happened. I couldn’t let that heavy brass object fall onto the unsuspecting child’s head. I leapt for it and caught it in mid-air and rolled off to one side.

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“Lead on,” I told the fantastic mad man. He had appeared in my bedroom in a blue box and said, “Come on, hurry up and get in here!” And I had unquestioningly followed him. Upon entering the box I had asked his name and his response was simply The Doctor and there was clearly no room for further inquiry. “We must go and do a, um, a thing….” he trailed off looking at something holding a vague resemblance to a small television. “And we must do so now.”

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The insects were crawling up her legs and into her clothing and all over her.
“GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” she was screaming in terror when she was awoken by the gentle touch of her mother.
“It was only a dream,” her mother comforted. But the girl, whose prophecy skills were unrivaled, knew better.

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ooooooh sorry guys this is going to be homestuck porn. Sort of.
He was on his knees in front of me, pulling my zipper down before I even processed he was down there. Reaching inside he grabbed eagerly at my already exposed bone bulge and –
“What the fuck is this, Sollux??” Dave balked.
“My, er, bulge,”
“I know but why is it a tentacle?”
“Is that weird?” I didn’t understand.

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The girl was just sitting by the river, watching the horses when out of nowhere a swan attacked her! The horses’ reaction was immediate. They all attacked the swan (it was attempting to, for some reason unbeknownst to the poor girl, remover her jeans) and ran it off watching it cautiously as the horses gathered protectively around her she saw it suddenly evaporate.
Later, when looking up swan lore, she discovered some odd Greek myths about Zeus taking the form of a swan to do terrible things to girls.

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She grabbed her sunglasses on her way out the door, like always. They were aviators, “classy,” she thought, pleased with them. Off she went for another oh so boring day of stupid classes she hated.

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Her heart ached. She hadn’t a clue why she was feeling such emotional upheaval over a guy she hated. Or, at least she thought she hated him. She kept telling herself that she hated him because he hurt her. Over and over. Stop it! she chided herself. Nothing ever good will come of this. She kept walking.

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The petition to …….. What am I petitioning for?
I don’t even know….
The petition to give schools and therefore teachers the bonuses they deserve was over turned by the greedy government officials.

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Sunday brunch.
It was right after church and Sammy’s friends were all going to hang out at Beth’s house until youth group. Sam knew that if he didn’t demand to go with them today, his mother would never give up on treating him like a child and dragging him off to the stuffy Sunday brunch with all the old people – Augh! he hated it!
“I’m going to Beth’s!” he announced.
“That’s ni- NO YOU AREN’T YOUNG MAN!!!” His mother was in full-fledged rage-mode. This was interesting.
“Yes, I am. I refuse to be bored out of my mind by people who are ten times my age!” The last bit was only partially true.
“I will not have you insulting your elders like that!!”
“Except that you cannot tell me that it’s not at least mostly true, mother,”
“I, You, But… ARGH! FINE! But this is the last time!” That was a lie and Sam knew it. He’d won.

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I went down to the demonstration to see what shit the capitol had dolled out in the form of their stupid police today. It was Gale. I ran on stage and ripped the whip from the hands of the newest head of police and hit him across the face with it knowing that I’d get just as bad, if not worse of a punishment for doing so. I didn’t care. That was my friend. And what ever it was that he’d done to deserve the lashing was only out of self-preservation and in an attempt to feed his own family.

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“This tiny town will never know what hit them.” The godess of chaos was very pleased with her apprentice’s goal of destroying an entire town in the form of a tornado.

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She was running as fast as she could. Away from him. Away from the situation. Away from everything. She was sweating in spite of the cold. In spite of not having a jacket. It was a cold sweat. It reminded her of his hands. How they were cold and clammy. And was disgusted by it. She ran until she could no longer stand.

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The loom was old and massive and beautiful. Caci sat and stared up at it in total awe. She’d never wanted to do something more than she wanted to weave something on that loom.

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