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I’m here to see the sky tear open across the darkness. I once thought the dawn was the most silent, but now after walking with it for the past month I feel differently. It seems the most loud, the most vibrant. Everything opening up and reaching out for the day ahead.

» Posted By M On 08.31.2019 @ 7:57 am


I’m inside my own head – stuck. I’m looking out and I’m desperate to see the light through the window. Desperate to see anything beyond the nowness of here. I feel shutters closing in. It’s a winter in my mind, and I am battling against a storm of how I know this feeling goes.

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I lost my first car last week. It wasn’t tragic but it was mine andI can’t help but feel sad for her. It. She was never named. I grip the new steering wheel with caution – she’s unfamiliar territory. A body I don’t know how to make her tick yet. I want to do well by her but what if she dies on me too? I’m scared of the road and of handling it all wrong.

» Posted By M On 11.25.2018 @ 4:17 pm


So many people are polite. Some on purpose others on accident. The ones on the accident are to be feared. They don’t know that they’re being nice. It’s a habit for them.

» Posted By M On 09.07.2018 @ 12:26 pm


life is only as simple or as complicated as we make it. nature is life and death. everything is subjective. state of mind is everything. fire is nothing, and it is eternal. death is the beginning of everything. that’s just what I think

» Posted By m On 04.30.2017 @ 8:24 pm

amazing. everything is so subjective. trees are life or death. the sky is full of possibilities, but only depending on who you ask. but everything is only as complicated or as simple as you make it. fin

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I don’t like it when I feel dehydrated I really want to drink a lot of water and every drop of water sounds delicious
water glass

» Posted By m On 01.05.2017 @ 3:35 pm


The beams hit my face in the wrong way. I could see how it would be beautiful for some but me. I’m ugly. The way I carry myself, what I do, what I believe in. It’s all too much. I don’t have anyone to tell me otherwise. Maybe its better that way. To be honest and ugly, than a beautiful liar.

» Posted By M On 12.13.2016 @ 12:41 pm


To write without thinking. To think without writing. To move fast enough just so that you’re not left behind, perplexed, looking at the now small figures of everyone that’s rushed ahead of you.

» Posted By M On 11.22.2016 @ 6:03 am

The people in this town leave me perplexed. Having just got here from a city that was so fast so loud that couldn’t contain itself, to this place where even the roads are lined with beachy sand. its quiet is disorienting.

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Im staring at the ground as the tears start to roll down my face as i cry. Its over and it just begun. How could someone hurt so badly? I cant believe he had to go so fast, it isnt fair. I loved him and now he is gone. He meant the world to me and he is now in a better place. I will forever love Goldie the Goldfish.

» Posted By M On 09.01.2016 @ 9:53 am


i kept on thinking of candy but i just can’t stop thinking of you too. too sweet. too delicious. a little ball of happiness that melts my insides and makes me smile. can you be my own little candy, sweetie?

» Posted By m On 08.15.2016 @ 7:07 pm


It was bright, brilliant, and damning all at once. He shined in the hot summer sun, panting with the effort the battle had taken out of him. I fell in love all over again, helping him up with

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well to be very honest i dont even have an idea what that word means. what it looks like to me, it doesnt even seem like a real word. i think this is just made up to see my reaction if i can come up with someonething unique to expalin the world. me is calculating that could be the unabbreviated form of the word

» Posted By M On 05.21.2016 @ 5:14 am


often, i think that my feelings are dormant. they lie there, waiting to be to excited or impassioned by some external force. perhaps this is due to some effort on my part to remain balanced; but maybe it is because everyone else is so boring.

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An outsider. That’s who I’ve always been. An outsider in my own class. An outsider in my own circle of friends. Never belonging. An outsider who wasn’t blown up because I wasn’t invited in the first place. Well, not every crime is an inside job, right?

» Posted By M On 03.24.2016 @ 8:42 am


angels are beautiful.. i have a guardian angel.. or thats what i would have liked to believe.. angels can sing, dance and bring happiness, isnt that what everyone wants!

» Posted By m On 03.20.2016 @ 9:47 am


She sat there and watched as they became untied, unmoored, and untethered. She wanted to stick them back together with a hot glue gun or Elmer’s glue but that only worked on her school projects, not on people. She watched as her father lifted up the suitcase and hand it to her mother. She watched as her mother got into a car with a man who wasn’t her father. She watched them become untied

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I bit the lure and was pulled along until finally i broke free. Never again. Others were not so lucky

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She made it to the top of the peak, finally. That had been the most tiresome yet rewarding moment of her life. She could look down from above and point at all the things that were smaller than her from up there. She was bigger than everything she had to face.

» Posted By M On 01.23.2016 @ 8:20 pm


A bunch of kids found themselves taking in smoke and alcohol like it was air and water, and this did not bother them at the very least. How long could you be young enough to damage yourself to your heart’s content?

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smells. intoxicating smells. odors that crawl through your nose and into your pores, seeping into your lungs and relieving the tension formed from days on end of waiting. waiting. waiting that never seems to stop but somehow it does just from this one intake of relief

» Posted By M On 01.08.2016 @ 11:20 am


Flee from the Bee that’s chasing you
Run from the ton that’s falling on you
Escape and reshape your life today
Laugh at the photograph, from your birthday

» Posted By M On 12.19.2015 @ 9:17 am

Flee from the Bee that’s chasing you
Run from the ton that’s falling on you
Escape and reshape your life today
Laugh at the photograph, from your birthday

» Posted By M On 12.19.2015 @ 9:10 am


i looked into his eyes. his blue eyes were as cold as the ice they resembled. i felt my muscles contract repeatedly as i shook in his presence. he didn’t love me. it was over.

» Posted By m On 12.17.2015 @ 7:49 pm


it is altogether impossible to believe that i actually committed enough to a certain substance to fuck me up enough to the point that my vision was impaired. i guess i don’t have commitment issues towards everything.

» Posted By m On 12.15.2015 @ 9:38 pm

blurred lines; things you said i would have never forgiven anyone else for; blurred sight when i cried and did not apologize; blurred painting edges spilling blue for; you i would paint a thousand bleeding suns and never get cramped fingers

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do we choose to forget that we live lives that are not infinite? why do we choose to live for the future; can’t wait until friday, can’t wait until summer, can’t wait until this, this, and this. live for now. time is temporary and so are we. we are not immortal.

» Posted By m On 12.14.2015 @ 8:28 pm

love is currency passed through fingers and whispers; gold teeth gold wrists gold allegiances; do you love me or just what i produce; like the honeybee like trying to make sense; if you saw me on the street would you make estimations; she is in a

» Posted By m On 12.14.2015 @ 6:24 pm

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