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weaving in and out of traffic, you weaving your fingers through my long silky hair, that’s the time when it’s all worth it the pain of having long hair, cuz i know you love it, love to touch it, love that it goes all the way down to my butt even though my mom thinks it’s too long and getting straggly

» Posted By loveyou On 01.02.2019 @ 3:25 am


I am the ambassador to a small country in Africa. I go there frequently, but it is a long long trip. I have never brought my family with me as it is somewhat dangerous.. But the place somehow feeds my soul. I bargain with the vendors for drums and beads, colorful beads that drip in long strands.

» Posted By loveyou On 11.06.2018 @ 2:32 am


the skyline is my byline, i’m walking on a fine line, neon, bright, missing-you city, sand in my shoes, ocean beneath me, a little high on the memory, moving away from me, you are down there somewhere, somewhere in the skyline.

» Posted By loveyou On 09.03.2018 @ 4:31 am


You’re my companion now, here in this bed, even for 20 minutes, our hands wander freely, over my thigh, your belly, your eyes are closed, i love being your companion, i want this to last, i don’t want you to leave.
But I will pretend like it’s ok, yes i have to go too, this will have to do.

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Heaven, the word is in so many songs, what new could I add to it. Are you there, do you see me now, in your house, with your coins, throwing out your clothes. And not walking on eggshells after years of that crap, tight stomach, hearing you complain about me loudly so that you knew I could here, accusing me of being such an awful person. I hope for your sake you are there. I am glad that we had peaceful, almost loving moments in the end. But I know you weren’t happy. I hope you are now.

» Posted By loveyou On 08.24.2018 @ 3:31 am


We’re gonna rumble boys, got this energy gonna explode, like the thunder rolling in the distance, right above those factories belching smoke into the red sunset, august evening, summer too fast, fall already in the air.

» Posted By loveyou On 08.21.2018 @ 4:25 am


Make edits to the last few days? I wouldn’t really, would have been more disciplined in my writing, would have come through with more solid work, but I’m so grateful for this time, ok well I should have looked at my phone way less, ugh, but now I’m saving the edits for last like i’m doing now, just brain-dump.

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Crafty lady, got your glue gun and your knitting bag, your crinkled scissors and felt scraps, bags and bags of whatnot, coupons to the craft store. I know you are proud of your cards, your stamping, just like I am proud of my songs. I wish I could appreciate it more, but I do appreciate it a little. So thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with me.

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The atrium was bustling with teens and moms, couples and strollers, suddenly young millenials started congregating in a cluster of hipness in the center of the mall, soon they were bouncing up and down and clapping in unison, then bursting into song, a heavenly chorus of harmony, youth and life, heads held high, smiles and gentle gazes to the surrounding shoppers, some recording the whole scene on cell phones, children standing stunned, adults amused and awed.

» Posted By loveyou On 08.10.2018 @ 2:12 am


how many railroad lanterns are there now in mom and dad’s basement? come time to sell them we’ll count them up and sell them as a batch. maybe someone with a train-themed restaurant will buy them. maybe one of those restaurant shows will pay big bucks to outfit their makeover restaurant with them. dad was so nostalgic about trains for a while, he collected stuff, we got him train-themed items, calendars, VHS tapes, for his Bday and father’s day. but it’s sad, he was a boarderline hoarder I’d say. it will be nice to get rid of them.

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Might i suggest that we all retire for the evening, and perhaps forever, this evening is becoming tiresome and I wouldn’t bother to gather up again in the morning. I would suggest that we all just get up, have our own breakfast and go our separate ways and not pretend like we’re friends anymore.

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her personality, her demeanor, had a marked change from the night before. she had been bubbly, almost manic-y. this morning she was sluggish, seemed tired, sloth-like, mumbled a hello as she slowly moved to the breakfast table. just not a morning person. and probably had stayed up too late.

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Marked with red, dollar bills, identified for culprits, birthmark i used to have on my knee, i still feel it there sometimes, raised and brown and hairy, size of a small quarter, haha, glad its gone, i forget about it, but there is was in that baby photo, plastic surgeon took it out with an eye-shaped incision, not there’s a line-scar, I’m fine with reminders, make me who I am.

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I wish these words would change at the beginning of each day.
Verbally, she attacked him, they were both sitting in low beach chairs, hers had capsized forward when she sat down, he had laughed, and now she was pissed, pissed at the awkwardness of her falling forward when she was ready to relax, pissed mostly tho that he had chucked at her and hadn’t reached out to help her. Now she sat, ready NOW of the glass of wine but it was only 10:15am, digging her toes down into the sand, grains wedging up underneath her toenails. She rubbed her feet back and forth, as if to exfoliate the dead skin. “Right now I hate you,” she said to him, glaring.

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Verbally abusive people throw up you, spew out awful things, how can someone do that, i understand, they had themselves so much they are trying to get it out of their system. don’t let them throw up on you. Get as far away from someone like this as you can. My dad never hit me, but he was verbally hostile, his words just carved into me like a dull knife, overhearing his hostile conversations, attacking me, those days and nights of walking on eggshells. thank you to the heavens and to his doctor for finally putting him on depression Rx in his final months. We could finally have a decent conversation.

» Posted By loveyou On 07.22.2018 @ 6:20 am


wore my thick black hoodie for my spray tan yesterday, the weight of the hood is like a sinker on a line. but i got my stinky tan, got my hair done, feel good going into this trip. gotta look young, gotta look spiffy, gotta look with it.

» Posted By loveyou On 07.21.2018 @ 4:19 am

wooly hoodie masks your eyes, covers your ears, wish it would suffocate your mouth if you. i get it, it’s cozy, keeps the warmth in, i like them too. even down, just that extra warmth around your ears. that coal summer hoodie with short sleeves i have is a favorite, so soft, covers my chest but shows my arms.

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Vehicle runs across the yellow lines, she winces, then centers the car, car lights flash a couple cars back, is she going too slow? should I get one of those signs for the back window that says “student driver”? it will take time but she will be fine, i just worry about the other bozos out there.

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i just paid over $20 for CPAP water cuz i am lazy and entitled and want to save space in our packing dammit i don’t care i pay for convenience, pricey water for sure but i love those little blue bottles, haha love how they talk about the “dirty gallons” on the ad. but you know what, i am glad i did.

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We’re all liars she said, so that’s when i def knew she was lying. now 45 has made lying a much more acceptable thing, brought us all down, brought common decency down, to depths i never dreamed of. We all lie for self-protection. But to lie like that consistently and knowingly is unforgivable.

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there’s a preemie baby somewhere in a hospital room, in a baby bubble, what do they think, is there a way of having memories at that age, can we have memories planted. i didn’t even know how to change a diaper, 2 guys changing a diaper is a cool image. i want a new word for today. still thinking about saltine crackers from yesterday. premium is too abstract. preemie baby diapers are bigger than AG dolls but perhaps not much. she had jaudice and that was scary at the time but i wish i had been more chill about everything, nursing etc.

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Premium crackers crunch under my feet, shards of cracker between my toes, i run my right foot on my left shin, then lean down to brush the crumbs off my leg

» Posted By loveyou On 07.01.2018 @ 3:59 am

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