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to visit is to see someone. visiting somebody despite their mental health (or physical health) is so beautiful, to go and visit a friend who needs a hand or to visit somebody is always a nice thing and brings light into anybodies day. visiting someone in another country could be a friend or a pal or anything just some people need to be visited sometimes

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A barel is a large wooden container, used in medieval times to carry all sorts of precious hings that could fement easily like food and water to keep them protected, nowadays we just use them for wine and beer to make them fement and the longer you tent to leave the liqour in there the nice it gets and the more expensive it is when you take it out.

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a barrel is made of wood, in my head i think of a medieval barrel that contains things when going on ships to distant lands like water and food, nowadays we only use them to hold liquor like bee and wine to help it fement. this is what a barrel makes me thing of, also it makes me thing of ‘double barrelled’ which i think refers to a ouble barrel gun with two barrels for two shots, usually found in shot guns, my dad has one of these and he uses it to hunt rabbits and pigeons.

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its a shape which appears along side circle or rectangle etc. This shape is often talked about in mathematics as the “square”root or something or other. A square is a shape with equal length sides and equal angle sizes which makes it quite boring in my mind.

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Crusty bread is the tastiest bread in the world.

The earths crust is miniscule in comparison to the overall depth of the earth. It is broken up into smaller pieces and drifts on the mantle. When the crust collides it can create earthquakes and volcanos.

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Leaving home to go home. Packing to just repack again. I don’t like switching, I like traveling. Follow me home like a little puppy with your eyes wide and watery, but it’s not my fault. I just wanted you to stop yelling. Switching out like batteries, like old light bulbs. Your children. You decide. But not me. I’m just to be switched out.

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to tell someone about it before hand. ie I warned you that she would break your heart, but did you listen to me.

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this word reminds me of dances and “formals” that my sorority holds. they are usually quite fun and involve a lot of alcohol. most people take dates, but i never seem to be able to get one of those so usually i take a friend or a cooler.

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fog is in the air in scotland. eerie noises you hear, somebody is dead, missing.

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