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Carrie felt so alone. Would it hurt for someone to just see her as a person and, don’t even talk about love, but show some care? People were bustling all around, monitors beeping, the soft voices of the medical staff murmuring in the background, hands brisk as they help clean her. But where was the care? The empathy of being human?

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She was upset again. He could tell. But unless someone knew her well, they wouldn’t know. The only thing which showed how she felt was the very tiny wrinkle on her forehead, showing her mood – that and the small flame in her eyes. But he couldn’t tell what set her off. He wished he did. It would make life easier.

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The white van shot down the road at a crazy speed. Heart in mouth, Cammy clutched the seat in front of her so tightly her knuckles turned white. She prayed that they would crash – and that the bounty in the back of the van was worth it. Turning her head slightly, she could see the faint silhouette of their bounty. It had better be worth this horrible ride, she thought grimly, even as her stomach started to rebel.

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Trapped. Jiggling the handle of the door, Tina desperately pushed against it. She should have known that they would lock the door. She refused to cry. If they wanted her to stay with them so badly, she would stay with them… but under her own conditions. No one will stop her from being herself. They may try, but she refused to let them win.

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“It’s like taking candy from a baby.” That’s not a very nice saying. But why is it so common and popular? As times change, and as people change, words we use and say change and evolve. Even the word “candy” was once only known as sweets. The only “candy” I knew growing up was “cotton candy”, which people nowadays call “fairy floss”.

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Being alone is wonderful for the introvert. Time alone in solitude for oneself, without a care in the world. They crave it. The extroverts prefer not to be alone, most of the time. They need to be with people. Being alone does not equate to being lonely.

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He waited patiently by the door after knocking.

“Coming!” A voice inside said. “Just a minute.”

He heard footsteps thundering loudly down the stairs.

“I’ll get it Mum! It’s probably Jimmy – he’s come to collect some books he left with me.”

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Structure, rigidity. We all need some form of structure to be able to stand or to build from. It could be as easy as using a structure to build a house, or as abstract and complex as a structure, or discipline to help you master yourself. Rigour, rigidity, discipline, support. Structure.

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“Put down your pencils, please,” the teacher instructed.

Evelyn heaved a huge sigh of relief, and slumped down on the chair. The exam was difficult, but she had done her best. Now it was up to the teacher’s grading. She hoped she passed.

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Steep the tea in the hot water for a few seconds. Yes, you must do so, else the tea will not taste delicious. A good steeping process is the best way to allow people to drink yummy tea! And a good steeping process is also the way for people to learn and to grow – after all, they do say that patience is a virtue, and that good things come to those who wait! Without steeping, or patience and perseverance, positive things don’t happen.

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The vitriol that spilled out on the streets was like poison to touch, and the anger of the people raged on. Many were furious at the government, and many more took decisive, and violent action that caused the city to glow like a brightly-lit fire in the dark, with cries of agony ringing out in the quiet night.

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“The trick to succeeding in class is improv. That’s what you have to do” I could hear my brother saying that. Heart beating quickly, I knew that if I didn’t improv, done the drain my grade would go. The teacher was waiting in front, waiting for my answer. Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth – and then, the bell rang. I was saved.

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The native American looked around carefully for the pale-face. He was on a mission today. He was out for blood. The pale-face had attacked and scalped several of his friends and he wanted revenge. He cautiously crept forward, his heart beating fast as he looked for the recent signs that the pale-face was there.

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The young man laughed as the preacher talked to his congregation. What a silly old man he was. He was wearing a bright yellow-and-red costume with a green wig. What on earth was happening? Slowly, he crept toward the man and dropped a water balloon. Bombs away!

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The crow looked around the desolate area. All was quiet and there was no one in sight. The ground was carpeted with a thick blanket of snow and the chimneys were smoking. It was wintertime, pickings would not be so easy.

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In any game there are wins, and there are losses. It’s the season for them with the Olympics in play. China has many wins, whilst many other countries have losses. But then again, are they really losses when the athletes have tried their best? Winning or losing, it’s how you define and perceive these words that really count.

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I can’t rev up my engine. The car is dead. This totally blows. My heart pounding, I try frantically to start the care only to give up and run away. Those freaking huge monsters are after me and I really want to get a huuuuge headstart – especially when one of them used to be my only love and best friend. Running is the only thing on my mind now.

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