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He looked at her and tried to see past the polite smile she often used when prompted to come out from behind her mother’s skirts. Her long dark hair, often restricted in a bun, now hung well below her shoulder blades, fanning out behind her like waves, shifting slightly every time the wind blew. Her eyes – large and brown and unflinching as ever – met his gaze without hesitation, and he realized that she was every bit as strong as her brothers, with nerves of steel and something like fire, and he leaned in to kiss her.

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She rubs at her tired eyes for what feels like the nth time in the last two hours. She’s been working on these edits for forever, and her brain is swimming with all the codes and files she has yet to re-order. If only she could take a break, then maybe her brain could actually start working again.

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He claws at the thick wood panels, nails not even leaving a single scratch. There’s a gag over his mouth, and for some reason, he cannot undo the knot. He has always been good with knots. The thought makes him panic even more, and he starts to struggle anew. A few seconds later, it sinks in: he is trapped in this closet, for god knows how long, and no one will save him.

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She would never forget the first time she had stepped into the golden atrium. Mouth hanging open, she took in the golden pillars wrapped with silver lifelike vines. They were everywhere, supporting each and every beam, and it seemed to her that one kick would send the whole structure toppling to the ground.

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Kya wiped the sweat from her brow for what seemed like the nth time that day. They still hadn’t reached their quota, and the burning sun was no help whatsoever. It beat on their backs like a forge, turning her brain slow and sluggish, even as she tried her best to work. But when the sun set and the master stepped into their hut, whip in hand, she knew it still hadn’t been enough. It was always like this anyway. She would strive to feed her siblings, the master would whip her for not reaching her quota, and then they’d all go to bed. All in a day’s work.

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