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What’s up with Henry? I walked into his room alongside Mr. Givens the house representative and found a forlorn little man sitting in front of his window scowling at the birds! He was normally a cheerful guy, so this threw us both. We could only wonder what it was that turned that upwards smile upside down and contrary to this infectiously happy fella’s countenance!

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He gently took a hold of her long brown braid and began to unravel it. He wanted her hair to fall naturally and so others could see how long it really was. He couldn’t believe she was gone. Her body was there, but her spirit was not. She had been the first teacher in the small country school. The children loved her, the parents loved her. She was loved. The wagon overturned on her, crushing the life from her. Yes, she was loved greatly. Especially by him.

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It wasn’t rocket science… it was however, an incident filled with intrigue. Just how did the cookie jar move from the top of the counter to the floor when no one was home? I sought out the help of a video camera whilst at work and came home to see four furry legs stretched out pawing their way to the hidden goodies. Rufus must have gotten hungry after his nap, and the mystery was solved!

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It was so quiet all around about me, in the moment I could not hear a sound, save the raising and lowering of my breath against a harsh winters gust. The wind, so silent, chilled me to the core, and I hurriedly
stepped toward the sanctuary that awaited me.

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Life is a tapestry that one can weave of many things. Bright colored clouds and laughter as well as the dark storms that come. However life comes to you, weave it in beauty whenever you can, that you will have a beautiful memory, woven from the threads that make it yours alone. ~linda marie pharaoh-carlson

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It was a sacred trip…back home each year. The folks were gone and my sister and I made the yearly pilgrimage back to the old farm and the cemetery adjoining the homestead. We took flowers and said a prayer or two. It was what we did. It was the least we could do for the sacrifice of two of the most wonderful people we’d ever known. They instilled a sure faith in us that would take us through a lifetime without them, and their sacred memory would stay embedded in our hearts until we could see them again in heaven.

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There was not a spot or blemish to be found on this pristene child. How could the Doctors say he was not going to live? They were wrong, that’s all. Dead wrong! And our little Anthony would prove it. I hadn’t thought about their cruel and cold “matter of fact” statements about our beautiful boy for a very long time…until today. I’d best go count the candles to put on that chocolate fudge birthday cake (his favorite) to see if they add up. Eighteen, nineteen…I wonder if Anthony suspects that his friends are all hiding out in the garage to surprise him when he pulls in today? Having a birthday and celebrating his making the Basketball Team All stars on the same day, now that’s what I call a party!

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Yes, he was standing there in the kitchen for all he was worth! My husband! The word…the thought very new to me. I wasn’t used to having “a husband” let alone try to live w/a whole new person in my life, all day, every day, week after week… I was scared and wondering, and there wasn’t a single person to turn to to ask “what do I do w/him?”….I guess all new brides have such a moment, don’t they? The moment when they ask themselves just what they’ve done?

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They ventured into distant lands with hopes and dreams and admonitions to “go forth, be prosperous” and own the world! What they found was barren earth, scorched and destitute of life. Their toil raised only dust in the wind. The early years brought dustbowls and poverty…and ruin. And their lack of prosperity and want fell onto deaf ears that governed the land. And so it was…as they became like gypsies roaming from place to place, reaching…always reaching out, in hopes
of finally laying hold of a dream.

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Although she stood there resolved and straight faced, I couldn’t help but have a dozen questions about the authenticity of this piece and it’s subsequent value. I had searched page upon page of all the antique journals I could get my hands on to find the intricately cut and forged piece of metal she held in her outstretched hands. I still was not convinced. Was this truly the lost medallion that had been so long searched for, sought after? The one last piece that had belonged to King Jormane that hadn’t been confiscated in the viral raids of the Cormajdean Tribes. Where had it been all these years? And how could this…this…snot-nosed kid stand there and expect me to believe SHE is the one who found it???

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I watched Lucy all morning…nose to the sidewalk, laying down, hopping up, running over to one flower and coming back. Curious little girl indeed. I wondered what manner of creature she’d found this time to occupy so much of her three year old time. She ran over and I could see she had something in her hand, big, pink and speckled with what looked like rather large pepper flakes in motion. Now I could see it clearly. She’d become the landlord to a colony of big black ants by meticulously transplanting them from the ground and the cracks in the sidewalk to the huge blossom freshly plucked off my prize peony bush!

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I grabbed all the spices I could grab out of the spice drawer! My In-laws were coming for their first meal with us and I was a nervous wreck!! I was making the world’s greatest apple pie, my new husband’s favorite. I had been in such a hurry and trying to pay attention, but somehow grabbed for the pepper shaker instead of the cinnamon. I tipped the shaker and and noticed what it was JUST as the lid dropped off spilling all the pepper into the pie filling! I was frozen in place and just started to shake as tears welled up, just about that same time I felt two familiar and loving arms wrap around my waist as an assurance fell from his lips…”it’s ok, Marnie…I can run to the bakery and they’ll never know the difference.”

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Screaming and hollering and hollering and screaming…I had just had enough! My twins were not getting along at all today and I thought I’d just have to think of a plan to level the playing field a bit. I took down the old “Radar Red” game they used to play when they were little. It brought back great memories and reminded me of a time when life was simpler…easier…for all of us. Maybe it would be just the catalyst needed for this latest in a string of battles waged in our household of late. “One can only hope,” I thought. I stepped off the step stool and headed for their room… “Mo-ooom, Shelly used my favorite lip gloss and won’t give it back, I can’t take it anymore!!!!…I WANT my OWN ROOM!!”…greeted me at the doorway.

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I knew that she had been ill, it was obvious. There was a hospital bed sitting smack in the middle of the dining room floor and she was in it. But I didn’t recognize the magnitude of what that meant to me as a young girl trying to grasp the severity of just how ill she was. She wasn’t there…her body was, but her mind was somewhere with the angels. The lights grew dim and hope escaped the day that mom went to join them.

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A violet was blooming just outside my window. Strange to behold so early after such a long bitter cold season. I had the thought that it might just be a sign from my dear loving sister that things were going to be better. She had just succombed to the lingering and monstrous illness that laid her to waste. My only sister. My best friend. I had languished at the thought of life without her in it. I couldn’t think. Her favorite time was Spring when the little fields would come alive with blooms of yellows, greens, and the purple and blue of the violets she loved so well. Painting a scene as colorful and alive as she’d always been. And today, upon the barren soils that seemed to have just been uncovered from their winter’s slumber, and still far too early to see the tiny purple dot beneath my window…there it was. My sister’s indication that life will bloom in my heart again.

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The violent wind shook and rattled the leaves off all the trees…the thunder had it’s say in booming waves across the roof tops, and the earth almost shook under the pressing storm that awakened me from my sound sleep. I just knew, this was no ordinary night to be sure.

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He lit the cigarette and took in a looong deep draw. Fixed his hat and walked out the door. I saw the back of him in my mind for years after that. That’s the only remaining memory that I have of the dad that I knew once upon a time.
That tall, slim figure walking away from his life for the last time. Away from everything he knew…away from… me. And now he’s gone for good and I can’t even remember what he really looked like.

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I didn’t need help for heaven’s sakes! I only needed to have someone listen to my story. And furthermore I didn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t live an active life w/o being assisted!! No, this new life at a nursing home was certainly doing a job on my psyche! I wasn’t old! Who ever said I was? Assisted!! hmmmmpff! I’ll show them “assisted”… just let me up out of this chair and… now where is that stupid nurses aid button anyway? I guess I could find it if I could reach my glasses…

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The antlers hung on the wall like some really great prize, and I just kept staring at them…knowing the animal that they once belonged to, would never grace the landscape around me again. He thought they were beautiful, I thought, that without the regal living animal standing behind them, they were a mere grotesque and out of place ornament of some warped person’s idea of

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I wasn’t prepared to ace the test, just get by. Once again…I proved that I can not even live up to my lowest expectations. Once again, I know I’ve failed.
What does it take to be successful on this blue planet if not hard work and tremendous effort?

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