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There was no feeling in his left arm. Well, unless you counted pins and needles as feelings. It hurt, but beyond that? There was a pervasive numbness that scared him.

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The best days weren’t the sunny days. No, Carla secretly longed for the rainy days. She loved the way everything was washed clean and new afterwards.

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The sound of splashing water filtered into Cassie’s consciousness. She opened her eyes reluctantly, her head still pounding so hard she felt nauseous.

“Don’t get up. You’re safe.”

She didn’t recognize the voice, and she couldn’t see anyone.

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The story of the serial killer played out on the evening news like a movie–the car chase, the stand off, and finally the shoot out. Police, reporters, bystanders; there were so many witnesses. But in the end, four people were dead–including the murderer–and no one knew why.

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The baseball game was not very exciting, in Fran’s opinion. She wasn’t big on sports, and baseball in particular was slow-moving and excruciatingly dull, dull, dull.

She was, however, rather big on the baseball players. The catcher in particular had a really cute behind. It was enough to hold her attention until the game was over.

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The afternoon was warm and Cathy found her mind drifting. She’d been tired, so tired, and she only meant to lie down for a minute or two. But that was half-an-hour ago.

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Julie tried very hard to rein in her temper, but Scotty was really and truly pissing her off. His attitude toward her work bordered on contempt, and his attitude toward her personally wasn’t much better.

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The necklace around Carole’s neck was an exquisite creation of crystals strung on a fine, almost invisible wire. Liam eyed it surreptitiously, mentally calculating its value. The necklace was far more attractive than its owner, but Liam figured he could put up with the one if it got him the other.

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Garrett knelt down next to the body and closely examined the powdery residue left on the skin. He didn’t touch it, but he recognized the faint odor.

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Gavin threw his bags in the trunk and slammed it shut. He was so happy to be leaving, he could barely find it in him to feel guilty at the look of betrayal and accusation on his mother’s face.

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“I fixed it.”

Marie looked at the makeshift repair dubiously. “Are you sure? It looks a little–”

“Of course I’m sure!” Brandon interrupted, annoyance sharpening his tone. “I do know my way around a toolbox, you know.”

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The pageant was fully as festive and remarkable as he’d imagined. Marcus had feared it would not be so, that it would not live up to the tales told to him by his father, and his grandfather before him.

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The cave was dark and dank, and Carrie shivered involuntarily. It was creepy, but she was determined to enter and prove she wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t, really. Just… creeped out.

She lit her torch and the flame heartened her. She took a deep breath and her first step into the blackness.

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There was no reason to panic. There were plenty of staples in the cupboard, lots of fresh water, and Julia tried not to worry. But there was no denying the fact that she was alone and stranded in her house, miles away from anyone, cut off from the rest of the world.

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The colors of his life had always been vivid, deep reds and vibrant yellows. He didn’t know how to deal with David, who saw the world in soft pastels. Seth felt sorry for him, and sorrier still that David actually seemed to pity *him*.

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There was a pattern to his life–granted, it was the butt-ugliest pattern, but still. He was predictable, and he hated being predictable. Cameron tossed the beer can half-heartedly toward the trash can. It bounced off the rim.


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He was in it for the long haul, wasn’t he? Yet somehow, Grace wasn’t. She had fallen out, cried off. She couldn’t stay for the duration, and Hank was more disappointed than angry.

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The new bypass bridge sounded like a good idea, but Courtney could see that the council really had not thought this through. Her petition to deny the permit wasn’t popular, but she wasn’t going to let the snide remarks of others deter her.

The death threats, however, did come as something of a surprise.

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There were few certainties in life, very few things that Milo believed in beyond what he could confirm with his own eyes and his own hands.

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The pile of recyclables in the corner was growing, but Anne couldn’t be bothered to collect them all and take them down to the common room. Everything seemed to be too much effort, these days.

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It was a feast worthy of a gourmet, and Michael was rather pleased with himself. He had set out to impress his boss and her husband, and he was sure the dinner he prepared was going to do it.

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She sat there stunned.

Dismissed, her boss said.


She’d never been fired in her life, and she couldn’t even comprehend it.

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It was far too casual to be considered “brunch,” at least as far as Meagan was concerned, Clara could tell. In her world, brunch was food with food with fancy foreign names, mimosas and tablecloths.

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It wasn’t like her to make a public display of her emotions. That was too much like a demonstration for the purpose of garnering pity or attention. But sometimes, it was all just too much.

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The tire swing hung from the lowest branch of the large oak in our back yard. It looked a little lonely these days, since the children have all grown up and no one played on it any more.

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Dani sat in the manager’s office, as cool as a cucumber. She was a professional, after all. She wasn’t about to cry or scream. She’d give no sign that her world was falling apart.

Even if it was.

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The trip to town took two hours; more, if it had been raining and the road, never the best even when the weather was fine, was slick and muddy.

Don’t ask how long it took after it snowed.

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The sweat trickled down Marty’s back, making him itch. But he couldn’t move, he couldn’t so much as twitch, or he’d be discovered. He sat, itching and sweating. Waiting.

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Their lives intertwined, threads that crossed and weaved over the years. It formed a bizarre tapestry that clashed more often than not. But it was them, how they were together.

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The jack-o-lantern leered at Sandra, its wide, toothy grin lit up from within by a flickering candle. She shivered slightly, even though she wasn’t the least bit superstitious.

She wasn’t. Really she wasn’t.

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