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Today I drank a lot of water and water is truly everywhere such as in oceans and rivers and in Siddartha he learns from the river and I enjoy the ocean and water is truly a huge part in nature and when you think about it there would no life without water, that is how amazing it is. We are the only planet with driankable water and we are the one solitary piece of matter in this universe at least that we know of that drinks water.

» Posted By Lia On 04.27.2017 @ 7:08 pm


A person whose a family member
maybe not an actual family member
maybe she’s evil — maybe she’s not really an aunt
a fake aunt
an aunt who pretends to be your aunt
how bad is that
she likes to eat peanut butter
and she keeps chickens
:O poor chickens
they get poor treatment from her :/

» Posted By Lia On 09.18.2014 @ 12:31 pm


Too difficult to talk about.
Another thing that is socially unacceptable.
Better not say anything if you value your reputation.
One word can ruin you.
Once it is in place, it will never go away.

» Posted By Lia On 05.13.2013 @ 6:51 pm


The bricks were all in place. she just didn’t know where to put them. Right? Right. Layer after Layer had to be built.
“What are you thinking of?” his voice sounded next to her. Too close. Well, if he would get any closer, at least she would have bricks to protect herself with. But would it be enough to fight him off?

» Posted By Lia On 03.23.2013 @ 7:21 am


Je suis au point mort.
Je suis au point mort.
Je suis au point mort.
Je suis au point mort.
Je suis au point mort.


» Posted By Lia On 02.23.2013 @ 6:02 am


I hate salesman, always asking with an hypocric smile “hey, what’s up sweety”?
Well, certainly not the price in your shop….

» Posted By Lia On 02.07.2013 @ 1:13 pm


Crying is sadness seeping through your pores. It is passionate. It is heartbreaking. It is as liberating as it is painful. To cry means to let yourself go- which at one point everyone needs to do in order to get themselves back.

» Posted By Lia On 01.11.2013 @ 3:43 pm


I must apply for a job. I must buy my books for school. I must find someone so I don’t die alone. I must clean my room. I must finish my work. I must get my driver’s license. I must grow up. I must die.

» Posted By lia On 01.07.2013 @ 12:53 pm


So little. So little still. Got to keep going. Poor in words and wealthy in silence. Less is more. More is less. People don’t understand. I don’t understand. I need more words. They don’t come fast enough.

» Posted By lia On 01.03.2013 @ 12:52 am


Rise above, dont think, succeed. its very important that this happens, you must be known, become the woman you’re supposed to be. You’re becoming her!! It’s so good, and fantastic, it’s the best feeling. Just knowing. Let the world know you. Why is it so hard to write without deleting, I’ve done it twice, but no more! no matter what i write even if i make a mistake i will keep going. its like life. ah so cheesy cliuche ioops i did it again.. not brittaney spears however you spell her name, i mean i deleted somehting. it was a selling (spelling-) mistake. GAH. DELETE BUTTON YOU ARE TERRIBLE. SO TEMPTING. when is 60 seconds over? it dfeels so long. im listening to beautiful music, its inspiring. STUPID BACKSPACE. GOODNESS. I miss my dad, I miss virginia. i always miss it around this time of year. stupoid button. oh damn. anywho (i didnt want to say that i almost deleted it) who knew how hard it would be to type for this long wihtout thinking. im definitely thinking though. i got from rise to here sometimes. buttton. i hate the button. NO REGRETS. NOOOO REGRETS. okay, and no more caps, you obviously get carried away. 60 seconds? no????? back to rising, got a little side tracked (one word? two? a hypohones (no idea how to spell that) word?) and I spelled it wrong anyway cause there should be a d ay (at) the end. im trying very hard not to delete things. okay rise… rise… its.. 0 seconds? i mean 60. i missed the 6. anyway it feels like its been a while…

» Posted By lia On 11.29.2012 @ 7:54 pm


Its underneath above but the word itself is doesn’t value itself ya know? it is under respect, under love, under everything. Being under something offers protection and love I guess? Under is one of those words, that without it sentences can’t be formed. At the end of the day underneath the all the pain… Under hide a lot of things. Above finds them

» Posted By lia On 11.27.2012 @ 6:54 pm


he’s always late when he goes out. i never understood why, but every night the answer is the same. i used to think it was my fault. that he was tired of me. but he kept coming back. i’d hear the rumble of his dirt bike by the window, and hasten to pretend i was asleep.

» Posted By lia On 11.23.2012 @ 2:50 am


Everything is still nobody moves. Everyone doesn´t know what to say. He had been there for everyone of them and now he was gone. Just like this, nobody had expected it.

» Posted By Lia On 09.07.2012 @ 6:30 am


his silky hair, smooth skin, his puckered scars, calloused hands, in soft, worn-in t-shirt, his stiff, new jeans

» Posted By lia On 09.01.2012 @ 12:50 pm


They can be useful or simply used as a tool for idiots (most people) to communicate their idiot thoughts with each other. Texts were not popular in the 1990’s.

» Posted By Lia On 08.10.2012 @ 11:19 am


lies beneath the bed… don’t go in the closet. I’m too scared to tell you everything. My name is not what you think it is. Please remember me after I’m dead.

» Posted By Lia On 08.03.2012 @ 8:43 pm


all things you buy come with instructions. it doesn’t matter what and in what language, but there are always instructions, which is good because people be thinking that they know how to do something and than realize they really don’t know so then they have to look back at the package and read the instructions.

» Posted By lia On 07.21.2012 @ 9:43 pm


a bucket can have water in it and they are containers for mainly water. The nursery rhyme ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’ a bucket plays a big part in. It is a great container for water when washing your car!!

» Posted By Lia On 07.09.2012 @ 9:49 am


Arm pits forest pits or fire pits there are many different types of pits. I have no idea why arm pits are called that because honestly they really aren’t pits they are more shallow scoops underyoour arm.

» Posted By lia On 06.19.2012 @ 6:06 pm


Is my engine running? I feel like I am still asleep. I have yet to truly wake up. I stayed up too late and I really need to go to sleep, but that won’t happen because I have 2 essays and a Calc final due tomorrrow. I need to restart my engine.

» Posted By Lia On 05.15.2012 @ 5:57 pm


I thought I had this word before. Slight. Why does everything have to be so slight in my life? There is a slight chance I will keep my scholarship. There is a slight chance that I can stay at this beautiful college that understands me. There is a slight chance that you will love me, at some point…

» Posted By Lia On 04.20.2012 @ 7:27 am

The slight chance that I will be with you is astronomically slight. The chance you will love me is slight. The chance you see me the way i see you is slight. Everything with you is SLIGHT.

» Posted By Lia On 04.19.2012 @ 6:28 pm


The walls around me confine me to a space that is not me. It is what everyone else wants of me, expects of me. I want to break from these plain white walls, blank with despair. I want to be outside in the woods without walls and confinement, where I can be free.

» Posted By Lia On 02.08.2012 @ 7:16 am


How does one function? Is it with our minds? Or maybe our hearts? Maybe be even our bodies? However we do function, I’m glad we do. Because I function, I can do what pleases me. Because other people function, I can be prosperous with them.

» Posted By Lia On 01.30.2012 @ 2:28 pm


Savage, tearing apart my soul. Not a likely disaster. ripping me apart.

» Posted By lia On 01.09.2012 @ 1:57 pm


snow candy hot chocolate looking in from the window I could see the fireplace glowing and the family around it. Why don’t I have one of those? I wondered. A family, a place to go? Why doesen’t everyone? Someday I’ll have one, with a warm blanket to curl up on, and people to pet me and feed me.

» Posted By Lia On 12.23.2011 @ 8:54 pm


It is more than one. It is in a group. It is a harmony.

» Posted By Lia On 11.04.2011 @ 2:09 am


Three wise men. We have a large meal. Twelfth day of Christmas.

» Posted By Lia On 11.02.2011 @ 2:18 am


That’s what Jesus has done to us, human.

» Posted By Lia On 10.30.2011 @ 6:17 am


Sharp, torn screaming.

Excitement, happiness, horror.

Yummy cheese, Sticky goo, sharp knife.

What is an Edge to you?

» Posted By Lia On 10.02.2011 @ 4:58 pm

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