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the Rock Harbor Lodge is a place I used to work. It is perched on the edge of Isle Royale overlooking Lake Superior. There were about 60 employees in the summer, and we were only there from the middle of May until early September due to the punishing ice storms that were to come in the winter months.

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ringing bells mean an angel gets its wings, according to that old movie. But did you ever stop to think how many wings that angel must have? Sprouting from everywhere, even its face and eyeballs? I bet that angel just wants it to be over with but bells keep ringing and wings are sprouting from the wings and from between its toes…

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waltz on down to the gift shop and tell that woman I told you no! I don’t care how beautiful you think that figurine is or how big its eyes are, we don’t need more knick knacks cluttering up this house, and I’m certainly not going to dust another dragon figurine for you!

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the figure 8 slumped over itself. “Try again,” barked the teacher as the students tittered. He hushed them with one glare from under his too-bushy eyebrows. The girl tried writing lower on the board this time and made a reasonable figure 8 this time. Everyone looked disappointed to not be able to laugh at her again.

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content to curl in a ball and sleep at my feet, the cat enjoyed the fire. I dreampt on, eyes going in and out of focus over a weighty tome that lulled me into a cozy sleep. The knock at the door caught me completely unawares and I had to scramble for a bathrobe while shouting “hold on a second!”

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“The righteous man-” “Don’t tell me what the righteous man does, I don’t want to hear it, not when you cheated on your wife last week!” “How do you know about that?” “How does anyone know about that? You bragged about it on Twitter! You’re such a jerk!”

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“Welcome…to the woooorld of tomorrow!” my husband intoned, causing me to giggle uncontrollably as we stepped into the restaurant. The host looked a bit huffy, and it was only on reflection much later that I realized he thought I had been laughing at him rather than a goofy Futurama reference.

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ignorant people make me angry. I don’t feel like I should really waste my time arguing with them, but sometimes I just want to spout off anyways to make myself feel better. This seems like something that happens on Facebook a lot. This has not been a fun paragraph to write, and I hope I get a more positive word next time.

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dive bars studded the street they walked down in Las Vegas. Johnny knew for a fact they were lost, but didn’t want to admit it and was having a good time anyways. He told Dave they should check out the bar with the goofy-looking cowboy statue out front that squinted into the setting sun.

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different people had different reactions to the brew. She tried it on her brother-in-law, a man she’d never much liked, and found that it made him eloquent and friendly. That was alarming enough that it was a few weeks before she tried it on herself, and found that it made her much more likely to recite poetry at awkward moments, but had no other effect.

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the vet told her there appeared to be nothing wrong with Mittens’ ears. “Then why does she keep shaking her head and scratching at them?” she wondered aloud. “There doesn’t seem to be anything causing it, but I can test her earwax to be sure,” the vet replied.

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I supposed she was there
to twist my q-tips in her hair
make mobiles of medicine cabinet supplies
dangle down a bottle of cough syrup, long expired
and make modern sculpture of my nail clippers

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instant ramen
crunchy noodles
thud against the bowl
smashing them with a palm down
you go on thinking
how great it would be to eat spaghetti instead
sprinkle flavor packet
and go on living

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cheerleaders always creeped me out when I was in high school. I felt that they were some sort of cult, with the makeup and the hair done just so and the matching uniforms. Nobody is naturally that happy all the time, one of my teachers commented when I brought this up, and I tended to agree.

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mop the floor, and when you’re done don’t forget to wring out the mop before you put it in the closet. Then the wax comes out and we get to the REALLY messy part of the job.

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“Will that be all, Mrs. Bucket?” “It’s Bouquet, dear,” said Hyacinth, and her husband rolled his eyes as usual. She was always putting on airs. Even the neighbors knew about it.

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the broom swished side to side,
the puppy danced merrily to meet it,
teeth snapping in sticklike bristles,
paws treading air.
the girl giggled
the man smiled
for a moment transported

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“She withheld information that was vital to my client’s well-being!” the lawyer all but screamed. David leaned back at the sight of the spittle spattered over her mouth and tried to keep a straight face, but all this rigamarole was about to make him burst out laughing. It felt so scripted…

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a tube of Preparation H was in the medicine cabinet next to her toothpaste. She made a horrible mistake one night when she wasn’t paying attention to which one she grabbed, and the actual toothpaste didn’t take away the taste, which lingered for hours.

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he worshipped the same gods and said the same litanies,
poured out the same libations and made the same sacrifices,
gave freely of himself to them until there was no more left to give
until finally he found himself
and not in any of their eyes

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“More bacon than the pan can handle,” sang her computer’s speakers. She was perched on the edge of the bathtub, watching him clip his toenails over the toilet bowl and fail miserably at catching all the clippings.

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disoriented and dizzy, he stepped off the conveyor belt into the massive bridge of the spaceship. He was vaguely aware that he was gaping at his surroundings, became acutely aware that his mouth was hanging open after drool started to drip onto his chest, and shut his mouth slowly. He’d never seen anything this technologically advanced before.

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windows closed all around her in the chilly room. Her breath puffed out in great clouds of panic as she ran around, trying to find one that hadn’t slammed yet, but she only succeeded in becoming short of breath. Finally she skidded to a stop in front of the only thing that hadn’t closed yet: the door.

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I slept for what felt like a hundred years on the bottom of the ocean. I slowly drifted in the currents, bubbles forming around my face as I breathed the deep breaths of sleepers, and fish followed me curiously across the ocean floor. When I awoke I was seated cross-legged in a clam shell and mermaids surrounded me.

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gloves are necessary for driving in the winter in Michigan if you don’t have heat in your car. I found this out the hard way the winter my mom told me I had to drive around looking for a job all day in my car with a broken heater. The worst part was it was only intermittent, so sometimes it gave me false hope of almost thawing out my fingers…

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single ladies danced all around her, but she was too shy to say anything to any of them. The dance floor was thronged all around with people watching, judging, and she felt like they judged her failure to get a date just as much as her goofy dancing. The White Man’s Overbite had never won her a lover.

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waving desperately, he blended back into the crowd and out of her sight. She’d never really liked him anyway, she tried to tell herself sternly, but she wasn’t believing herself. She swallowed the lump in her throat, shouldered her knapsack, and continued down the pier, looking a bit too much at the ground and not enough at where she was going.

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The clash of trash cans being smashed against the wall awoke him at 3 AM. Groggily, Jeffrey got to his feet and looked out the window. There was nothing visible in the alley, and he wondered if he’d imagined the sound. Normally he’d say it was the neighbor kid, but not at this hour.

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Lobbyists spilled out into the streets, filling the square with chanted slogans and holding up colorful signs. I had not been expecting them to be there so soon and all I wanted was a cup of coffee!

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“Stay informed”, the man on the news said, his cardboard cutout of a face smiling fakely above his tawdry suit. She changed the channel in disgust. What a stupid tagline!

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