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I’ve never grasped the whole dating thing. The hanging out thing? Yes. But never has someone asked me on a date, picked me up, took me to dinner and after we walked and talked and held hands. Then drove me home to awkwardly attempt to kiss me with eventual success at my front step. That’s dating right?

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She moved slow and frustratedly. Her head was slumped and her gaze was vacant. Fatigue was an understatement. She was utterly exhausted. No more marathons. Ever.

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This man claims to have never been to the defendant’s home. But I intend to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he has in fact been there many, many times. So many times, that he has his own key. That he used that key to enter the victims home undetected and murdered him in his sleep on the night in question.

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It’s hard to think sometimes. Well I guess we’re always thinking. But I mean it’s hard to focus on one thing and think about one thing. Like cars, books, watermelons, cooking shows, handlebars, sparkles, smokes, fingers, weasels and burbank. All those words danced around in my head right after one another and I couldn’t just think about one of them. Life’s hard!

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She always knew she wanted to be a mother. She wasn’t always sure she needed a husband. I know that sounds sad. I’m not saying she didn’t want a partner and a father for her children. It’s just that every ‘Husband’ example she could think of from her life, seemed so very disappointing. But she of course wanted a big gorgeous wedding, so there was the problem right there. How do you have a wedding to a handsome lovely man-who won’t end up your husband- because he will inevitably disappoints himself and you? Hmmm…?

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One of my wall’s was decorated with two big posters. One of all the flags from all the countries in the world. Beside it was Princess Peach from Super Mario, it had a big caption that said “You can do it!” I always took that as a warm encouraging statement to me about “I” being able to “do it” whatever “it” was. But years later I think I realized it was meant to be a statement to Mario, about being able to save her. Like this poster was meant for little boys to learn they had to save a woman. That’s kind of sad for both boys and girls…

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A group of crows is called a murder. A big group of crows near by is scary enough already but now I have to know it’s called a MURDER!? I’m surrounded by a murder of crows. Everything’s fine. No big deal. Just me and a murder

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A group of crows is called a murder. A big group of crows near by is scary enough already but now I have to know it’s called a MURDER!? I’m surrounded by a murder of crows. Everything’s fine. No big deal. Just me and a murder…

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The features of this child look much like her fathers but are animated and twinkling like her mothers. She has a gorgeous sister with a smile that could light a city. The features of this child include a dimple on her left cheek, that comes out when she really laughs. Warm brown eyes that have seen this world many times over and a smile that is the slightest bit crooked, but beams at almost every word.

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Well this is just swell. I got nothing today. Nope. Nada. Nothing. It’s swell.

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Baby is a word that scares my boyfriend. If I talk about a friends cute baby he gets all squirmy and says “Stop pressuring me!” If I get a stomach ache for any reason he’s like “Are you pregnant?!” It’s pretty funny to see him sweat.

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“Please sign in,sir. All visitors must!”

He took the clipboard in his hand and read the names before him, never to have been heard from again.

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The metal of the ring felt cool on her finger. The warmth inside her heart spread to the ring and before she knew it, it was as if she’d had the ring on her whole life.

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I’ve heard people say to try not to get ahead of yourself. Living too far in the future or in the past doesn’t allow you to be here, right now in the present…

Of course that’s hard to do because throughout childhood everyones says “think about your future!” and “Plan ahead.” or they say “think about your mistakes, learn from them.”

Make up your mind people!

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“It’s up to me now.” he said as he took the sword and held it in his hand. The blade catching the light of the moon.

“It is a great responsibility, my son.” The old man said as he struggled to hold back the pain.

“I won’t let you down, Father. I swear to it. Til my last dying breath.” said Robert

The old man smiled and closed his eyes as the last tear of life traced his cheek and fell upon his bloody armour.

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The musical brought the man to his knees, weeping. He was so tough and strong but hearing those beautiful words in that beautiful song, telling a story that seemed like it was from a page of his own life- It filled him to the brim.

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*My contain artificial ingredients.

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The last time I visited her, her eyes showed she was somewhere else. I knew she was in there, some where. Unable to come out to be with me as she was lost and wondering inside.

I painted her nails and combed her hair. I sat with her, with my head on her shoulder. I like to think the smallest little bit of her left knew it was me. Knew I was there. Knew that I loved her. I hope I was able to comfort the little piece left of this dazzling woman. Amazed how that little piece left, comforted me.

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I failed “applied math 10” in 10th grade. 47% which meant I passed “remedial math 10” with a 64%.

I don’t really get that math?? I mean clearly, I don’t get math to begin with, but I REALLY don’t get THAT math… Yay, I passed?!

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I want to destroy that pizza. Just wolf it down. Pepperoni and pineapple with BBQ sauce on the side. Extra cheese. Oh man. Yes. So Good!

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That sound still rings in my head. The sound of a friendship, done. The sound of the last straw. The last word. The last care. Time doesn’t matter to you and I now realize it shouldn’t matter to me… That’s the sound of “I’m done.”

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How do you choose which one? I like them both. Chocolate? Or vanilla? Both have pros, both have cons… Both? Both, I choose both. Phewf! Crisis averted.

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It was a simple request really.

“At the end of class, sweep the floors.”

I loved my shop class and my shop teacher, Mr. Rowlands. He was such a kind and decent man. A wonderful teacher.

I can’t really say why he stands out in my mind so much. Maybe because it always felt like he could see me. Really see me. And he never did anything but let me be just that: Me.

He was the only one to do so for a very long time. For that, I am grateful.

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Size does matter. In many things it’s the most important part. Going into battle? How big is the army? Have a spider in your bed? How big is the spider? (studies show that it’s actually the smaller ones with more potent people killing poison er-venom? is it poison or venom? Who cares! That shit’ll kill you!)

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I’m nervous. I really didn’t want to have to be the one that has to do this. I’m horrible at giving speeches. Like I win the prize for “best dumb speech giver award”. Undefeated!

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Politician kinda looks like pelican if you’re really tired and only quickly glance at the word. Boy, was I about to write an impassioned plea to save the pelicans. That’d of been embarrassing…

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“I promise. I’ll come back.”

Well, I promise that no matter how long ago that was, I’ll never forget watching you from the top of the stairs, leave. Out the door. Forever.

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“I don’t really understand the reference. You said that the world was supposed to end like three weeks ago? I’ve never heard that. Mayans? What are Mayans?… ”

The gentleman leans in and whispers to the heiress.


He leans again.

“Oh! Like mexican egypt people?!”

The gentleman rolls his eyes and politely excuses himself.

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I’ve seen so much in this world, and in my experience, ego is the cancer of society. It can lay dormant for years and years and then all of a sudden a person realizes that simply because they are who they are-that they exist, that they have seen this or been through that, they are all of a sudden entitled to more than everyone else around them. It eats at society. It kills it. Cancer.

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Well that was productive. He’s just a pimp with access to good coke. He’s not a drug lord by any means. Not even close.

We have wasted a month following this “perv with power” and for what? It’s you who’s gonna have to explain this to the captain.

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