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There was no specific reason for him doing what he did. Maybe he had a crush on her, but he doubted it was that. Maybe, it was just friendship, but that was unlikely too. It was probably just the repayment of a debt.

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When she looks down at her, she feels her resolve crumble, how can she possibly say no to this face? Huge eyes, red chubby cheeks and flyaway hair, the little girl is definitely the cutest four year old ever. “Hi, love.” She bends down and grins as cheerily as she can. “What do you want darling?”

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She looks up at me, huge eyes, pouting lips, red ears. I smile, she is definitely the cutest four year old I’ve ever seen. “Hi, love.” I murmur brushing back her hair. “What’s wrong?”

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I smiled at him. He grinned back leaning in a bit before lifting me up and dipping me down. “I thought you couldn’t dance?” I asked. He smirked lightly in response, “I never said I can’t, just that I don’t.”

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There were many kinds of thieves Tarquin knew. The kind that did it out of spite, to anger him and his court, the kind that did it out of desperation because they had no choice, that didn’t make one better than the other.

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i love visiting places. Visiting tourist places is my favorite hobby. I also love visiting my relatives and friends.

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water sun dry earth yellow warm hot summer lotion pool sink swim thirst desert sand oasis

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paperclips are tiny deices that are used to fix papers together. Though weeny, these are of great use and were widely used to pin papers until staplers came into being.

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hang in there

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