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The bell fell from the top of the church. It was an old bell, the church people would have to replace it. It was a gold color, it had a crack.

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Scuba scuba scuba sounds like someone is trying to hurry you up, scuba scuba kid, don’t forget to thank your mother, a white picket fence and swimming lessons, scuba, scuba, get the dog out, scuba, scuba, we don’t care about your education, be good.

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cold, ice, slippery, stop, halt, harden, icy, shivering, car, white,

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The banks on either side of the creek at southeastway were steep and we used tree roots to help us climb. We made a game out of it for the kids: try to get to the top without using your hands.

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academic situation, all theory, not put to the test. Just facts. Good to know, but possibly not practical for the long run. 80% good, the rest, possibly more, not useful. Also, possibly expensive.

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Test test

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The endless sorrow of one woman to another… The blood and sweat and tears of one who is not complete without the very thing that causes the blood sweat tears… What is she to do? I do not wish to be “unwomanly”… I do not wish to be a free-floating waif of one who does as she pleases but not as she needs. I do not wish to join my own kind… Or do I? No, too much blood sweat tears for one home. So I am here. I sacrifice part of myself for the whole of myself, as billions have done before me and are doing now and will do forevermore.

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You did this
Only You are to Blame
For this pain
that wells
inside of me
building softly
like a wave

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Imagine that?! To be finished, to have achieved what you set out to achieve. Hard work paid off. Years of struggle at it’s conclusion.To say with pride…”I am done”

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This January 1st I’m hoping to purge myself. Empty my insides of the poison of 2015. All the pain, the heartache, the negativity..I want I to go. I want to be better; to be clean.

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Sometime. I’ll say I’ll do something sometime. But soon I will have millions of promises I made, no reputation, and no time. Allow me to apologize in advance. Maybe we can talk about it over dinner sometime.

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I hear execute and I think of all the prisoners who write to me. So many of their letters have gone unopened, unread, uncared for. I imagined prisoner penpals would be a fun thing. They’re mostly looking for pictures to jack off to. But how long do they have left? Maybe they’ve earned it.

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The little tie inside your stomach which suddenly unfurls in a rapid flurry of glory and feelings when all that navel gazing seems a long-gone past and all you can do is look, look at the thing outside yourself and marvel. That is joy, that is beauty. And it lasts for as long as you can hold sand in your hand.

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She tried to maneuver out of the way as the enemy ship charged at her tiny vessel. she veered to the side, but she was rammed head on. The other ship’s risky move had left both damaged, losing power, and with no escape. The enemy ship was preparing t board her.

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“there’s a clearance sale at charles and keith!” stacey grins beatifically at vix and hale. excitedly, she grabs both their forearms and all but drags the pair of them to the store, her bracelets jangling rather ominously. hailey and vix exchange a wry glance behind her, both resigned to their fate.

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That’s the last time he would ever pull a stunt like that again. Sure, it had worked the first time, and the second time. And the third time. But this time, for some reason, something went wrong.

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she was stale like bread left in the fridge too long. stale like love unnurtured. stale like fire untimbered. she was stale like the way she swore she was living a life but she wasn’t, stale like the way she just went through the motions.
and she ran like timbers falling through a forest, almost like she was getting somewhere but you can’t get somewhere when you just run, because you’re turning around and wasting steps and that\s the only thing she could remember.
like the way you ran through the darkness and held her to your heart and made her believe.

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In the occasion that one would desire to broaden their budget, one would need to make new clothes. Larger pockets must be inserted into all items of clothing so as to contain the wealth that is being stored up.

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a marriage, broken. words said. true and hurtful. this is a sham, but for some reason i can’t run. a habit is the death of us.

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It was somber, almost, the mood in the air. The boisterous laughter and jeering turned to murmurs. A chill swept through the hall. The silhouette, outlined in light, was frozen like the rest of them.

It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t be.

It wasn’t.

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The trees were quiet. Solemn. Leaves rustled and shifted up there, far away. Here, down where the trunks were as wide as houses, the shade cast was an ever-present twilight. Here, things did not grow. They did not breathe. The forest, it seemed, was scared to live, here in the shadow of its vigilant watchers.

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And then the crack, the break sounding sharp, scattering the whirls of smoke around the table like dust twisters across a dry, restless valley.

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She had a cut lip running red, an eye swollen shut, spotted bruising all colors of the rainbow, and a smile wider than the Mississippi.

He, on the other hand, didn’t look so good.

Their stories varied — they often do, in these sorts of situations — but there was no question who swung first.

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Have my cake and eat it, too,
Eggs and flour and sugar and vanilla,
Baking – powder? Soda? Powder.
Cinnamon, maybe, and milk,
all jumbled together,
watch out for the shells-

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The way it sat, fragile, on your tongue – dissolving like you imagine tissue paper would, just a mouthful, not even that. And the juice, too – grape juice, Mott’s, the kind your mom bought at the grocery store on hot summer days and brought out when you were done playing, hot and sweaty – one sip, one swallow, and your throat remained parched, burning, as you knelt beneath the cross and closed your eyes.

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It’s a funny thing, you think: the way belief always sat stale on your tongue, the way it tasted going down, thin wafers and grape juice – Mott’s, the kind your mom bought at the grocery store from time to time. It never tasted as good as at home – one swallow was never enough to quench your thirst.

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It wasn’t so much the turn of the mouth as the look in the eye that gave it away, she thought as it approached. Monsters, miscreants, men — all wanted, but not all were willing to bargain honestly for their wants. It seemed, again, she had a dishonest buyer.

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“She ain’t nothin’ but a low-down, crook’d-branch thief,” he said with a groan, holding the bloody towel to his head.
“Yeah, but she sure got a smile to match,” he answered.

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And then there’s that.
The complaint, all too common these days –
What good’s an education?
Or, rather, what good’s an education if you don’t already got money?
And if you already got money, got a future and a life and a job ahead of ya, all lined up like, what’s the point of it then?

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there is no
the quiet
water and rock
and fire combined
in glass
in cloud
strength of thunder
compressed into
one bolt
one image
one being

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