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She could never forget it; the sweet incense of his perfume that lingered in the room long after he’d gone. The boy who lived was a domineering presence in her thoughts nowadays, and she wanted to write to someone, someone who would understand the agony she’s going through and offer her advice to deal with the same. She found her faithful confidante in a diary, and she poured her deepest desires to it. All of her went into the diary through ink which absorbed it quickly, but instead of healing, it stole her soul.

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I’ve always wanted to bully someone. It’s a strange desire ever since that senior came up to me and bullied me. It grew stronger from the day someone commented on my race on some social networking/avatar site. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like, how they’ve managed to do it, and how they can live with themselves after doing it.

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‘Tis the season, the season of joy and merrymaking. The season of renewed hopes and countless wishes. The season of togetherness and kindliness.
Not of routine work and boredom, and surely not of stagnant phases ceasing to end. She’d accepted the reality of her situation long before she could even start dreaming of her perfect Christmas. She was living it, and she knew no other way out.

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Her hoped started depreciating at a rate faster than her national currency. How could he have rejected her application, her brilliant credentials, only on the basis of her appearance? Is talent less important than looks in this industry?

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It’s as if I’d been completely blocked out of his sight. It’s as if I didn’t exist for him anymore. It’s as if all those memories had vanished into thin air, or rather never existed. It’s as if he’d been channeled to act like that.

The same afternoon, he rushed towards me like a puppy, flailing his arms for a tight hug.

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He wasn’t human. He was a something else, a different entity altogether. The way he did everything without a shred of fallacy, the way he kept his head up even in times of despair and tremendous grieving.
“Makes me wanna blow the candles out, just to see if you glow in the dark…”

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A faint smell of acid greeted our nostrils at the doorstep. Not too welcoming, but relieving nonetheless. We’d thought we wouldn’t be able to find a single soul in this ghost town and would get lost until help came to rescue us.
What lay behind the door is still unknown, and we’re just hoping we don’t find ourselves in deep trouble again.
“Got too deep but how deep is too deep?”

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“I cross my heart and I hope to die, but i’ll only-”
“Oh shut up with that song! My week wasn’t half as agonizing as the dreadful pain this song gives to my ears.”
“Try and be a bit more tolerant Mr! You’re the reason why that man isn’t my husband and someone else’s”
“Oh, so now I’m accountable for you losing out on all of your dream guys? I’m not buying that. ”
“Not all. I somehow managed to scrape the ugliest of the lot.”

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Fear made it worse. It traversed twice as fast as it would’ve done, had fear not been a part of the problem. But it always is. It finds a way to cloud sound reasoning and diminish belief. It happened with him too. Just when he thought the misery had ended, fresh worries greeted from the threshold.

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Stripes. Zebras. Zebra crossings. Tigers. Zebras.
It all comes down to zebras. The pattern might be scintillating for some, a dull for a few.
But do zebras like this pattern? Does something which make them look unique, make one zebra unrecognizable from the other too? Does being extraordinary or unique always help?

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A detailed study into the anatomy of society can bring out some undisclosed truths. Truths which were hidden from the curious eyes of public, concealed to prevent all hells from breaking loose.
They’re still hidden under the realms of multiple facades, and can only be uncovered through a collective effort. Not you, not me. Us.

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She shuddered at the thought of visiting that hideous place again. Not only did it look ugly, a perpetual sense of foreboding hung around the house, a strange phenomena which even the neighbors couldn’t figure out.

Little did she know that her husband could afford only that apartment, even after revised wages. He couldn’t muster enough courage to tell her everything. No, not yet.

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Tiny shatters of glass decorated the floor. It was only a minute before the guests would arrive, and so chaos ensued in the White household. “Give me the broom,” Martha cried out to her brother.
Highly amused by all the happenings, her brother readily gave her the broom. It felt refreshing to see her toil after a long while. He was quite sure though that her opening line to her parents would be “but I actually did not do it”. That sneaky little girl.

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Was she brilliant at studies? Was she a high achiever?
No…but she could be. How did it matter anyway? She had to slog her way to school, day after day.
Fifteen years on, she’s noticing a significant downfall in her toddler’s learning patterns.
Was it her mistake? No. Did she think it was her mistake? …she kept quiet.

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She was 12. Like any normal 12 year old, she fantasized her life with her celebrity crushes and wished that she’d grow up to marry one of them someday.
Reality soon started dipping into imaginary realms and differentiating between real and fake became inexplicably hard.
That is when her parents realized what they had done. How their ignorance led to their child spending her playtime hours in the medical ward.

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The crumpled creamy paper, slightly yellowed with age, spoke a billion secrets of the war times. An untidy scrawl filled the page with ink and a blue stamp on the top validated its importance. In the parchment’s younger days, it’d seen a lot- a lot more than what was written on it.

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“Can we live this forever?”, she asked with her hands clasping his arms tightly.
He silently nodded in agreement a gave a reassuring smile, erasing her worries. A brilliant flash of thunder illuminated the sky above them, and they hugged till they could no longer recognize their individual selves.

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“Change happens, acceptance is different,” a rather serious looking Alice replied.
She knew he was unfaithful, but she wondered if he still loved her enough to let her go.

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A shield of courage, an armor of bravery and still the fortress was devoid of security.

Insecurity heightened to abnormal levels today and the mythical swords and shields faded into nothingness.

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Is it true that everyday has already been scripted? That whatever happens, happens for a reason unknown?
More importantly, does it do good to dwell on such ideas and forget living?
No, right?
So why is everyone so stuck up in their pasts?

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She went up to the counter with her lustful eyes searching his sight. All of a sudden, her search ended when a figure materialized in front of her.
“Erm…canned beans and…coke, please,” she said in a flurried sort of tone.
“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

Just another day. Nothing new.

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Cheeky winks and stolen glances. It was just the beginning of another rollercoaster ride. Hopefully her last, as she was starting to vomit out of anguish and despair now.

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For her, inept was just a state of mind. It did not mean she wasn’t capable of achieving something she desired. It was only an undesirable string of all the criticism and contempt that society had made for her.

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Not tame-able

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I’m a person
Not you
Not her
Not him
Just me. And if you think you can tame me to be someone I am not then you are mistaken.
I shall not be tamed by you.

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Ridiculed by all and severely lampooned by media houses; his life had become hell.
Isn’t it time yet to tame the media moguls who raise a hue and cry over every trivial issue? Pity that all media persons are labelled with the same tag.

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A single, soothing touch of warmth could cure all wounds. That tender gaze of contentment had healing powers.
She was recovering by day,
But the minutes before sleep came tore her apart.

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I leaned against the fence, looking upwards and gazing at the bright, starry night sky. This time, strangely, I couldn’t feel the familiar love of the twinkling wonders. Something was missing, and the stars were not nearly as beautiful without it.

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The entire world is like a conundrum ending with endless possibilities.
If you act on your desires, you fall for the bait of insecurity. If not, well…you’ve survived life.

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A few words of confession. Then the backspace followed.
So did her fears echo, in the labyrinth of the unknown.
Wearing charming suits of confidence, shredding paper into bits and pieces.

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