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Im using my phone right now, im considerinh allowing myself to just type, although i am not able to use a keyboard. This is giving me the opportunity to just write and accept all mistakes be it grammar or spelling. My maib stress in writing has to be the ability to structure a sentence, right now i feel like im rambling, but hey it’s releases my creative juices all over the digital face of stumbleupon. Im begining to get suspicious of the purpose of this whole stumble. Is there some guy about to read what ive been throwing down here, is this person very judgementalg i would like to see his credentials before he even begins taking a look at this.

Or perhaps this person is a computer? Spme complex algorithm. If so he would know i used spell check on algorithm.

Well thats enough of that, im signing out computer judge, thanks. That was interesting.

» Posted By klewis On 08.04.2014 @ 4:36 am

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