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He slammed the car’s door angrily. Why does this always happen to him? What a great day. Everything that could go wrong has and he was furious. His kicked the wheel to his car and sat in the dirt road in despair. Why is life so hard?

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the old woman caught her broom and left the room. she was sure about everything she had to do now nobody whould stop her.

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“Thief!” She shouts. “Catch her! She stole my daughter’s purse!”
I run quickly through the streets trying my best to stay hidden. Miss Susie will have my head if I get caught. I run and duck behind several buildings, then finally slip into the sewers free from being caught.

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He stared at the group of people before him. A sinking feeling in his chest. Always excluded. Never been apart of the group. It’s never bothered him before but now it does. he’ll show them. he’ll get them back for everything they do to him

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I look around me. Darkness and the smell of dirt suffocated me. Why did I have to be so stubborn and ignore their warnings? This is all my fault. I’m damned. Now I’ll be buried alive like the rest of them. so easily I could have avoided this fate. If only I’d listened. Now it’s too late.

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I look at my leg with horror. I have no idea how it happened. One minute it was perfectly normal. Middle of a soccer game. I’m their prized player but now…now I can never play again. Why? Why me? I was going to go to college and now my entire life is worthless. All because of a single fractured bone. What am I going to do now?

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One word was all that could come to mind when he looked at the apparition in front of him. Haunted. Something he thought only happened in movies.
“Are you kidding me?! You’re haunting me? Really? All I did was kill you. I’ve done it to dozens of people and you’re the only one to come back and haunt me for Christ’s sake!”
The spirit just smiled. “I’m going to return the favour but since I’m in this little predicament I’ll just make you take your own life. An eye for an eye am I right?”
He felt his stomach drop. Why had he ever gone into this business?

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i dont think anyone deosnt feel this at some point it causes conflict hate love in the wrong places it makes people crazy sad hurt depressed no one knows they are misunderstanding until its done some damage only rarely do they find out first before any harm can be done

» Posted By Kitty On 10.02.2016 @ 9:27 pm


Sleeves are great. We would all be cold without them. Goosebumps will trail our skin and our arm hairs will prickle upwards for everyone to see.

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Sleeves are wonderful. They come in many different lengths, textures and colors. I like wearing sleeves throughout the year because they keep my arms warm.

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“Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.” Except her. She knows, because she’s done this before. She’s done all of this before. She has lived her entire life already, from start to finish, and it reliving it now, only mere moments from her death. Funny, isn’t it? We imagine our lives flashing before our eyes — but what if it played at the same pace as you experienced it?

» Posted By Kitty On 01.15.2016 @ 3:26 pm


It starts the same as any story starts: with a person in distress.

She’s running through the streets, her feet slapping against wet pavement. A car rolls by, she jumps out, trying to get it to stop. It swerves. She screams as she watches it go. She stops and cries, and the rain mingles with the tears on her face. Her hair is a mess. Her clothes are soaked. She lost her shoes a quarter mile back. She is tired, and has given up on running.

She died that day. That’s how she became the hero of this story.

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My mom would take us to the temple and she would light the incense sticks one by one, and give each of us our own. I always liked playing with the smoke. No one seemed to mind that we didn’t use the incense the way it was meant, so long as we kept quiet, and we kept out of the way, we could draw bunnies and birds in the air as much as we wanted. As we got older, and we started to actually internalize what the temple was for, that changed. But sometimes I still like to draw a flower, and imagine it as my gift to the gods.

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The blade went down the line, one quick and smooth motion, the man’s face pressed against the table as he did so. He lifted himself. Turned the page. Lowered himself. Cut again.

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I’ve had it up to here with this. I want out. I’ve done all that I can, I’ve tried everything that I can try. “But try more, you have to try more.” What more is there to try? How much do i have to do just to get the basics in life? To get food and water, sure, I can work for that. But what about love? What about respect? How much harder do I have to work to get those? Shouldn’t I have them just because I’m human?

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My heart rate increased rapidly, i knew they had mentioned it. My greatest secret exposed. I couldn’t handle being talked about, i knew what i had to do.

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The rocks lay still, silent, covered by a rush of thin clear river. Most were no bigger than any given toe. Merida bent down and poked at them, quickly, never letting her fingers lay too long in the cold mountain water. “Do you see something?” she heard her commander ask. Merida felt a longing to remain.

“No,” she said, standing. “I only thought I did.”

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Music playing softly, drifting through the chambers until it reached him as a faint echo of what it had been. He starts, leaves his work and his disaster, follows the song until he reaches the source.

She is playing quietly, softly, only for herself. He leans in the doorway. She does not know he is there.

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The empty space between that is filled with ideas and emotion; passion, love, hate, lust, friendship, happiness, depression. It is what fills in the gaps between this and that, how two beings interact, what is sent across the cosmos from me to you.

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My hands fly in front of my eyes to shield me from the staggering sight ahead. It’s bright, and it radiates an energy that is unfathomable. It is precisely, what I’ve been searching for.

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Distance. Land. What comes next. What mysteries are out there? What’s beyond what we know? Hope, reaching, grasping, go for it, then go farther and farther, always your destination, never reached, but always there telling you not to stop, you haven’t finished yet.

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A backpack filled with only what she needed, food, water, a map. A knife. Even an extra sweater, for the cold nights. If she was setting out on her own, she had to be prepared for anything.

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once upon a time there was a person. people called him nobody because he had no nam. hefelt he shouldn’t live anymore because every one ignored him. Plz help him. tell him u love him!!! ok?

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Her eyes narrowed at the sniper positioned about the unsuspecting crowd. She made her way forward carefully, quickly. Bunching her muscles in a crouch she jumped to the nearest window and began climbing her way up.

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The trenches were filled with the cold, icy water of the rain. She peered into the waters curiously, watching the ripples move through the water, caused by seemingly nothing.

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She got up, got dressed, and waited for her brothers. They would finally get up and get dressed and start the day. After their parents died, everything was their responsibility, but they didn’t mind at all.

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Smelling like a pine tree is great. I like pines. Pine needles are sharp. But I don’t mind. Because pine trees are great. And so is sap. HOORAY. LOL. OH WELL. c: PINE NEEDLESSSS

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Mothering: that’s something Ms. Fuji had always done for her, wasn’t it? No, she wasn’t her mother but she’d always stepped in without being obvious. She’d knitted her scarves and blankets and made her food for no reason at all when she’d see the bruises. Always taking care of her.

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She squinted at the hot sun beating down at her. Her cheeks were covered in scratches and her clothes were torn. She wasn’t sure how she’d gotten here in the first place, it was like her memories were lost in the back of her mind somewhere a long time ago. She felt stuck.

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