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he played the mixtape they had recorded together, wishing is was still 1987 not 2017, but it was not possible to go back now, he knew that. She could have joined him anyway.

» Posted By kitsty On 04.19.2016 @ 3:17 am


The specturm of colours in the rainbow brought joy to hazel, remineding her that there was light and hope, this too would pass.

» Posted By kitsty On 02.02.2016 @ 3:15 am


it was the portal to a different place, every time she read the book she could forget about real life for a short while. Fantasy was important to her with everything that was going on .

» Posted By kitsty On 01.22.2016 @ 8:26 am


I instantly made a decision, I would leave with him. My old life everything that I had held on to, was all nothing compared to my new adventure.

» Posted By kitsty On 01.06.2016 @ 3:50 am


I asked him for the moon, I knew it was ipossible. I wanted to see if he’d try and achieve the impossible for me. I had done th same for him before, now was his turn to show me he cared, and understood that love meant sacrifices.

» Posted By kitsty On 01.05.2016 @ 7:11 am

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