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Where does one begin with the construction of reality? The people, the places, the experiences that mold us take shape in our reality, but from where do they come? If our experiences are our reality we can shape our reality to anything we want – our fantasies can become our reality if we set out to experience what we’ve only seen in our dreams. Are dreams reality?

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I wasn’t informed of this,” she said.
“No, I’m pretty sure i told you”
If you had told me, I wouldn’t have let you fucking do it!”
She looked over the table, coated with bubbling substance.
“Yeah, maybe you’re right” He replied
“Well, lets clean it up” she sighed, grabbing the acid.

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when the time ticks tock tick socks its just clockwork its just a clock working all day all night and it never stops because its a clock tick tock its just clockwork yeah clockwork

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They tried to defeat the enemies, but to no avail. tehy just didn’t have enough firepower. The enemy was too powerful, their weapons were much more advanced. Alex stood up, picking up the biggest gun.

“Time to finish this”

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Please. Key? This is so unoriginal and uncreative it gives me writer’s block. See you tomorrow.

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She twirled the spiral pasta on the end of her fork, watching it whiz around and around in a hypnotising cycle. It helped to block out the loud voices coming from her parents’ bedroom down the hall. To block out the fact that her name came up too many times. It was all her fault anyway; she had had another incident at school.

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Collapse a lung. Collapse a building. Collapse a civilization. I can’t think of any positive connotation of the word “collapse”. It isn’t always negative I suppose. If you collapse a corrupt government… the only way that’s negative is for those involved in said government.

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Fleeing implies a cowards way. I don’t see it that way. Fleeing gives you the best chance of survival almost always because fleeing is an act of desperation. What could make a situation so desperate that doesn’t mean that fleeing would be the optimal solution to live another day? To breathe another breath?

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Flee, she must. There was no question, only action. Flight under her wings and fire burning at her lungs, as deep and ragged breaths tore through her body. There was no time for regret or longing. It was all long gone as the adrenaline pulsed through her veins, setting her resolve alight.

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The fans are blowing as I lay awake and think and think and think. I can’t sleep. So I may as well study for this history exam. But seriously.. who needs it this cold and windy to sleep??? It isn’t even winter yet. But I want to turn the heat on. Instead I have coffee.

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There is a place in my heart reserved for you. Sometimes that place creates nightmares. And other times- beautiful nostalgia.

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This word has strangely negative connotations for me. It’s strange because throughout my life competitions have been apart of it, one way or another.

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the sky out side was dark with big black clouds covering the sun. All the weather for casts predicted rain and hail. As if sensing that the storm was only going to get worse all the small birds and animals had found cover…

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it was a day where the clouds overhead were tremendously dark and clouded the sun. with weather like this no one wanted to go out side as if sensing what was to come.

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Essential. Her presence was essential to him.

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It was difficult to look into those eyes. Slate, sleek, and far more dangerous than anything she encountered before. He was silent and even in that, he intimidated in ways she couldn’t wrap her mind about. She cleared her throat, aiming to make a sharp remark, but only love spilled out.

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The old dusty trail.
It had remained untouched for centuries, which is actually a lot easier than one might think
See, the town I live in is quite magical. Normal laws don’t apply.
The trail is warded, heavily guarded and protected with some form of old ancient magic, that aren’t written in the current books of magic that they shove down your throat at school.
But now, something was wrong, very wrong.
i noticed it on my way home. There were more guards there than usual.

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you can’t handle it

i want to tell you how my day was
i want to be honest with you
i want you to know me
you just can’t hear it

don’t tap your fingers on the table,
don’t fidget, be quiet,
tip toe around.

i don’t know what’s going to come out
who i will get

i try my best to help you, all parts of you
always always always
but i feel like something has been lost
been taken away
and i need to help myself

how can i be furious, when you are doing all you can…
i will love you until forever ends
but i still feel it:


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Anonymous item, red and rusty.
Jaw to the vehicle.
8 letters taunt me.
I do not drive.
Online dictionary.

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NOT known no one knows it you dont understand it unheard of

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The bottle of bourbon fell to the ground and he growled menacingly,

“Who do you think you are?” He whispered, the young boy to freeze

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“Face it. We’re never going to find him!” John yelled at Sherlock, only to be ignored. Sherlock bent down to get a closer look at something in the dirt

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“Exactly my point doctor, if the patient is getting worse why should we let him leave?” The nurse questioned him in a judgemental tone,
“Angeline you know it isn’t my decision.”

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Groups of people crawled out of the ruins to see what was left of their street. Their town. Their state. Everything the eye could see was damaged.

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Gunfire blared through the halls, children were screaming behind the locked doors as teachers pushed them under tables and pushed desks against the door.

Soldiers were yelling in the halls as enemy after enemy came through the doors, the students tall enough to see out the window could barely stand after seeing an already wounded soldier hit in the crossfire and fall to the ground.

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The room froze as he walked in, the ‘gentlemen’ of the evening. That’s actually what he called himself. Prick.

My thoughts were cut off by the incessant chatter of parents trying to arrange their daughter’s in a marriage, shame he doesn’t swing his sword that way. If you know what I mean.

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What if the world stopped spinning? This is the question Stacy has been trying to answer her entire life, and she may have just found the answer.

“Stacy, what are you doing outside?” Her mother groaned from the doorframe,

“Thinking.” Stacy whispered, staring up at one particularly bright star.

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It isn’t easy to go about the world when all you do is keep your eyes on your feet. Silhouettes mean nothing, just like those long ago dreams, and it doesn’t matter where your feet take you as long as it’s far and you’re lost and you’ve found yourself this way.

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don’t look her in the eyes. the second your gaze hits her, a weight will lift itself from you. it’s an illusion though. you meet the sapphire waters filled with mystery and seduction, and you meet your demise as well.

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I like to go on tublr it’s very entertaining. It has a lot of pictures that I like. Some of them are depressing. I guess I like the deressing ones because they relate to my life somehow. I wish I had a happy life. I wonder why Ethan doesn’t love me. Why can’t I be the one he want

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