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memory after memory clicked onto the screen. She couldn’t bear it, but she also couldn’t tear her eyes away. This was her life, with him, all 20 years of it, clicking away in front of her. They say your life flashes before your eyes when you die, she wasn’t the one dying, it felt that way nonetheless.

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I gazed out of them in desperation. A glance, just a glance, that’s all i wanted. What could i do? what could i say? Would I ever make it past this point with me all bottled up, watching the world pass away?

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one step closer to out, to freedom. One step closer to getting the hell up out of this place with these people, and this black hole for any chance of a future. I had my degree, I was in at a prestigious school, I was going to live out everything that I had ever wanted.

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The shards dropped from his pocket as securities hand pulled out. drop. on the ground. The lightest ping, and the loudest sound he had ever heard. He rushed quickly into the crowed club, terrified that they would notice and pin the crystal on him.

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I picked it up and yelled, loud… so everyone could hear. So the world could hear. I was done…. finally, after all this time. After all we’d put ourselves through. We were done with this toxic thing that’s been choking our souls. We are free, free of eachother and the crippling bonds of love, free to actually be friends, free to move on from this thing that has dominated our lives.

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RAWR! I love me some dinosaurs! Giant animals stomping through the forest. Eating whatever they want…. quintessential badasses. My goal in life is to be as awesometastic as a dinosaur.

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She locked the door, barricaded it… but she stil heard him coming. Panic rose up through her veins until she felt choked by it. What could she do? the window? Too high up… and jammed anyway. Hide? maybe… she stasheded herslef in the back of the closest, nearly crying out when she heard the door crash open, he knew she was in here, and she saw the tops of his shoes and a soft chuckle…. and then all she saw was darkness.

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right in the valley. The huge colorado mountains rising up on both sides of us. Riding bikes down the street and strealing old ladies flowers. Getting my neighbor to get us cookies…. neighborhood kids and the giant puddle in the middle of the street deep enough for my little self to wade in.

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Two roads cross eachother… where do I turn? follow my passions, my heart…. or follow my pocket, safety, and consistant lifestyle? all my life I have wanted security, I have wanted stability, but I have never known it. what do i do when what I want most goes against what my heart yearns for, I always thought it was teh brain and the heart that fought, but my brain and my heart are on both sides of the argument and I’m just confused.

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styrofoam… that would mean that I had a package. I love getting packages. it makes me feel so special. There is nothing as exciting in teh world as seeing that slip in your mailbox that means that you have something cool…. except maybe sex, sex is pretty fantastic.

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What I want to be… I want to be travelling far away. Experiencing new things, eating weird food, basking in the novelties of a different culture different place. I want to see and experience and witness the beauty of this world… all of it. To explore the unknown and come out new.

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Burning. the flames grew higher and higher and her screams became louder and more frenzied, filling the cold night air with it’s desperate tones. but he didn’t care… he relished in teh sound, in the smell, and the look in his eye was one of pure evil. He laughed a cruel laugh and walked away, leaving her to her firey fate.

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Crying her hands in her hair. Choking on her tears on her fears. her world fell apart, she has no where to run. Why did this have to happen? what now what to do? what do you do when your world shatters? cry out, scream, express you pain…. but nothing helps, nothing makes it go away. hold on girl, things will get better… guess you didn’t think so because I found you at the end of a rope.

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Winds on the bridge, caution. I swerve to the next lane, ca’thelp it, my car’s not in control the wind is. Thank god that there isn’t anyone in the next lane.
severe lie mcgonagall’s bun.
severe like a bad break up. heart burm hurt. an ache in your chest that one go away, won’t leave. it hurts.

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Old and forgoten. quaint and once adored. I hope not to be. washed out, washed away. a shadow of something that should have been. missed hopes. just a should have where a could have had been.

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A place of dreams and magic, an escape. Back to the summers I read a book a day. My spot on the hill overlooking the undulating sea of wheat and those beautiful blue mountains, the sound of the train in the distance and the scent of crisp mountain air mingled with the scent of book, yummy.

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I thirst to want, to seek, to strive for. I thirst for a passion. a passion for life, and love and success. I want to care about something intensely. I want to wake up every morning with a purpose, with joy. I thirst to thirst

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Oh man, I’m going to be alumni of University of Washington… and when I am, that will mean that I am done with school! whoo! whoo! and hopefully, I will have a fairly decent paying job and have my own place and be happy… the ever illusive and marvelously wonderful happy. Oh so much to look forwaed to . gos

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class. the power to say what you did wrong. claiming yours and not trying to steal others. being able to go to bed at night with a clear conscience. whole.

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I lost somewhere along the way. that stubborn little girl with the set chin and blazing eyes. that little girl that didn’t believe in the world no, who believed gravity only applid unless she decided she wanted to fly.

» Posted By kayti32 On 04.08.2011 @ 12:31 am

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