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chewy delicious goo, its like juicy and comes in a lot of flavors, I like juicy fruit the zebra stripe kind but it loses its flavor really fast i also liked the big league chew and i like spearmint a lot of people dont like spearmint but i do its like peppermint but sweeter. i found out you can use peppermint oil to ward off spiders in a boathouse, i’ve been thinking about putting it in spray bottles and using it at our boathouse i dont know if it would really work but its worth a try.

» Posted By kayte On 07.25.2012 @ 6:02 pm


beauty, young girls, miss america, the south, dancing, talent, smile, winning, swimwear, confidence, blonde

» Posted By Kayte On 03.19.2012 @ 8:22 pm


Boiling point, hot and sweet. Candy burns, over boils, sticks to the stove. Anything higher and the candy will burn. Sweet burnt caramel.

» Posted By Kayte On 08.03.2011 @ 9:17 am


Etiquette is to society as the tutorial is to video games.

» Posted By Kayte On 07.14.2011 @ 8:49 am


A thief is a person who takes things, but a thief can be someone who not only takes items but takes ideas or identities. A thief chooses to hurt others for their own gain. I will never be a thief or teal from anyone.

» Posted By Kayte On 05.23.2011 @ 10:41 pm


a feeling of movement… taken away …free… an act of cleaning … i yearn to be swept away like in fairy tales …the women swept the

» Posted By kayte On 03.07.2011 @ 10:00 am


I am told that we suspend reality when we rise and fall. The moment dangles above me as I fall in love with you. My reality is suspended, and my heart is falling. Ironic it seems. I am nothing more than a see saw. Suspended in time. I hang on your words.

» Posted By kayte On 11.16.2008 @ 3:34 pm


A wildflower sat behind her brown tumbling hair, as she blow the dandelion seeds across the field. She thought “i wish every thing would be all right.”

» Posted By kayte On 09.14.2008 @ 10:47 pm


a flower thats sitting in my roomates window nogu likes to have them their tall and purple and stunning and arch like falling over always delicate mom wants to have them but i dont know if she could take care of them for a while. yellow inside. they are soft but crisp, how are they formed with that shape

» Posted By kayte On 10.08.2009 @ 5:13 am

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