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Things that you follow, because if you don’t you are in big big big trouble mr.!

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Autumn is the season that comes after summer.
Autumn is also a girls name.
When the leaves turn yellow.
Autumn is before winter.
This is what Autumn is.(:

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Two things that are seperate, are being combined with each other. When you put things next to each other, on top of each other. across from each other or even touching each other.

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When a women likes a guy, and they get married. that guy is her husband, and she is the wife. and they have lots of babies. And they live together till there really old, if i had a husband. he would be a creep head. so… i don’t.. k, bye.(:

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Artistry, a way of showing enjoyment in writing, reading, arts, sports, & anything that is enjoyable too you.

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Something that happens on it’s self. Something that can be set to turn on, or something that you can’t control. When a screensaver on a computer turns on, it’s automatic because you haven’t touched or bothered any part of the computer screen. When you are scared you scream, that’s automatic. You brain tells it’s self what it knows.

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Spring is a season where flowers bloom, and animal’s come out of hybernation. A time where winter is over, and summer is just beginning. Christmas time is over, and Easter is very near.

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Stacks.. Multiple objects played on top of each other. such as books, papers, shoes, clothes.. possibly people. Sometimes they go in order from least to greatest. tallest or shortest. big to small. When teachers grade papers, they have there student’s stack there papers on each other’s paper. when they put clothes in there drawers they put each piece of clothing on top of each other.

» Posted By kaylee Roud On 10.11.2011 @ 10:00 am

A multiple amount of objects put on top of each other.

» Posted By kaylee Roud On 10.11.2011 @ 9:50 am

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