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I was stuck and I couldn’t move.
I herd the shouts and the explosions of compressed air
I ducked trying to avoid it
I was not the target
but I was to blame
my involvement led them to their end
now I stand tall
as acting sacrifice
the one thing i can do
to make this crossfire stop

i feel a bite in my chest
and then another in my leg
more screaming and shouting
and then silence
I’m dead.

» Posted By kathrosis On 12.29.2013 @ 2:36 pm


I saw you far away and the days couldn’t have rushed in any faster. I knew that after that day that nothing would be the same. In seeing you face to face, I wouldn’t be able to hold my feelings in any longer. They would burst out of my skin and become who I am and who you saw me to be and I wouldn’t be able to take it all back not that I could make myself back into the person I was before you.

» Posted By kathrosis On 10.12.2013 @ 4:56 pm


giving way to the harsh winds and swaying in them the grass looked like the ocean, blue like the sky and moving flowing wanting to be something that its not being what the world wants it to be. it bluegrass, like the ocean being something its not.

» Posted By kathrosis On 09.07.2013 @ 6:24 pm


its so easy to be sad sometimes
to become so strung up on life that all you want to do is curl up and cry
everybody knows what it feels like to wake up and feel worried and more broken then the night before
to focus on something negative and pick at that string nervously until it unravels into something that’s completely unrecognizable
to leave the sheets off the bed
to find comfort in a face down carpet make out session
to look over your shoulder to make sure that you’re completely alone before you press play on that Regina spektor song, and no Regina it’s not better, yet
but for a moment let me indulge myself in this encompassing gray sweat suit– it’s a metaphor and one that I will rock like the Kardshian’s told me to..not that I can keep up…
people tell me that self pity is destructive and like any medication taken in excess… I couldn’t agree more, but today give me a mourning period even when I have nothing to mourn
allow me briefly to experience the low so that whenever I claw my way back to high, people will think that I am amazing
look away if it bothers you, it won’t last long and by the time you turn back around I will have rebirthed like the phoenix giving harry the wings to fly
that doesn’t change the fact that it is so easy to be sad sometimes.

» Posted By kathrosis On 08.28.2013 @ 6:06 pm


I watched the water in your glass slowly become less and less as we sat there talking. it being more interesting than the conversation coming passing from your lips. I didn’t want to here it al,l the excuses, the reasons, and lies that I’ve herd a thousand times. I’d rather sit there watching vapor.

» Posted By kathrosis On 07.29.2013 @ 6:30 pm


white dust falls from above filling my lungs and making it hard to breath. Its the signs of a crumpling past. I don’t move because I would rather choke than face the reality that all I knew is done and gone.

» Posted By kathrosis On 07.26.2013 @ 4:01 pm

white falling from above, the signs of a crumbling past filling every bit of me and my being.

» Posted By kathrosis On 07.26.2013 @ 3:46 pm

i was plastered against the wall with fear running through my bones. I wanted out, but you wouldn’t let me find the door. white dust fell form above like snow. it covered every part of me and tasted of chalk, plaster dust. this place, was no place for anyone to live it was crumbling to the ground all around us.” just let me go!” I screamed, but you wouldn’t.

» Posted By kathrosis On 07.26.2013 @ 3:44 pm

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