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“Why so sad my dear?” the clown asked with a frown on his face. “Happiness is overrated, everyone knows that even you, mr clown.” I replied. He was about to say I was too young to be viewing the world this way and I walked away from him as if to say “save it, I have heard it all before.”

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It was raining today, my favorite weather. It’s not sad, I don’t know why people think that. I am in English class and my teacher acts like she is on dope. She wrote a word on the board and she misspelled it. The smart ass in the class corrects her with a smirk. I turn my attention back to the window. This fucking class makes me sick.

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This isn’t a love story****

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My hair was withering away. I had a disease that was killing me from the inside out. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. However, I was ready to go. I learned I had cancer four years ago. I was a freshman in high school. I joined the drama club and I was making new friends. During sophomore year I was getting better. I had beautiful hair the color of the vanilla. It wasn’t falling out as much back then, like it is now. Junior year they said i was almost healed. This year I had a relapse and it was worse than it was freshman year. I lost my friends because I pushed them away, it was easier that way. I quit the drama club because my doctor appointments were too frequent. I never had boys chasing me. I was the cancer girl who wasn’t worth the time or wasn’t given the time. This is a love story, but simply a tragedy. I wasn’t going to live, I was going to die like a flower… My petals were withering away now.

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It was a wave that came over me so quickly I couldn’t compose myself. Lethargic in the water, I was. Another wave rolls over me, again and again I can’t find the strength.

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Like a sniper
He shot my heart
A clean shot
A bullet though me

Blood leaks out
Like the love that once was
His desire for me
Is no more

Just as I am
No more
like a sniper
He shot my heart

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I was sitting alone. I had time to think. Thoughts that couldn’t be stolen. I played a beautiful song in my head that no one else heard.

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I was getting away. I raced until I came to the end of the cliff. I lost my footing and fell to my death.

how did I end up running to my death? good question. I was running away from someone. a man. no, he wasn’t gonna rape me. he wanted to steal the necklace that hung around my neck. a simple silver chain. he didn’t want to sell it he wanted to give it to someone so they could wear it an use it as I do. this ancient silver chain keep people like me sane. we have a problem in our brain were it triggers us to do things we usually wouldn’t. such as, kill. it’s genetic and I got it from my father and he also gave me the necklace. there is only five necklaces in the world. my grandmother was in a group with four other people an they came up with the solution for this brain triggering. a jeweler sold then the necklaces and they have been passed down ever since. I am in possession of my family’s. and the other families with theirs, but we are being hunted down. two families have been discovered and killed for the necklace.

the thing is, is people with the brain triggering is we are immortal to some extent. stabbed or shot, we won’t die. you have to kill us with love. a kiss of betrayal is our fate.

so, with the fall, I am still alive. I get up and keep running.

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They rallied us all together. To sit down and have a talk. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t like to talk. I knew what this was about. It was about our group. We were the killers. The people who sat around and planned for the moment. The moment we would set you free. We wanted to kill. Not for the sake of a rush but with a purpose. Our purpose was to end the lives of those who ticked you off, treated you wrongly, mostly the douchebag asshole sluts you hated. We took care of them for you. You couldn’t see us because we’re invisible. That’s what made our job easy. You couldn’t see us but we could see you.
This is how it worked. You called us. Told us the case. We gathered to planned it all out. And took care of it. We never saw you and you never saw us, it was all over the phone. We, the invisible killers, saw each other and could tell we were the same by the scent. Normals, like you, couldn’t smell it. Only invisibles have the nose to catch such a deep odor. I bet you want to smell it. Well, you don’t want to. Because its so sour it would burn your sinuses. Its like a deep lemon sour, yet a million times more sour.
Anyways, we had a special job. We had to take out a hundred people. Think about a hundred people. All living their lives separately, all in different homes, and in different cities, states, and countries. Had to be our biggest job yet. But wait, you said, theres more. I thought, how, could a human have so much hate for so many people? I didn’t ask you because I learned to never ask too many questions like that. So all the invisible killers got together and we talked. We planned, we booked our planes, and packed our bags. We did a clean job.
Then came the crisis. You told your boy toy about who told his other girlfriend who told her mom who told her family, who told their family and so on. Normally, we would give you a shot that would inject a fluid that would make you forget who did the dirty work for you. But one of the invisibles didn’t do that part. Which made the biggest mess that would end us.

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I secluded myself in my room. I am having a ruff day, and needed to be by myself. I completely forgot my locker combination, leaving my phone locked in until tomorrow. I have a five page biology packet and art study guide due. Finals are next week, too. I can’t read my book until my mom comes home because I left it in her car.
You’re probably thinking I’m a pathetic human being for making a big deal of such little things,but honestly they add up in my already cluttered head. I can’t wait for summer, so I can just get a break. Oh! I forgot, I am extremely sunburned, to top it all off. So there ya have it folks, my awesome life.

I love words. They can be said, sang, written, and read. It’s wonderful, putting random shapes, we call letters, together to form a thing, that we call words. My favorite word is word, which is ironic. I use ironic and hypocrite, more than I should. I swear too, which I shouldn’t but that never stops me. Words,think about them.

I was in the car. Mad, from how the day went. What set me off even more, was my sister. Who was swearing at the traffic. I just kept quiet for the most part, well for some part. We kept driving, when I saw two kids walking. They put their backpacks on forward, for a number of reason: to draw attention (which most kids do these days), or to be orginal (which they aren’t) or for laughs (not funny, kiddies). You may not think of anything if you saw them, but that is what I thought.

I got lemon gum for Easter. I didn’t expect it to be good. I thought ‘ew, lemon… Sour… Gross’. But, believe it or not, I love it. It’s like drinking sweet lemonade. Next time you buy gum, buy lemon gum.

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I ran. and then kept running. not sure where to go. when i landed on the metro subway platform. looking and waiting to get on the next one. i wanted to get away. away from everything i knew, i was breaking free, like a bird having its first flight. i stand for at least ten minutes before i decide to sit down. randomly, as if in a row, people aproach me. first, a begger asking for some change i give him a dollar, while that may seem stingy of me, mind you i am running away and i already know what he is going to spend it on. the second person is a police officer, he eats a donut while he asks what a young lady like me would be doing in such a public place like this, at night. i reply, meeting my grandmother, giving him a tight smile. had he known the real reason, i would be at the station. finally the third was a boy my age. i have never seen him at school before so he looks like a stranger to me. he sits down and just waits with me. it is i who strikes up the conversation with him. its almost as though its twenty questions because he only gives me one word answers. “whacha doin here boy?” running away. “how old?” fifteen “where ya heading?” somewhere. it starts to sound like the conversation i had with the cop. so i tell him who i am and so on. hi there then, I’m katherine, turning fifteen in august, running away too, except i know where i am headed. i know where im headed!, he says as if i offended him. no, you don’t boy, but if i was you, stick with me. i then ask his name because, frankly, i dont like calling him boy. tommy, my name is tommy.

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i smudged my eyeliner. i usually don’t wear makeup. but, i feel like it today. why? why do girls just have this feeling to look a certain way? something, that i may never understand… i get in my beat up neon and drive to school. i get these weird glances from people in my grade whom i don’t talk to. but, i keep walking anyways. my friend tells me i look good, thank God someone has a decent opinion around here. we go to class, and get through the day to lunch. a pack of plastic girls come up to our table. and ask me if i’m going emo. i don’t reply because it’s just best not to. we finish lunch and the rest of the afternoon. when i reach my last class, i am tormented by a group of boys. the bell finally rings and i get up to leave, when a boy named charlie approaches me. he says don’t listen to them, you’re beautiful. i say thank you and run off, amazed at his compliment. i go home and take my makeup off, thinking about everything that has happened today, how everyone treated me. i learn that i need to look a different way to please the people around me. not just please the people who care about me, or myself for that matter. why is the world this way? why do people treat other people for the way they look? a question i may get the answer for.

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I made a wall around me, made of bricks. in the metaphorical sense, of course. i have had enough of this “being open” with everyone. once you tell them your deepest secrets, they can’t be taken back. i unfortunately, learned that the hard way. i dont have many friends, most of them are fake people. but the friends i have…had… i thought i could trust. again, learned that the hard way. so, now, i keep my secrets locked, tight, in a jeweled box. i have one friend, who hasnt betrayed me. we can tell each other everything. but after what i’ve been through, i dont tell her as much anymore.
you’re probably wondering what could’ve possibly happened for me to have to live in secret, and that my friend, is incased in a bunch of bricks.

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no one knew the truth. not even him, the one started the web of lies. because he wanted no one to find the truth. he was a liar, everyone knew it.
it was the middle of June, we soaked up the lucious sun, and smelled the fresh flowers. we walked along the beach of our summer home. then we saw Fredrick swimming forcefully in the ocean, crashing into the waves. he had a strong build and sandy hair. I was easily attracted to him, who wouldn’t be? my friend, Margot, had a boy friend and was still falling in love with his looks! I went out to dinner with my famiy that night. I went to use the restroom when I literally ran into him! his deep navy eyes made me dizzy! gosh, he was handsome! I continued on my way, and he said “hi, and sorry for early” when I returned to my table. we decided to eat our meals together outside on the porch of the country club. he told me all about his past, and I told him about mine. I spent the rest of my summer at the house spending every minute with him. we fell in love, and shared passionate kisses all through out the summer nights. it was bliss. the morning of August 1st, he told me the truth… who he really was…

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i always try to look up at the road ahead. but, like most things, it isn’t easy. many people tell me i am a positive person, always smiling. but do they know what is underneath. no, however, they could never have told anyways. i battled with this depression for awhile. it was after, my close grandmother died. she gave me a set of pearls to always remember her. i wear them everyday to work. then, next, my boyfriend dumbed me. we had been fighting a lot back then, and he decided to call it quits. and, finally the last string was when i lost my job and later my home. off on the streets. but, as positive as i could’ve been at that time, i pushed on. landed in another state, and got a job and an apartment. met a man, had kids. and then the economy when bad, my husband lost his job, and someone set fire to our house while everyone was sleeping, all were killed. well, except me. i’ve lost everything that was important to me, even my positivety. so, here i stay, straggling, hoping for something that will never come. i sure know my charming husband and adorable children aren’t coming back. and, once again, i pick myself up. i live in a cottage, with a dog. and i smile at my good memories. at how positive and happy i was back when. i try to forget the horrible past that haunts me in my dreams. my dreams. they show me my grandmother’s casket. my boyfriend screaming at me, me walking out of businesses i used to work for, and beautiful family burning in wild flames. every night they get worse and more gruesome. and one night i decide i can’t take it anymore. screw my so called “positivety”, i lost that years ago. i take my depression pills and pour them down my throat. count to ten, let them seep into me and take me away. last breath. and i go, go on ahead of the road, the road to heaven.

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i visit her, like i do every sunday after church. i know she won’t wake up but i always hope she will. she lays there, her chest rising and falling down again. i love to comb her long hair, gray but still in breath taking curls like it always is. i talk to her fill her in on town gossip and such. i let the sunlight flood in and sit waiting for her to wake up.

Mabel has taken care of me since my parents died when i was a month old. my parents died in a shooting. they still don’t know who the shooter is either. sad, and a bit nerving, i know. some say he had a thing against my grandmother, who passed away giving birth to my mother. but, my grandmother was loved by all, according to mabel who was my grandmother’s best friend and is my guardian. mabel is the kind of woman who spends most of her time baking cookies and reading on the porch. she makes the best lemonade in the whole town. and she always knows how to cheer me up. but, now she spends her days in the hospital, sick as a dog. i live in her house,which is where i grew up in, my home. a cute little house too, with blue shutters and a nice porch. right in our little town, blue gem, after the flower. we have those flowers everywhere too, beautiful little things, deep rich blue in color. we have ’em all over the library, which i own and work at. i love books so i also happen to love my job. i must have gotten my love of books from mabel. i miss her, i wish she could heal. i miss her laugh, her smile, and her heart warming hugs. she always has that comfort and warmth about her. ….wake up, mabel…. mabel…. wake up….

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this was the speech of my lifetime. this is the one no one could or would forget, ever. I was putting everything on the line through a few paragraphs. I was telling them my story, my thoughts on our world, and my point of few on everything in general. this was my last moment before everyone would know my secrets and start to judge me. I didn’t care though, that was the whole point of my speech, I didn’t care anymore, in other words I was giving up on this. on everything, I was starting a nice chapter in my book, my life.

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i have become a master at moving on. i have hardships in my life like anyone has. sure they get bigger as life goes on, for example, writing essays in 5th grade and fitting in at high school.and now here i am moving on once again over you.

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i have become a master at moving on. i have hardships in my life like anyone has. sure they get bigger as life goes on, for example, writing essays in 5th grade and fitting in at high school.and now here i am moving on once again over you.

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did u understand the amount of hurt that surged through my veins the moment I saw you kiss her passionately? no….no u didn’t because that is just who you are a heartless bastard. so I sit alone and wonder if I am ever meant to be with someone who loves me faithfully….siting in the coffee shop eating my almond scone drinking my mocha frappé. when an old man comes up. “excuse me miss, but it seems as though you’re going through a ruff patch in your life. yes?” he says. I nod and he continues. “my personal opinion is that you’re over thinking things, right?” I nod again. “miss, you need to understand that u are only this young once, one shot at this! get over the stupid bastard that missed his chance at something great. you will find the man you need. as a matter of fact, my grandson is about your age. when u are ready give him a call.” he slides the paper to me.”have a nice day!” he calls to me. I nod once again, and feel speechless! this man has just given me a miracle, basically. I look at the number and call him up. sipping my coffee.

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i took my bike out into the vineyard, sat down and cried. waited, cried some more, and ran my hands through the soil. why was i upset? i got upset because that is what happens when someone lies…not even just a small lie. it has to be the biggest lie that can turn your world upside down. my fiance has a cancer that he might not overcome. why am i finding out now? how could this happen now? he is so young! why now? a billion questions run throughout my mind. i sit and cry myself dry and think about the future. i know i have to be strong for him but how will i? i wanted to get married to this wonderful man and have children together! how is this going to happen if he might die? how will i live on if he doesn’t?! wait, just wait….this isn’t about me this is about him. he has to make it. he has to! i feel a tear stream down my face….trickling away…..

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Why now? i ask Sam.
i am falling in love and now he is on his knee right now. And i’ve only known him for a few months. I am in love but i don’t see what he sees in me. i am nothing special. i am not different.
Because i want you to be mine before it’s too late. Your special more than you realise. Your funny, and smart…and you have the smile, o gosh that smile….it makes my day and always lights up the room. I have to be able to see that smile everyday of my life. you have to be with me….i need you…to be my wife to have my kids to …to… and he starts to cry and i am already crying. i never knew someone as great as Sam could love me this much….
Sam, i say, you’re so perfect… i would be a fool not to marry such a charming, good looking and kind young man!

He picks me up and swings me around and next thing i know i am in a white dress getting ready to walk down the aisle….

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What actually happened? I…um I was on my bike when i saw the lights and …and I um ended up here somehow.

I was in a state of pure rage when i decided i needed t do something before i broke everything in my house. I hopped on my bike and peddled furiously. Why was i so mad? Because my boyfriend of 3 years has cheated on me. Then i put my headphones in and peddled faster. Then the light blinded me and my side started to hurt. Blank.

I was being interviewed by police, not that i could help. But they found out who hit me. And i’m currently in the hospital with things broken. Then i saw him.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!? calm down, miss, they tell me.
i turn back to him, WELL I NEED AN ANSWER!
he tries to reply, i…i, well…um….

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He knows. How? I ask myself. Hw can something so secret get out like this? it was January, he was new to my school. He was beautiful, green sharp eyes and chesnut brown silky hair. He was quiet in six of my seven classes. Sat in the back but seemed to have gotten good grades. Witty and clever. And i fell hard, and he is just now noticing. Trust me, he knows alright.

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the seasons change, but i stay the same. alone. i live in a small town which has a few guys but the all seem the same. i decided to go out today because i was bored and need to go out. i curled my hair, put eyeliner on, and wore a cute blue dress. i walked out and felt confident. i met my friend, jane, at the club. we started with shots, i only had four when i decided to go and dance. i danced with a few guys. then, i had enough, so i sat down, i felt like shit. i was gonna go home when this gorgous man approaches, i had never seen him around before. wanna dance? he asks. I umm… I am taking a break, sorry. i studdered. then, all of a sudden i blurted, so what ya doing here, pretty boy? he turns and whispers in my ear, visiting a friend whats it to you? Oh, just wondering, i reply. he winks and walks off. leaving me totally starstruck.

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two months ago she hit rock bottom. only had five dollars in her pocket. then, the girl, Sylvia goes up to the counter of a diner and asks me, shall i say, begged for a job. Of course, i had to give it to her, what kind of person would i be if i didn’t? The next day she comes into work, prepared. Then, she works her ass off ’til nine. i am curious to hear her story, everyone has one. I have had many girls come into my diner asking for a job, always broke and always ready to work and be good at it. Hey, come sit with me a minute i holler to her. I cook up a plate of fries set them down with a glass of coke and say, here. Oh, i can’t take this, she replies. don’t worry ’bout it darling. she eats like there is no tomorrow. Slow down, girl, i’m not gonna take ’em away from ya, i promise. Listen, i called you over here to see why you come to the middle of no where to get a job at this old joint, i say. Well, it is quite a long story to be honest, m’am. she says to me. honey, i say, i have nothing but time.

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I stir the ingredients of my life and i know i will either end up with a masterpiece or a disaster. i know it is up to me. it always is. i live my life to the most and hope for the best.

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I layed in the grass, patiently waiting for the snow to suround me. I thought about things that have happened in my life.

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I was determined to live my life until it came to be my time. I did things i would’ve never had a year, let alone a month ago. Funny how your take on life changes when you figure out you only have a year to live. When did my doctor tell me this? Exactly one month ago from today. So here i am determined as ever.

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people say, oh i am available. what is that supposed to mean? oh i am ready to have a boyfriend or find love. love is supposed to find you, sometimes i think people forget that.

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