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I never thought I’d be done. The project, no matter how tedious was going to aid so many peoples, i almost squealed every time i thought about it. The tunnel was grueling to dig, and I often complained if i had not remembered the recievers in a while.

» Posted By kate On 08.24.2019 @ 1:53 pm


There it was. Cereal, all stale and crunchy. This proved the case. Barry wasn’t innocent; the box was found in his house. He was the world’s punniest serial killer.

» Posted By kate On 04.07.2019 @ 8:29 pm


I was falling. Quickly. I couldn’t stop. The stairs went in spins past my eyes and I knew I should have never trusted my feet. But now I couldn’t stop. It was over.

» Posted By Kate On 03.18.2019 @ 7:42 pm


No one thought about the cost of the choice. We just went with it. Go with the flow, huh? Now they’re in the middle of a flood of flows that they never imagined might sweep their precious lives away.

» Posted By kate On 10.23.2018 @ 10:10 pm


I gathered from her smile that this was no accident. Tom was murdered. With a carrot. That carrot being in her very hands. She had killed Tom. Why?

» Posted By Kate On 09.27.2018 @ 8:03 pm


i went to the markeet today and i bought some carrots, and they rotted. i know, sad, and now i am at homw crying because my carrots are rotten, and i have no soup to give to my neighbors kidss but cold bean soup which i almost finished last night. the children always rely on my soup, because it has drugs in it. yes, without the parents knowledge, what do you think? i just gave drugs to kids and they were okay with it?

» Posted By kate On 09.23.2018 @ 6:31 pm

i went to the markeet today and i bought some carrots, and they rotted. i know, sad, and now i am at homw crying because my carrots are rotten, and i have no soup to give to my neighbors kidss but cold bean soup which i almost finished last night…

» Posted By kate On 09.23.2018 @ 6:29 pm


Toxic materials, bad for you and harmful to your overall health. Chemicals that can seriously hurt you. Hazmat suits, protection from the chemicals or hurtful substances.

» Posted By Kate On 06.10.2018 @ 9:28 am


I am a clown. I wear a mask. It’s painted on my face, it’s part of me. My mask tells me I’m happy. That I smile. Still, underneath, I work hard and I’m often tired. I’m a man just like everyone else. I have a family, I have friends, happiness and sadness. I love my job, I love the laughter, but I would love to be understood as a human, not as a mask.

» Posted By Kate On 04.01.2018 @ 1:45 pm


i reach for it, these goals, they seem so far away. i reach and reach and i may never get there… but the trying is what i live for, writing is what i live for. i may never reach those goals… but in the reaching i will get further than if i hadn’t ever lifted my arms to try

» Posted By Kate On 02.18.2018 @ 2:40 pm


She couldn’t believe that she was crying. Again. Why did she have to take everything so personally? She curled her nails into the palms of her hands, willing the tears to not fall. Not in front of him. Never again. He didn’t deserve it.

» Posted By Kate On 01.24.2018 @ 6:58 pm


In an instant, everything hurt. Lights flashed, metal screeched and there was a cry of pain. The car had overturned, careered directly off the road will the family inside. Everything can change in an instant.

» Posted By kate On 11.09.2017 @ 2:33 pm


the word that is very relatable for everyone. the word that is true when it comes to our darkest temptations; or even the most simplest things. I get this feeling when i am with friends and they ask me to do certain stuff that i know is probably not smart or in my best interest. i am Tempted. I am being tempted. Or it could be with that boy

» Posted By Kate On 10.05.2017 @ 6:27 am


The house I am taking care of has a dog and a cat. Every day, I the kitchen has to be swept. The cat litter, cat food, and dog food are all over the floor. I don’t particularly like to sweep.

» Posted By Kate On 07.20.2017 @ 6:10 am


Miserable is such a great word to describe extreme summer heat or winter cold. Its not often a word I use for feelings, but overly high or low temperatures can drastically change the mood of a day! I hope today isn’t miserable!

» Posted By Kate On 07.19.2017 @ 6:03 am


my anxiety and acid reflux have recently been amplified. It feels like they, in addition to my chronic pain, have been amplifying all of the background noise. All of the stress and anxiety I haven’t been thoroughly processing has been amplifying the difficulty of continuing to work for a corporation that doesn’t support me properly.

» Posted By Kate On 07.18.2017 @ 11:53 am


She is perfect. Pale wings bursting across the sky and a song echoing through her mind. She is free and nobody shall cage her again.

» Posted By Kate On 05.15.2017 @ 1:13 pm

freedom and the wind beneath her wings; she is perfect.
And though it breaks my heart to see her leave, the beauty of her song makes it all worthwhile.

» Posted By Kate On 05.15.2017 @ 1:07 pm


Occasionally, I have bouts of dizziness – they come out of nowhere, and I wish I knew the source.

Sometimes it’s fun. It’s like getting high for a minute and then getting to come back down to earth. These are the fun times when it isn’t terrifying.

Then there are the times it’s so scary and I’m convinced the dizziness is a symptom of a larger issue – bad circulation, anemia, any range of things.

Its maddening. but not so bad.

» Posted By Kate On 05.08.2017 @ 12:18 pm


Tasty, rare, protein. Please don’t overcook it. Red wine to accompany. A quick dinner.

» Posted By Kate On 04.03.2017 @ 7:54 pm


A room, often slightly frightening, full of people. Most were your peers, one the Tutor. A memorable afternoon of a conversation which basically ran, what do you think? If I knew the answer I wouldn’t be asking you.

» Posted By Kate On 04.02.2017 @ 3:01 am


It echoed through the room with power and vibrancy. The rest of the unit shrank back a little, feeling slightly discomforted by the volume at which she spoke.

» Posted By Kate On 03.30.2017 @ 2:12 am


the sickening sense of humiliation and betrayal washed over her. The voices asked what it was that she’d done that was so wrong? How could she have prevented this. Maybe you couldn’t

» Posted By Kate On 03.21.2017 @ 12:36 am


one after the other … punctuated by the ticking noise of the dog’s claws on the pavement. The tension started to ease with the walking.

» Posted By Kate On 03.15.2017 @ 2:41 am


i am always leaping
from one change to the next,
certain that this one
will bring me what i seek.

» Posted By Kate On 10.11.2016 @ 4:16 pm


This road we’re about to go down. Damn. What a trek. Filled with joy and fear and crazy town ideas. God. Me. Him. Them.

» Posted By Kate On 10.08.2016 @ 4:30 am


sometimes I travel to cities
where no one knows me.
I stroll through crowded streets
without worrying about seeing someone
that I used to know.
I enjoy these moments of freedom,
of solitude in company.

it is smothering, living in one place for too long.

» Posted By Kate On 10.02.2016 @ 1:44 pm


passport clutched in my hand,
all my possessions on my back,
i’m coming home.
the customs official welcomes me back
to the country i left a year ago,
but i am already looking past him,
down the stark hallway,
ready to hold your face in my hands
again, at last
i’m home.

» Posted By Kate On 09.30.2016 @ 2:02 pm


in the dryer, there is always lint. when it has been a good week, there are pieces of sticks and grass stuck in it. that means that i have spent time outside, breathed in fresh air, felt the weight melt away from my shoulders.

» Posted By Kate On 09.27.2016 @ 5:56 pm


onward we trudge,
past the corpses of dark memories,
through the tree stumps of the past
and the brambles of the present.
always looking forward,
we never look back.

» Posted By Kate On 09.27.2016 @ 5:06 am

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