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The night is very grim, but i like it.

» Posted By Karen On 03.04.2019 @ 7:53 pm


software, flooring, help, book installment, hardware,

» Posted By karen On 01.11.2018 @ 5:13 pm


My mom is irritable today. Nothing I have done pleases her.

» Posted By Karen On 09.27.2017 @ 12:28 pm


To be religious. To pray, get down on your knees.. Means something different for everyone. Don’t judge. Free right of being a human. Idols. People, places things. Worship can be anything you idolize.

» Posted By karen On 09.20.2017 @ 3:18 pm


it’s a difficult job at times but it’s like traveling and rewarding and you learn a lot and sometimes it’s really as colorful as the headscarves your Muslim students wear and sometimes you don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and why they are putting words together like they do, but they do and it makes sense to them and after a while it starts to make sense to you too

» Posted By Karen On 08.27.2017 @ 2:09 pm


Drink a beer. Shoot something. Scary. Shotgun wedding. My grandma dressed up as a shotgun bride for Haloween one time. I think it means you are pregnant so you have to get married real fast or else the guy who got you pregnant will get shot by your father. It’s actually pretty sexist when you think about it

» Posted By karen On 08.22.2017 @ 12:25 pm


Misery. Able. Miserly. Rabble. Bottomless pit in my gut. Writhing around on the ground. Sobs so deep, welling up and up to reach the surface. Save me.

» Posted By Karen On 07.18.2017 @ 8:30 pm


Is an 8-track a cartridge? Did the Atari console from the 80s have a cartridge? Is there a modern usage for a cartridge?

» Posted By Karen On 06.01.2017 @ 11:57 am


I am thinking about a big, juicy hamburger right now. It has all the fixings including cheddar cheese and bacon with grilled onions and avocado too. My dog is looking at me as if I’ve lost my mind, because I’m drooling. “Hey! You do it all the time! It’s my turn!” Food is essential; food porn is inevitable.

» Posted By Karen On 05.14.2017 @ 9:37 am


bodily fluid

» Posted By Karen On 01.04.2017 @ 7:29 pm


An institute of higher education is a wonderful place to learn but sometimes a sad place to become discouraged. All of us need to support each other

» Posted By Karen On 10.24.2016 @ 4:13 pm


It’s beautiful to wake to the sounds and feel of dawn. I love to hear the birds, smell the grass and see the fog floating in the dawn air.

» Posted By Karen On 10.18.2016 @ 8:46 pm


You were gone too quick. There was no time. But while you were here, I couldn’t ask. I wouldn’t ask without your permission. You never could give it to me. Not about this. the most profound of questions.

» Posted By Karen On 09.16.2016 @ 5:00 am


The funny thing about serendipity is that you never see it coming. It is as if you are walking around to corner and as you turn, you run right in to it. It slams into you like ice to the face.

» Posted By Karen On 09.13.2016 @ 6:27 am


That collar is so hard to buckle on that shaggy neck. She is chomping at the bit to get out the door. The big, wide world is out there full of fun things to chase…

» Posted By Karen On 09.11.2016 @ 9:10 am


Just a trim. Always just a trim. It used to be the full color, cut, blow dry. But I’ve had to simplify. Of choice and of necessity.

» Posted By Karen On 09.10.2016 @ 9:18 am


the things that I treasure now are the simple transactions of what transpires between two souls each day. nothing fancy. nothing to impress. just the simple pleasantries of the day.

» Posted By Karen On 09.08.2016 @ 5:03 am


His claws were sharp. They cut my hand. But they held on for dear life. I threw my hands up in the air and his great wings took flight. It was amazing.

» Posted By Karen On 09.06.2016 @ 5:51 am


The old van was like my life before. Beat up, trashed, but still running. I said good-bye and stepped into the brand new loaded sedan.

» Posted By Karen On 09.05.2016 @ 5:46 am

The old van was like my old life. Beat up, dented, but still useful. I said good-bye and stepped into the brand new loaded sedan.

» Posted By Karen On 09.05.2016 @ 5:44 am


Projector is a device to show and illustration…It can also be a person who tends to project their thoughts and behaviors onto someone else knowingly or unknowkingly

» Posted By Karen On 02.25.2016 @ 5:26 pm


It turned out to be an fateful day for George.
He awoke at 8 o’clock, like every morning. The birds were chirping outside his window and the sun was shining brightly……

» Posted By Karen On 02.08.2016 @ 1:41 am


rural – relax and enjoy the environment that is uncluttered. No noise. No need to fight traffic, road rage, or the stress from making your way from point a to point b.

» Posted By Karen On 01.12.2016 @ 8:15 pm


This was fun.

» Posted By Karen On 01.11.2016 @ 8:05 am

The sum of things… can also mean we are a strong as the weakest link. The sum is sometimes more imortant than the sacrifices for the individuals or in sacrificing an individual for the good of the larger group or end result.

» Posted By Karen On 01.11.2016 @ 8:04 am


I wish I had the skill to be a skater. It looks like a lot of fun, but I have trouble just walking so moving on wheels and doing tricks is way beyond my skill level. I tried it once and when I fell I cracked my tail bone — not fun at all; I enjoy sitting.

» Posted By Karen On 05.08.2015 @ 11:04 am


At the moment I am lacking empathy for those around me. I am hurting emotionally, and do not wish to feel for anyone else; I just want to be miserable on my own. Things will be better in the morning, but it just upsets me that the people I work with seem to think so little of me, and/or take me for granted. Wish there was a way to make this feeling go away.

» Posted By Karen On 05.07.2015 @ 1:02 pm


It was so obvious to the girls, they must have been switched at birth. They had been born at the same hospital, on the same day, close the the same time, and they lived right next to each other. Why did no one else realize that they should be with the other family — I mean it was as plain as the nose on one’s face that they were in the wrong place.

» Posted By Karen On 05.04.2015 @ 12:37 pm


People have different beliefs. This is a good and and bad thing. It is wonderful that people can be individual about their beliefs, but it is sad when people try to force their beliefs on others. Everyone should be allowed to follow their heart unless it interferes with someone else doing the same.

» Posted By Karen On 04.27.2015 @ 11:56 am


The projector stood dusty and broken – a stark reminder of previous times. Times when there were such distractions as movies, and television. Times when survival wasn’t the only thing that mattered.

» Posted By Karen On 04.17.2015 @ 11:10 am

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