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and we’re off!
no matter which way we may push and we pull
we float on at the whim of the hands of people
a draft magnified from the wing of a seagull
echoing ripples from bells found upon the steeple

» Posted By kapanga On 05.17.2013 @ 9:46 pm


cut out pictures scattered across the desk
clothes on the floor – work uniform, pile of briefs
sprawled across the bed
a thought-revoking show playing from the only light in the room
mind, unmotivated, weary, cluttered, empty.

» Posted By kapanga On 05.08.2013 @ 11:21 pm


people listen more when you speak less

» Posted By kapanga On 04.28.2013 @ 10:19 pm


you would take a chair, let the shock raise your hair
since when did you care if life ended up fair
i glared as you jumped, i envied you
because at least you dared

» Posted By kapanga On 04.26.2013 @ 11:30 pm


there’s always a better move, don’t play me
no matter what you do it don’t phase me
knight A6; don’t take it, cause baby i’m going crazy
clash of the titans. the king died for his queen
but the board fell apart at the seams
and the queen fell along with the kingdom in not-so-quiet screams

» Posted By kapanga On 04.23.2013 @ 7:54 pm


she sat in the corner, one of those hipster types
i walked up with a thermos, whiskey mixed with sprite
her lips looked nice, draped in red paint
i cared too much. she made my head faint
“good to see you again,” she said carefully
“looks like you’re doing well,” she said warily
“been drinking much?” she asked carefully
“no,” i smiled. life was better lived carelessly

» Posted By kapanga On 04.22.2013 @ 9:28 pm


chained to the wall, whip and belt aquiver
light at the end of the tunnel turns into a sliver
mister is it a crime that i happen to miss her
sour taste like a blister in the way of a tongue twister

» Posted By kapanga On 04.07.2013 @ 7:07 pm


bronze. might as well be the color of shit
her eyes said to me, not hesitating a bit
if you’re not first, why try
if you’re the worst, let it die
life is a competition
a bloodthirsty disposition
i hate it.

» Posted By kapanga On 03.28.2013 @ 9:07 pm


this is not destined, but it is determined. there are agents in our lives that dance and intertwine and speak to each other in a language that we do not understand, conspiring and forming our bodies, our souls. chemical impulses, physiological and psychological yearnings, experiences, and an innate animalistic nature that we aim to control and contain. “destiny” is a whimsical, fantastical belief in something intangible and imagined. “destiny” is not an agent in our lives, just like our own “free will” is not. there is no use in fighting that which is already determined.

» Posted By kapanga On 03.26.2013 @ 7:19 pm


crushed in her palm
i swear i gave it my all
but i am only human
lost in the body i grew in
i am weak to her meek sensibilities

» Posted By kapanga On 03.03.2013 @ 12:02 pm


all the details in her head
grew into something more as she lay in bed
until it was a different monster altogether
and she lay there, eye to eye with the beast

» Posted By kapanga On 02.24.2013 @ 4:33 pm


the wrinkles in his face
pointed to a distant place
where his mind had learned to wander.
in his eyes was a hollow space
in his mouth was a bitter taste
in his mind, spring – of which he was much fonder

» Posted By kapanga On 02.21.2013 @ 7:58 am


with one fell swoop, one fell, drooped
over the shoulder of an opposing soldier

» Posted By kapanga On 02.03.2013 @ 7:10 am


her features. her features so unique
from her phalanges to her high cheeks
a sneak peek of heaven’s peak
perfection in her smile, confident yet meek.
playful yet commanding as late july’s heat
and i swear that everytime we meet
i think of her tangled in my sheets
clothes on the floor and above, dangling feet

» Posted By kapanga On 01.31.2013 @ 9:50 pm


ice cold, a nice soul lost within a tight hole
pressured down the “right road” multiplied by five fold
this is cool dawg this is cool
fuck school fuck the man and fuck all the rules
this is cool dawg this is cool
society played him, tossed him, used like a tool

» Posted By kapanga On 01.27.2013 @ 2:50 pm


“responsibility” is made up.
do we owe anyone anything?
my “responsibilities” are nothing more than made up titles;
false pretenses under which people have a reason to live.
they say as you mature, the more responsible you become.
i beg to differ.

» Posted By kapanga On 01.25.2013 @ 8:39 am


inside my head was musical
but not a cheesy, break out into song and dance musical
maybe i’m so vain i never tire of my voice
or maybe i would rather hear a song
instead of the noise.
because when there is music,
a refined, primal sense comes out within me
and the simplest melody is all that matters

» Posted By kapanga On 01.23.2013 @ 10:53 pm


we cannot know that anything in the external world is real
but my thoughts are real
my feelings are real, my hopes, my perceptions;
no, they are only real to me. so perhaps i am not real to you
cogito ergo sum

» Posted By kapanga On 01.22.2013 @ 3:22 pm


some places are better left unvisited
unthought of; out of sight, out of mind
if i don’t visit, then how can i know that it exists
and if i would rather it not exist
then why does my mind continue to visit

» Posted By kapanga On 01.21.2013 @ 11:18 am


life is nothing more than a series of choices
a cacophony of harmonious noises
so don’t ask me to choose between the two
how could anything possibly be worth more than you

» Posted By kapanga On 01.18.2013 @ 8:15 am


her hair. her laugh. her ability to make everyone around her feel like at ease.
off my feet.
it’s funny cause in the stories it’s always the other way around, isn’t it?

» Posted By kapanga On 01.16.2013 @ 8:53 pm


little sins, hoping to get big like kate middleton
scattered, riddled with ritalin, riddles they listenin’
a notebook i’ve writtin in, too big for my short thoughts
i’m bringing the big guns, more bars than fort knox

» Posted By kapanga On 01.15.2013 @ 8:49 pm



he cleared his throat, staring at the space
unaware of the gaze of a distant face
the pace of his speech ill fitting for the place
unaware of his audience, he couldn’t make his case

» Posted By kapanga On 01.14.2013 @ 1:47 pm


why are we scared of the end? we waste countless hours worrying about something out of our control. the end doesn’t matter.

» Posted By kapanga On 01.13.2013 @ 5:14 pm

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