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A special fluorescent ink was used for the Society’s identification stamp. It glittered prettily when reflecting light, but what reasoned it’s use was the high light absorption. Holding the incandescent letter in the darkroom, she knew that the privacy seal had been broken.

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A menacing smile that didn’t quite match the cold tone of voice. A subtle deviation from the usually direct proportionality between external and internal demeanor. That meant someone was about to get decomposed.

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When he opened the door, thousands of spiders seemed to cover every solid surface, moving like soundless boiling water. He froze at the scene and his thoughts overloaded, doubting reality, physics and statistics.

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He observed the water’s movement, looking for the smallest sign of something that could resemble an uto-aztecan water dog. Preferably, before a scapegoat was found to blame the disappearances on.

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It took him quite a bit of cognitive dissonance before admitting that he cared for his friends, but they didn’t seem surprised at all, completely nullifying his effort at being honest.

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The metallic door was air-tightly compressed and the handle was gone. She knew she couldn’t open it without damaging her nails, and her priorities were certainly not on finding doubtful treasures (or radioactive prototypes, if she was unlucky).

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Hopping down the hill, the small rabbit slid gracefully around the bushes and out of her sight. She still searched along the grass fields with the binoculars, but from her spot on the tree it wasn’t of much use. She’d have to get a slower pet. Maybe a turtle.

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The truck rattled it’s way over the misshaped dirt path, still covered in puddles from the rain. A landslide had blocked the shortcut to the road, but the driver didn’t even consider crossing it. His intentions were decidedly less innocent.

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Out of whatever the flowers intended to mean, she could only see the clear threat; with the blood tainted color and the sharp thorns they were surely the worst gift to receive.

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“Brass,” he pointed out, “is the Victorian Era’s omnipresent decorative metal. Composed of Cu and Zn, you know? Very cheap, for something so fancy looking.”
His friend wasn’t all too interested, but added, for the sake of small-talk: “Doesn’t Zn rust like hell?”
“Hypothetically speaking, if there were a hell, there wouldn’t be any rusting.”
“Because of the fusion point?” he rolled his eyes at the failed joke.”Just admit you forgot to review the oxidation parts and stop hypothesizing.”

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It was just a sheet of paper with some numbers and fancy lines on it, so why should he care? He ripped it apart and threw it to the nearest garbage can.

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Even though he rattled the old wooden door with all his strength, the hinges wouldn’t break. Whoever had fixed it this time, must have known he’d attempt to break in again.

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She said it wouldn’t matter, but it did. Picking up her stuffed coat again, she stepped into the freezing rain and ran as fast as the slippery asphalt let her. It was a selfless rescue mission, but love had to mean something, right?

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The half full cup what just asking for it, she’d justify herself with. After all, a chemist as obsessed as her, would test her doubt inducing experiments on any random person at any random bar.

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On her way to school, she always walked along the old rails so, one day, she decided to find out where they’d lead to and why they weren’t used. She skipped school that day.

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She always needed to physically touch everything to see how it worked. It bordered on reflex, and she barely even noticed doing it. Right now, she knew the bomb was wired through the phone lines.

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He told her that the illusion of ghosts – or any paranormal activity – was just a bunch of electromagnetic radiation influencing the retina and the synaptic connections on the brain. She didn’t believe him.

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The broken glass sparkled in the lab. He didn’t understand how it was possible for the entire research materials to disappear, like evaporated, when the glass was still everywhere.

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No amount of blood would taint – visibly or statistically – the flow of the violent waterfall. Looking down from the unstable bridge, he was amazed at how clean a natural death trap could be. Hopefully, he thought, the other two wouldn’t notice and make use of it.

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He stared, disturbed, at what had been a lively duck community.
There were feathers on the pound, enough to make it seem like the plants on the border where coming out of thorn pillows. Most were concentrated there, and only a few stray ones were swimming freely, following their old path and haunting the waters.

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She didn’t like seeing her boyfriend wear a baseball cap all the time, so she bought him the fanciest cowboy hat she found on a fishy store with even fishier discounts. It didn’t cross her mind that the smile the owner gave at the purchase was rather suspicious.

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They said the old Victorian mansion on the hill was haunted, so when she walked by, she took a closer look. The ivy covered stone pillars at the entry where surely just decorative, and even though the garden was cluttered in weeds, it looked habitable. But what made her disbelieve the clichéd rumor was the the young girl at the open window, waving at her.

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The makeshift tents were in line with the stone path, all at an icy – isolated- distance from each other. She attentively eyed the suspicious contents that were in exhibition, until finally catching sight of the human hands, preserved in a watery liquid, that she was looking for.

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The oven would fuse every week, at the same time, the scrap metals. It had been a reliable schedule to make use of. One more metal object in the mix, one less evidence to worry about.

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He wasn’t all too sure about who killed the old lady, but there was something he couldn’t deny no matter what: it hadn’t been deliberate.

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the blood splattered on the road gave off a nauseating smell. Quite a few people from the group were missing, but there was no body in sight.

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the fumes formed a thick mist that made it impossibly to move further. He simply couldn’t find a way to leave the burning house.

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she had kept it secret for a lot of time, but it was useless… she had to bring the little deer into a vet as soon as possible. Even if with that she revealed it’s location to the enemy.

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it was a matter of minutes until all air would be gone, but that didn’t stop him from counting to ten to clear his thoughts. It’s not as if he could rely on the idiot beside him.

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she had a red apron in the picture. Her young face smiled amusedly at whoever made the picture. How come such a pretty woman turned into a dangerous old bitch, Luce wondered.

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