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“Please go through these three tutorials within the hour. Take the quiz and remember to submit it through the portal.”

He nodded and scooted his chair closer to the terminal as the droid walked away. Once he finished these he was finally going to be able to actually work within the systems that he’d dreamt about since he was a child. Just one more hour.

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The light was brighter. The world outside was darker than the night usually was. People huddled inside, clutching each other close as the world only grew darker, and the light brighter. Bright enough to burn.

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His beard was EPIC. Eric grasped his naked chin and stared enviously at the stranger with the gloriously full-bodied beard. He wanted that. He’d tried to grow a beard a few times, but they’d always been failures. His genetics simply refused to allow him his dream of being bearded. Anything that grew was always too sparse to be good looking, so Eric had always ended up shaving not even a few days into trying. He sighed and sipped his coffee, still staring wistfully.

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The residents of the building universally hated their RA. He was anal about the cleanliness of their dorms and the communal areas, and he did spot checks constantly. He enforced curfew religiously and refused to allow for things like night classes that ran over or group projects that forgot about the time. Unfortunately, since he was the darling of the administration department, nobody could do anything about it.

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“Oh!” Lady Beatrice swooned onto the lounge chair, somehow arranging her skirts around her neatly, “I’m having vapors!”

Lady Darcy snorted behind her lacy fan, disbelief of the others theatrics written large over her features. Lord Mintz glanced at her, amusement quirking up a corner of his lips before Lady Beatrice, seeing that her supposed vapors weren’t bringing in the attention to her like she planned, moaned louder, “That mongrel was so frightening!”

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She gazed wistfully out the window, leaning her shoulder against the sill as she sighed and twirled a strand of hair around a well manicured finger. She snuck a glance over her shoulder, but the cute barista was still chatting cheerfully with another customer. She pouted, making sure that her lips were sufficiently glistening thanks to so hastily applied lip balm and let out another heavy sigh. The barista was cleaning the counter. Drat.

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Covert missions were a bitch. Seriously. All the secrecy and mumbo-jumbo was a pain in his ass. He wished for the missions that were straightforward: in-and-out, shoot the motherfucker, and head on home. When espionage was required, when he had to pick a side and shoot someone on the sly, when no one else knew why you were shooting that piece of shit humanity…those were the worst. He grumbled and checked his sight again, then signaled his team to move in.

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“Please fill out these claims forms and return them to my window. We’ll figure things out from there.”

She grimaced at the sheets of paperwork, but took them. She had no other alternative. She’d tried all the other options and all of them had failed, this was her last chance. if only these forms worked. She’d heard horror stories about people who filled them out and then were booted straight back out the door. That wasn’t an possibility for her. This was her last chance.

She sat down and started filling the claims forms out.

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The size of the rat was ridiculous. She screamed and ran in the opposite direction. The rat looked up from his mouthful of cheese and squeaked quizzically.

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The object of this lesson was to learn your limits. Many of you pushed yourselves over the edge when we told you that this would be a performance test and that the director of the agency would be watching. We are looking for people that know when to stop, and when to push. Unfortunately, many of you have not yet reached that point. If the following would please step forward for re-evaluation.

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The entrance was grand thing, gold and gilt, glowing with the reflecting shine from the candles that dripped from the chandelier overhead. The ballroom was full to bursting with the ton, the echoes of their gossip drifting out into the dark hallways where servants lurked ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice from their employer.

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Since Amelia was a young girl, she always believed in faeries. In the vicious siabhra that played mean tricks and hated humans, and the sweet aos si that floated around court and giggled like little girls at a tea party. It was only when she was 14 when her faith was answered.

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“HELP!” She cried as she raced down the deserted streets of Chicago, clutching the ragged remains of her torn blouse to her chest, the other hand holding up the tatters of her skirt to retain what was left of her dignity. Footsteps pounded behind her, echoing ominously through the narrow streets. Tears streamed down her make-up smeared face as she screamed desperately, “HELP!”

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“The current state of affairs–”

A heavy sigh cut off the speaker. The man huffed indignantly, and cleared his throat noisily before continuing, “Are rather dire and—”

Another sigh cut the man off again. This time, he spun around and shouted angrily at the origin of the sighs, “If you have something better to do, leave! We don’t need you help–”

“Au contraire, my dear Lord of Chambers, you need my help rather desperately.”

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“Where are you?” The voice sing-songed as it wandered around the house, opening doors and giggling in that maniacal way that chilled the blood running in his veins. He was so afraid of the owner of the voice. He didn’t even want to think about what would happen when the voice found him. He shuddered. The voice was getting closer.

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People EVERYWHERE. His head pounded as the sheer volume of noise they produced drilled through his eardrums and straight to the cent of his forehead. He frowned ferociously, and pressed hard against his head as if that would stop the pounding. He was fooling himself though, and the pounding continued as the flow of people continued around him. He stumbled through them, mumbling pardons, as he tried to find some place with LESS PEOPLE.

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It was trap. It was so simple, yet so elaborately elegant…it was a trap. The revelation ran in circles around his mind and his breath sped up and his chest tightened with panic. A trap. So simple…yet unavoidable now that they had walked right into it. A trap. That he had led them unknowingly into and now they would all die.

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The cabinet was made of stained wood, dark and homey and somehow smooth to the look, not just to the touch. It gleamed elegantly in the sunlight streaming through the windows, dust motes dancing through the air before it, almost as if they were entertaining the antique cabinet.

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The fracture on his hand throbbed in the beat of his heart. The thrum of it was both painful and soothing. He grimaced and lifted his hand up, cradling his elbow protectively. The motion made the throbbing ascend sharply before slowly descending to his heartbeat. He sighed and flipped the TV on. It would be some time yet before the fracture healed.

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“I nominate George for class rep!”

George gaped at his friend and jumped up, “I cancel that nomination! I do NOT want to be class rep!”

“Aww! C’mon, George, you’d be an AWESOME class rep.”

“I so would not. Please Mr. Phoresco, forget that Walker ever said anything, he’s delusional.”

Mr. Phoresco just laughed and wrote George’s name on the board under the list of class rep nominees. George banged his head on his desk as Walker pumped his fist in the air in victory.

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The three earrings tinkled gently as they swayed into each other with each step. It was a slight distraction to the drifting chef, the warm gold tones contrasting brightly with the other man’s tanned skin and bright green hair. It was singularly hard to look away.

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The attendant at the edge of the library doors bowed respectfully when he strode past. He nodded, but that was the only sign of acknowledgement he gave as he continued on his way back to his rooms, the two books under his arms holding all of his attention and hopes and dreams.

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Harry tugged his trunk into the cabin, grunting a little at the effort and cursing the stupid laws prohibiting underage magic. It made no sense! He kicked the trunk in satisfaction when he finally settled it into an unoccupied corner. He stretched, cracking his neck and headed out to look for Ron and Hermione.

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The rating sucked. There was no other way to it. Every week they just dropped like a rock off a thousand feet cliff. He banged his head against his desk as the unforgivable graph glared at him from his computer screen. Damn it, something had to give and he had the unfortunate feeling that it wasn’t going to the viewers.

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“We should submit a petition.” Jerry said idly, swinging his foot negligently.

Max chewed on his bookmark, not looking up from his novel. “Petition for what?”

“I dunno, something interesting. I’m bored.”

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“Of course, my dear. The Regal?”

“I do love their salads.”

“Hmm. How was Amanda?”

“All right. She does need to have some training, but otherwise better than the previous 12 applicants.”

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“Right! Left! Right! Up! Down! Left!” The Instructor barked at the two students in the chalk circle as their staffs clicked against each other rhythmically. “This is how you do it. Get in pairs and follow the demonstration!”

The rest of the students scrambled to obey and in no time the echoes of dozens of staffs tapping against each other filled the yard with the Instructor’s barked directions. “Down! Right! Up!”

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Swing Swing,
Swing high,
Swing low.
I love the swings,
makes my mind go WHEE.
The wind in my hair,
the sun in my eyes,
it’s exhilarating.

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This is my job. I’ve been working this since I was seven. It might seem a little extreme to you, but it is just a way of life for me. I pull on my shoulder harness and make sure that it is secure before I pull on my boots and strap them on tight. I open my window and jump out the ledge, creeping stealthily along the roofs as I head to my next assignment. A professional assassin is all I’ve been trained to do. And I do it well.

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The town swirled slowly into view, like a small vista slowly revealing itself as the fake snowflakes settled in a snow globe after being shaken and then set down. It was small and unpretentious, something that he’d only ever seen in movies or read in books, and nothing like the large, sparkling cityscape that he came from. He felt something inside of him relax, and sighed quietly.

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