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cornered and cowering, the black lab whimpered, one paw resting upon its mate. The boys surrounded her, sticks raised high. She lunged and in that moment, Terry knew this was the dog he’d lost.

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When the first bomb blast decimated the mall, I knew our homes would soon follow. The revolution long-threatened, had begun. I grabbed my backpack, took one final look around the home I’d never again live within, then turned and walked out the door.

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he had none left after years of abuse. Still, walking here beneath giant redwoods, something inside shifted, he felt a calm absent since he was ten years old.

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I began dating in high school. The scene was not one to my liking. Pressure built and I stumbled. College dating seemed more straight-forward, but I still lacked finesse. I’d sooner not date.

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From the dark comes morning’s first rays
floating across the forest
touching grasses grown tall in meadows
crossing ponds
waking frogs
and me

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I had leverage when I was in charge of the finance department. I made those minions bow before their pages and pages of numbers. No idling in my arena. But then my own feet tripped me and my world came crashing down. Now, my leverage is limited to lifting a cup of coffee to my lips in the morning.

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Days were long back when Jarrad worked in finance. Before the dawn peeked past the horizon, he was at his desk, fingers flying across the keyboard. A few breaks here and there kept his circulation going, but he met dusk the way he met dawn: at the keyboard.

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anything is possible when first one steps into the present moment. Stars seem to align and the day holds rivers running smooth — or even the choppy ones hold waves with views. That’s the kind of day that i woke to on February twenty-first.

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Jenkins kept quiet, though he knew Melinda wanted to hear his side of the story. He refused to bow to her manner of resolving issues.

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there are too many misguided values on my plate — time to swipe them into the disposal and start fresh. What might I choose from the healthy selection surrounding me in my reality today? I want to feed what forwards my energy and spiritual connections and not stifle creativity.

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and needles, that’s what I felt after sitting on the bench with Jayden on my lap. BUt the game was sooo worth the pain. Tammie’s team took the lead in the final 30 seconds and it was awesome! I am so glad I made it here today. I almost didn’t come, because of my writing deadlines, but Jason insisted. I need to give him a big hug when we get home!

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Ha! I went to a carnival when I was a child with my parents. I will never forget this particular carnival because it was the first time I ever saw a dead person. He got shot out in the parking lot, and we tried to go past where it happened not knowing that it had occurred. We were trying to get to our car. It really freaked me out. It didn’t keep me from going to more carnivals through life, though. Just a weird thing that happened.

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Oh my gosh! When I was a child, I wanted a pony so badly. I thought that would be the coolest thing. I eventually did get a pony — a Shetland pony — in my early 20’s, and he was the most stubborn, obstinate creature on the planet. I didn’t keep him long. Sometimes, you DO have to be careful of what you ask for! LOL!

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Hmmm. As humans, we put walls up so that others can’t really “see” who we are. It’s much more common when we are younger. As we age and gain some maturity, we realize that the effort of constructing those walls and keeping them up really isn’t worth it, and we are more willing to let the real “us” be seen.

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the new orleans saints have arrived

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