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We are all trapped in prison of our own making. Each day we wait for a breakthrough, only prayer gives it to us. Jesus Christ sets us free with our his freedom key. The day the breakthrough to our hearts began was the day he died on the cross and rose to life again with our key out of of self imprisionment. By his blood we are made new, by his mercy and grace we are pure, by his love we have been set free.

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There are many people starving for food, but god says we can not live on food alone. Our souls are starving for god. We can quench that hunger by reading gods word and asking for him to fill our empty souls.

» Posted By joy On 05.15.2017 @ 11:29 am


The National Anthem is a very proud song in America. It is our freedom song. The dream of America, the hard ships we face, the triumph we gain, is all presented in the national anthem. it is a country wide salute to America.

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Being imprisoned isn’t the best thing to be. You can be imprisoned when you do something wrong; or if you

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Every video ever has someone riding a bike off a ramp, then proceeding to fall flat on their face.
If you are my dad, on the other hand, he used a ramp we owned and turned it into a snowplow.
Finally, a good use for those things.

» Posted By Joy On 01.17.2017 @ 11:14 pm


Rain. It signifies change, rebirth, new growth, but sadness at times. Did the second brother’s lover really want “revival”?

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It was just this morning that it happened. I woke up, late as usual, when my sister knocked on my door, donning black inside-out Cattlemens shirt and pants.

“She’s dead.”

» Posted By Joy On 12.02.2016 @ 10:32 pm


As they ran through the forest, despretly trying to ecsape from their persuers,
James turned away, terrified.
Something changed him.
Something took him from us.
He ran back towards our persuers, and he disappeared into the forest.

» Posted By Joy On 10.17.2016 @ 2:24 pm


Change is the thing we Fear.
Change is the thing we look forward to.
Change is a thing we are never ready for.

» Posted By Joy On 10.12.2016 @ 11:31 am

Across the span of time
Shifting back and forth
Change is inevitable.

(not a proper haiku… more like a short poem)

» Posted By Joy On 10.11.2016 @ 2:34 pm


every week on Saturday we take our bathes. after we have been bathed, we all rush to our video games in hope of getting one last chance of playing the games we so love.

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I wake up and for the most part, I feel great. I feel on track. I feel content. I thank God for the gift of life. I am grateful for the

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his outfit was made from another man’s skin. it was cold and did not fit. sagging skin and the smell of death emitted from the outfit. it is unfair and repulsive.

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Bullets can be means of destruction and death while simultaneously being means of preservation of life. This is a strange dichotomy. We now debate the issues of who should be allowed to have bullets (or guns rather, but what are guns without bullets)? What will the bullets of the future be? Will we have false bullets?

» Posted By Joy On 04.04.2016 @ 6:44 pm


believe is….. what… what should I write about it. ok… still have time? I believe.. believe is some entity of thought that has been made by experiences and intuitions

» Posted By Joy On 03.10.2016 @ 9:00 am


To break the word apart, craft man ship is my father. He was the man who could craft anything without much help from others. His relationships with others was to support the as he was the master of crafting.

» Posted By Joy On 01.20.2016 @ 7:43 pm


Shoot with the rifle, kills the young boy that will become national news for everyone to see. How sad how the world thinks it’s his fault but not the fault of the mad man holding the gun. A shame I say. A shame. Society is corrupted.

» Posted By Joy On 10.31.2015 @ 1:44 am


The statue that I stared at was always you. You were golden. You were always the person that I looked up too. But statue’s aren’t real. Statues aren’t alive. Statues are dead. Statues aren’t

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the projector’s low hum was the only sound besides the teacher’s calm speech. from her vantage spot right next to it, she could feel a small bubble of warmth emanating from the projector. projectors were a tool in this classroom that was much used, and as it perched on the cart she redirected her eyes to the front of the classroom, where their current topic of study was being projected. it was something or other about cells – she hadn’t been listening.

» Posted By Joy On 04.17.2015 @ 7:27 am


love life fun and sun. you captured my heart and the sun shines brighter because of this…thanks!

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“I won’t tell if you don’t,” Casey whispered into my ear.

That was a good deal. I nodded my ascent and grabbed her hand. We would fail together, and the comoraderie felt better than the knowledge that my mom would be disappointed.

Sacrifices had to be made, though, and the fate of the world meant more to me than my mother’s smile. It was a lie I almost convinced myself of.

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Run! That was all he could think, the woman close at his heels breathing haggard, but gaining nonetheless. How far could he run before his already weakened legs would give in? No man can run forever.

‘Please!’ he called out again, ‘I didn’t mean in like that.’

The woman only growled and her thumping steps sped up. Crap.

‘I don’t want to marry,’ he whimpered between breaths.

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It was obvious that in his presence, she was literally level to the floor. She might have had a good five feet and ten inches on her, but him – he was literally taller that the Empire State Building.

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She saw the poor animal skipping around on mainly two of its feet, hobbling in alternative rounds on the bloodied paws that it clearly didn’t want to to touch the ground. Claritha glanced around at the dumpzone full of shards of glass, cottoned out furniture and rusted metal and then she darted out to grab the poor pup. It growled in the tight box grip of her meaty arms.

» Posted By Joy On 06.16.2014 @ 3:05 pm


The unknown amount of money is not known and the kids will not know how much their famous teacher has left them until she dies, which the date of death is unknown at this point. The unknown teacher actually will leave her most favorite class at least

» Posted By Joy On 05.20.2014 @ 6:14 am


My emotions are very offset. They are all over the place all of the time. Will they ever reset themselves? I hope but what if I’m not me anymore?

» Posted By Joy On 02.15.2014 @ 10:27 am


nothing counted anymore
the greengrocer counted my vegetables
on the counter
i counted out my money
he counted me as his friend
i was only his customer
nothing counts anymore
like a bite from dracula
it is uncontinued
the silence
between me
and the greengrocer
the vegetables

» Posted By Joy On 01.15.2014 @ 8:14 am


Te long forgotten journey towards life itself. And the happiness that is a company on the road not at the end. He may seem gone in miserable times but will always walk in your foot steps.

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SHe was lonely, meanwhile he was talking to that other girl in the bar.
She was wishing for something else, while he was about to get what he wanted.
She was slowly turning bitter, while she was turning on his sweet charm.

» Posted By Joy On 12.08.2013 @ 11:55 am


Stencils makes things easy. It’s copy and paste, copy and paste. I don’t really think I liked them as a kid growing up even though they were in all the art kits. I’d much rather make my own pictures and letters. I wanted to be unique and not take the easy way out.

» Posted By Joy On 11.29.2013 @ 12:44 pm

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