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As she sat on the bench and looked down at the banks of the quiet river, she wondered what could contain her, and how long those levees would last.

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“Oh really” he said, angry at the suggestion, but more that some one would take the time, call him out, and all for what? For nothing. “I’ll do what I damn well please.”

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As i set down my last bucket under the streaming water, I thought through the old adage again “Location, Location, Location”. Sure the view was fantastic. Breathtaking. But This rain… and the holes in the roof… Lord I hope this is worth it.

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It didn’t take long for the fracture to spread through the broken window, and it was only seconds until I heard the crash. I picked up the baseball and looked outside feeling like a Sunday comics page character — this couldn’t be more cliched.

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As she looked at me from the end of the counter, she let go of her straw, set down the milkshake, and walked my way, saying nothing except in her quiet footsteps.

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It wasn’t the racket of shattering records or tinkling glass that made my ears bleed. It was knowing that what wasn’t said, the cacophony of silence that was dammed up by the phrase “I’m fine” she so often said that had just torn loose in my apartment.

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Shuffling through boxes in the basement, raising hell and noise like none other, his nephew found the tennis racket. “I didn’t know she could play” he said. “Neither did I”.

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He looked down at the crunch beneath his feet. “Crap. No more nest for them.” He turned his head, and glanced half heartedly at the apartment he was to call home.

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“I really wasn’t prepared for this” he remarked as he slipped quietly into the chair in front of the desk. “I had only expected a meeting, a presentation, not this informality, this discussion, this chat”

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