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When the English army won the war, the victorious wept.
Women bought tickets to visit their injured menfolk.
And it was said that the red tickets and the black tickets were unable to hold back the tide of heartbreak that descended upon the hospital of the Princess.

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Right to the bone, Ships are made of stone. I got a who-ball whack, and I ain’t (oh) got a lack! Word that won’t hurt right out to Oneword!

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Black webbing thickened around the artificial sewage pipe of your mind. Gone are the days of the geek friends, the clicks the tricks and the clowns…. Soon Thelonious Monk stepped into my mind and played his rhapsody of beat gone blues. Where. Whatsitsname. Why. When. Who. What. Educate means to draw out of the mind; we already know all for we are within and have in us traces of the mind of God.

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stegaceratops. Emerald shimmering scales, reflecting the fresh mesozoic sun. Mississippi nights and cycads and ginkgoes and swamp mist. Footlong mosquitoes satirize Jerome K Jerome as their crepe-paper wings shimmy them through the olden flightpaths of wildwood and a twitch-eyed hairy lizard ducks and darts for cover. Under a leaf a reverie, for hunter will never be hunted but crushed by the millions and the blood spurts out on still-hairy hide.

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Nine gold rings…. five actually but fine. Aled Jones ( he must have had backing) Will and Kate’s wedding those kids had tight little collars… weird :S But a branch of songbirds beats em all.

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I am in it! YEAH! !! The triple one. Oh no I gotta pay extra, said the woeful elf with glee. YEs, Best said Elizabeth the Rest. Oh know that rhymes and you know it rhymes. What else. Batteries, my phone and notebook ALWAYS need this. So a very interesting and varied word all around. Uh Oh. Better leave before I get criminally _________ for being dull and obsequious.

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You can fall apart. Wibble wobble on my plate. ooooh you’re making me live. A gelatinous semi-solid dessert that melts in mouth. Who’d-a thunk it? This mades my day like a shot. At TGI Fridays.

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oh yeah i’m so happy. The cup is always half full, even when it is closer to a quarter full. People should be more optimistic. Bubba. Walloping great reindeer.

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hard evil sharp spiky horns are found on the worst of plants and animals but at least they are safe. that was bullshit. what was it an encyclopedia entry!!! Anger!!! AAARGH! Why the \PAIN!!!

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