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The majority of people will think the same thing. Why not be the minority? Well. It’s not that popular. Maybe it’s the majority for a reason. Because it’s safe, sensible and ideal. Or maybe everyone is silly? Not everyone, the majority.

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The reveal for me is in what I’ll do next. Even I don’t know what I’m capable of at this point. One thing is for certain, and this is that I’m unable to remain focused right now. Just trying to get something out and hopefully, the point of what I’m trying to do will reveal itself.

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It was criminal to think that I could be so arrogant. Why on earth did I believe that I could accomplish such a devious act? I was just an apprentice, not yet the full-fledged mage with the experience necessary to conjure such a spell. Still, I tried to resurrect my love. In the end, I would join her in the grave, by her own hands.

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Circling a lump of flesh stinking from the heat of the desert. One swoops down to feast and becomes another lump. but how?

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a shotgun wedding. One night of fun leads to years of being stuck with the wrong person. This could easily account for the high divorce rate in america.

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“Everything is nothing.” He gasped. Never in his life had someone so important to him said something so powerful. He was in awe, left speechless in the chair struggling to piece together words for a response.

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The host of the party was very good but,at dinner time that was going to be changed.

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I am miserable. I have no idea what to do with my life. I want to be distracted pretty much all the time because I don’t want to see the emptiness of my life.

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The sand swept up through the air, blowing past the two opponents faces as the sun beamed down on their dry, wrinkled skin. Johnny was close to pulling the trigger, he knew he had limited time left before Rick made a move. Boom! light flashed before his eyes as his knees buckled from under him. Johnny had dodged the bullet.

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I woke up in a haze. The sun was beating down on the left side of my face, gleaming through the windowpane that had once shaded my bed from light. I had to gather myself and prepare for the day ahead. In only a few short hours I would be capping four years worth of hangovers and holding a degree.

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That’s the way the cookie crumbles. It crumbles into tiny little pieces, which are further broken down into smaller pieces, and finally broken down into microscopic parcels which can hardly be seen by the human eye. Biology is an incredible thing.

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keep looking at someone
look at something without blinking

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someone who takes things that doesn’t belong to them.

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He stepped on the golf course with confidence, marching next to the young caddy as if to pomp & circumstance. He knew the odds were stacked against him. He knew he would have to perform his best, but something about the tight grass and humid Florida air on that Saturday made him feel invincible.

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Snowboarding is an incredible sport. The sensation of rushing down the mountain at full speed with zero regard for risk or fear is unmatched. Feeling the powder swoosh through the edges of your board, the cold wind brisk your face and the view of the snow-capped tree tops is equivalent to ecstasy.

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Breakout of the cage you were placed in upon birth. Breakout of your slump that has affected all facets of your life. A breakout year is a year filled with ambition and hunger, trial and error, success and failure, and personal growth.

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clothes straightener

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One degree C is what world governments agreed as the allowable temperature rise as a result of global warming. Unfortunately for many under represented peoples of the world. This temp rise would de

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part of a building that is the framework.

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Thrown, made of the fallen things, wet, cold. I remember when I had the first one I ever made in my hands: packed, tightly, the first that stayed together. Other storms brought powder. Now it was wet, wet enough to throw.

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I marvel at his inabilities to understand my anger. He cheated on me, and I did nothing to him. And yet here he stands, apologizing, pretending like there is not one thing wrong with what he did.

I came home to see him, pants off, plowing into this little skank — a blonde, of course — and I immediately started crying. I ran out, and he called after me.

I came back for my things.

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Time lapsed to a stop, then rewound, then went forward, then back, then forward again. The bullet went forward. Then back. Then into the man.

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Fences keep people from coming in and in some cases keep from going out. Fences can be spiky or round.

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I saw the salesman approach me with his briefcase and false promises. “Act now, and you will receive blah blah blah.” I wasn’t going to fall for it this time. Too many times have I been swindled before by cheap English Leather and a shark’s crooked smile. I had enough. This time, I was out to deceive him.

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Seeing yourself in another — mercy is something that we grant to another being with the express purpose to place ourselves in the other’s place. We choose not to change the state of something for the worse, simply because we see ourselves in that place.

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trails were the life.

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scrooge mcduck jumped into his pile of money for the last time.

it was an autumn morning, dew clung to the windows of the duck estate, too many who knew him, he was…

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The man threw the ball. Its brown leather frame spiraled through the air. Yes, this is my life, dodging balls and escaping society because I am a nerd my feelings and layers of success, hidden from the world

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IS THIS THE ONLY WORD THEY KNOW?! I’ve tried to write about being merciful, but in truth, I don’t really believe in the word any more. I feel it in me all the time, it’s true, but when do I ever see it in others?

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We all gathered in the parking lot outside Giants Stadium before the game. It was a cold, bleak December morning, but the grill was hot and the burgers were sizzling, and the kids were keeping warm tossing the ball back and forth. Despite the gentle flurries dancing their descent, none of us froze.

» Posted By Joe On 09.10.2014 @ 4:47 pm

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