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It’s often tinged with the context in our lives. We don’t see the truth what people actually see in us.

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A soft drift along my skin calls me back to life. The heat behind my eyes slowly disappears as they flutter back open, and I lift them from the ground to look at you. “No.” I say, as my hair whips through the night. “I can’t do that. Even if it means losing you.”

The drifting wind whips you now too, and I see your fist clench, even though all that issues from your mouth is, “Okay. See you later, then.”

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It’s something that everyone experiences in their life. It can be longing for a partner, longing for family, longing for friends. No matter what it is, its prevalent in every person’s life, including mine. It’s a bit sad that everyone feels longing sometime in their life when everyone should be happy.

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Hi my name is Jocelyn I am 4.7 feet tall and i am 13 years old and am a happy person.I am a christian and i am a very positive person and i am a very caring person and i have nothing to say.

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Pressing. The way you pressed your skin against mine, late at night, the way you pressed your lips against my temple, whispering something about ditching a couple of friends to watch a movie instead. Your hands pressed against my shoulders, saying how beautiful I looked when I cried

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He opens the door to the dressing room, peeking around and finding no one inside, which is just how he planned it anyway. Never be said that Ryo wasn’t a sneaky bastard — he had never claimed such, and he knew that he wasn’t above being utterly creepy to get what he wanted.

This time, though, it wasn’t really what he could get out of the situation but really, what he could do in return.

and then he vomited in his mouth a little at that romantic thought. What the hell, self.

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I sat at the desk, counting the number of times my pencil waved back and forth before my eyes. One, two, three… on and on it went. As it flew past my face I couldn’t help but nervously glance at the door to the private room, half-expecting to see my disapproving boss standing and opening her mouth to fire me.

Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen… still on and on it went. No matter how nervous I was getting and no matter how stupid I knew I was being I just couldn’t focus. I knew I should have at least tried to steadfastly do my work, but the piles of paperwork and hours of filing just weren’t appealing to me that day.

Twenty-two, twenty-three… twenty-seven… forty-one… My pencil just swung and swung. Eventually I went to work, but my mind was elsewhere. Normally the mind-numbing work I preformed day after day would have drawn me as it was a distraction from my life, but that day all I wanted to do was live.

That was the day I received the news. My husband had been honorably-discharged and would be arriving in the airport the next day; my life would no longer be filled with the worry and the longing it had been filled with since the day he left 4 years beforehand, almost to the day. I still had a job, friends and hobbies, but once you experience full, real love there isn’t much else that truly matters. That would be the day I would truly begin to live again.

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Reciprocating someone’s good deed is a good gesture. It doesn’t need to be of the same value. A small thank you or recognition of such gesture will be good enough.

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He stood by the lamp and the light overshadowed his face. He looked different with the light highlighting an angle of his face.

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My neighbours play the tambourine. I hear the sound coming from their kitchen sometimes. I wonder if they play the tambourine while they work in the kitchen.

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If you’re driving too slow, you have to watch your tailgate because the car behind you must be tailgating you. It’s not safe.

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Drivers who tailgate have no concern for road safety. It is dangerous to drive when a car behind you is driving so close.

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The heavy air caused her to sag, the tears on her face lost with her sweat. At least no one could tell she was crying, as they too moved through the thick substance more acquainted with water than with air. She imagined swimming in it, swimming away from the problems of the world, and a small smile broke on her face. It was barely a twitch, but at least it was something. Heaving her gaze from the ground, she aimed her chin at the sky and forced a smile onto her face. Her sister had moved on, and so should she. “Fake it ’till you make it, and if you can’t make it make something better.” She whispered to herself, repeating the words Annabelle would breathe in her ear in times of trouble. Without her, she didn’t know how to survive. But she would; taking a deep breath she continued to move forward, imagining each step she took was a step towards her happiness.

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She looked up from the tower, watching the dragon fly through the air and seeing her knights attempts to fend the beat off. ‘Why are you doing this?’ Amelia thought as she looked up at the once-gentle creature blowing fire over the kingdom. Getting up from her bed, she marched out of her bedroom doors – ignoring her guards’ objections – and found her way to the highest balcony in the castle. After calling upon her inner – “Amy? Amy I said it’s time to go! I know you’re having fun darling but it’s starting to get chilly.” Sighing, Amy took one last look at the marvelous sandcastle she had constructed and said goodbye to that particular realm of her imagination until another day, before turning back and taking her mom’s outstretched hand.

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I didn’t know what to do. I stood at the edge of the building. I was motionless. I wasn’t moving forward. I wasn’t moving backwards. I just stood there. The wind blew through my hair. My ears felt cold and were pink and red.

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The dust, piling up for ages, sat on the mantle. Avery could never place her finger on why she couldn’t bring herself to take a duster to it. Perhaps it was the fact that it collected dust so quickly, so she’d have to do it everyday anyway? No, can’t be it. There was something more pressing, something tugging on the strings of her heart and emotions. Although it never came to the front of her mind, she knew deep down in her heart that it was the picture of her husband, now dead, that kept her from dusting. Perhaps she thought that letting the dust pile up would help her accept his death, that it would remind her he was collecting dust himself. If it were clean, perhaps it would keep him alive in her heart a bit too much, and she would be driven mad, thinking he was actually alive, talking to his picture. So, Avery left the dust to manifest on the picture, all over the mantle, so she would not have to think about this.

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There was something about the curve of her body as she walked, kneeling down and sniffing the ivy leaves she was named after. He couldn’t quite place what made her seem so strong, so powerful. Adrian knew this wasn’t just one of his stupid crushes, he could tell by the way seeing her jump from rock to rock along the stream didn’t just arouse him or make him slightly giddy, but it filled him with interest. She was a strong one, Ivy, the way she killed fish cleanly with sharpened sticks and he could imagine her returning home covered head to toe in mud, laughing as she tossed her mom the fish to gut, clean and cook for a fresh dinner. Willful, that was what she was. Strong and willful, with the power to help her family survive even with the constant budget cuts on her dad’s already low-pay job. There truly was nobody like Ivy, not in Adrian’s eyes.

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“Steady, steady,” he called out to me. I was wobbling, precariously perched atop a tightrope wire. I could hear the wind blowing around me and the birds calling to each other. I could only feel one emotion: fear. How could I stay steady when I was so nervous and wobbly?

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The balloon reminded her of her mother’s funeral. All she could do was sit there and cry, so her aunt gave a balloon to little Elise. A small black one, and that’s the one her eyes are locked on now. She silently teases at the skin of the balloon, feeling it was slightly deflated. Looking around at the bland living room, the balloon had no place. Elise didn’t know what to make of her Aunt’s house, where she was destined to live now that her father was gone too. Sighing, she tied the string of the balloon around the strap of her little black dress and wiped away the tear that dared to escape. Once more, she looked up at the balloon, and all it could bring to her mind is how emotionally tired she was.

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It pops! There it blows! Through and through the wind it blows, flowing gracefully like a butterfly. It’s vibrant red teases you as you attempt to grab hold of it, but the beautiful balloon just won’t let you have it.

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blah blah blah, who needs beer? You have to get a tent and a bartender and a bounver and then you can have a block party, but I am depressed and it is too much work to consider. A champagne tarp is a better idea, I would help out with that

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cliffs the most dangerous things a human being can encounter. They are high and may cause severe damage if an individual happens to fall off from it.

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My brother has a dashboard so he can do his homework and
He likes to draw on the dashboard like himself and mostly the family , but now that he is big he gave it to me because he is smarter and can do mental math.

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I don’t know what this means ? Um the girl was hanging from the vines

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I didnt say the truth to my mom because i was scared that she will get mad , so i lied to her so i blamed it on my brother and he said he didnt do it , then i said , my sister did it so she said she didnt do it then i said the truth because thats the right thing to do.

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I was starteled by the thunder because I’m not used to it , my brother got starteled too

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Today was a weathering day because it was raining and there was fog outside and we couldn’t play it was wet not dry.

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Sound travels slower than the speed of light. Sound is music. Sound is the voices you hear from the person talking to you on skype right now. Sound is my favourite sense, and I would hate to not be able to hear sound. Sound is beautiful

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I’m learning new thing and I’m happy to learn about history it’s going to be fun, do u know why because I’m going to Texas and I’m going to see cultures and statues ad all about history yay me I’m going with my mom , dad,sister,brother and cusin awsome , we are going on a plane ,the Plane is called united airlines we are going to sleep on the plane if we could and ill dream about everything that going to happen and what’s going to be fun about this trip. I’m so exited ! :D

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