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He felt it inside the pit of his stomach, the rumble of anxiety and fear that always manifested whenever he was forced to face the audience. But this time…this time he would be ready to show the naysayers everything he had within him. He was about to unleash a level of ferociousness that would leave them dumbfounded.

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shrug :) cat :( !) pizza

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shrug :) cat

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it is wet at the start hard at end cement .

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it is wet at the start hard at end

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I don’t know the specific details of the encounter, as I, unlike our heroine, was not amongst the burning buildings, nor was I hiding from the shadows of the forest. But you and I are of a certain sophistication, and so it is not these details that I care to impart upon you nor that you care to receive; what you want to know is what happened to her soul after the encounter. And this, this only the gods know.

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She was beautiful, exquisite, a truly amazing creature that he thought only existed in fairy tales. The mermaid looked back at him, smiled, and disappeared. Did he really just witness this maiden of the sea or was it all an illusion conjured by his desire to become one with the ocean?

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Josie looked at the ugly thing in the flower pot. The plant had withered and died over the weekend, and now it looked like a burnt and collapsed tower. The thought reminded her of her city made of building blocks, which the cat had tyrannically blundered through. A young and distressed Josie clutched at her short chocolate locks when she realized that both her plant and her toy city were destroyed.

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The cold night air twirled around the sailors, wrapping them in cold embraces and making their bodies shiver. The sky was a velveteen quilt of indigo, speckled with stars of silver and cobalt. Perched high above was the lookout. His eyes were peeled for any sign of land. He thanked whatever entities above for the blessing of a lighthouse signal.

“There it is!” he cried out, leaning over the edge of the lookout’s post to find the captain. “Land ahoy!”

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Am I a lamb
Who ambles along with the herd
Guided by the shepherds
Who free me of the grief of decision?

Am I lion
Who stalks the grassy fields
And stains the white coats of wool Red
With scarlet dripping from my teeth?

Or am I the Shepherd
Waving my staff of tree’s limb
Guiding the horde to the closed corral
Wearing not a woolen sweater?

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I didn’t know if he was available or not. I just hoped that he could meet me. After all, it had been several years since we had had any type of contact. Wow. how many years? at least 6 or 7. I wondered what he would be like? Would it be awkward? I hoped not.

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I feel grounded for the first time in a year. One year ago I threw my cheating husband out and felt afloat, no idea what I was doing or where my life was headed. Now I feel more settled and together. And so much happier. I’m grounded, I’m together. And now I’m ready to soar once again.

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sweet moves
athleticism at its finest
i was under a lot of pressure and somehow pulled off moves that looked easy!

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a precious stone which was loved by many turned into an ugly neighbor who was overly nosey and gossipy. must remember the beauty of the stone has nothing to do with the ugliness of the other one. screened and found real precious ones in the eighty’s.

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The rocket blasted off into space. That trip sure was a blast! It went by so fast. I wish it would last.

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loopiness, crazy, fun, not serious, could be studied, beautiful, i don’t know what else i want this test to be over i have to go to a meeting! this is a pretty word and i wish i was more of an artist anyway.

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Now that she looked at its dead carcass, speared through the neck by her arrow, she felt both ravenous hunger and sadness. Months ago she would have bought this meat already butchered at a stall on Market Street. Now, she had to stare into its dim, glossed eyes and dissect it herself before she ate it. That’s how it is when you need to live off the land, she thought, and I’d better get used to it if I’m going to survive out here.

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Here life was become a frayed thread; the situation was already very thin, but now it was spiralling out of control. Soon, everything would be ruined and she’d be left with nothing but the pieces that held everything together, now torn apart. Her parents were getting a divorce, her brother in prison, her best friend caught up in the dope business. Where did that leave her?

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I’m nowhere near being who I want to be. I want to be prettier, thinner, more athletic. I want to be way better at the violin because I suck at it right now. I have so many things to improve. I’m nowhere near the best I could be, but hey, I’m trying.

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I heard somewhere that one should learn all that they can about the world. There’s so much I’d like to know, to learn, to discover. I’m intrigued by all things medical and scientific. The brain, the body, things that are so small we cannot see them with our naked human eyes. I’d like to learn about history and people from all over the world. I’d like to discover more about myself, even.

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There’s a lot I’d like to discover about myself. One reason that dying sounds so awful to me is because if I die now, I’ll never know about me in the future. I’ll never discover what job I got, who I turned out to be; I’d never discover if/when I got married, if I had kids, what kind of person I really am and how great or terrible I can really be.

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such a powerful thing. Tells you alot about a person and can light up your day. Its an easy thing to do and people should do it more often. A great smile can do wonders for both the person doing it and the person watching it happen.

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It was an old bench, set against the wall of the clinic. Whenever all the chairs were filled, patients would sit there – old ladies with rosaries, chatty toddlers with their mothers, nervous young men.
Today the bench had only one occupant, a young woman smoking. She smoked, glancing at the clock, her watch, tapping her feet restlessly on the tiled floor.

» Posted By JL On 02.23.2011 @ 3:50 pm

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