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I shouldn’t feel so apologetic for the things I believe when they differ from yours. I am not sorry. I strive to be strong, to be confident. Neither of us should be apologizing and it damn sure shouldn’t be me. I have never put your beliefs down. I have never been less than supportive.

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I grit my teeth together, a habit I have no other time. My horse fidgets as the volunteer outside the box counts down. Three… my heart is pounding…

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The entrance was bright and dazzling. It was as simple as looking forward. Sometimes there is no pearly gate to get to our heaven, sometimes it is as simple as deciding what comes next for ourselves, and creating the gate you will walk through.

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What is civilization? What is your civilization? What is mine?
Mine is not dark skies, nor is it stained glass windows.
My civilization is a narrow path, a place for my feet, that minimally impacts that around it.
It leads to where I need to be.

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She walked outside clutching the red box in her hand. She was going to bury it under the maple tree. Tears streamed down her face as she thought about losing the box’s precious contents, but she shuddered with fear to think about what would happen if anyone ever knew what was inside.

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The upper corner of the garden hosted a beautiful array of sunflowers. Katie planted them there after her uncle, who had grown up in the house, passed last year. He had traveled all over.

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Jeremy was buried in the garden, in the upper corner. Harrison’s mother had accommodated his need for a service for the pet, but had brusquely returned to her housework immediately afterward. She did not yet see the effect that loss would have on her son.

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The upper level of the house was dark, as it had been since Jeremy had died. The bedroom, the playroom- toys and clothes untouched. Harrison has been unable to return to his former self after the death of his beloved turtle.

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