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Rewind. If only it were that simple.

She held the tape in her hands and heard his voice. She imagined the warbled texture it likely acquired over time.

The tears arrived without warning. She gripped the tape even as she felt it burn through her palms. The pain was better than forgetting.

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There is no vacancy. Vacancy is emptiness. Vacancy is lacking. Now there is just overflow. More. More stuff. More details. More. Must find balance between vacancy and overflow.

» Posted By Jennifer On 01.05.2019 @ 6:40 pm


To steer is to guide.
One moves a car by steering, one guides somebody by steering them in a certain direction.
I can steer you wrong or right, although we spend most of our time in the gray areas.
Gray area is where the curves lie.
We steer through the gray areas, searching for our destiny.

» Posted By Jennifer On 11.25.2018 @ 9:11 am


It’s kind of a drag, when your baby is untrue. She sang to the radio. Humph? That’s an understatement! How about devastating? That’s a better word. .

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The force of her will was unstoppable. She knew what she wanted and her focus was laser-sharp. She bounced as she walked toward the counter to place her order. Heads turned, but she paid them no attention. “Big Mac meal, please.”

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A kernel of corn. A kernel of truth. A kernel of the idea that this must have been a contrived writing exercise, rather than something that someone intended to write. Dead rats. Dead ends. Goth rats. Bad ends. Giving someone a story written on a piece of binder paper, because you don’t care for it and they do.

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I thought that I would get a new word, but it’s just “waving” again. This time, I will talk about waving hello. I use both hands and move them too quickly, which I realize too late, every time. Sometimes I think I want people to take me seriously.

» Posted By Jennifer On 10.19.2017 @ 6:35 pm

“The waves break. My heart breaks.” This is the fake poem that I invented once, when trying to explain what poetry readings are like to a group of expats in Vietnam. We mostly played cards on nights like these.

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stays the same
has little changes
every generation
does not change much

» Posted By jennifer On 08.14.2017 @ 8:00 am

The same
Doesnt change
stays each time

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What is stagnation? Stagnation is a state of being that something or an object doesn’t grow or increase it just stays at the same level. For a person to be in a state of stagnation is a sorry placer to be.

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The structure of the building was that of a tree. Small tunnels in the shape of roots extended downward throughout the earth. The bottom floors, as it always has been, start out small and branch upwards into a lush paradise. The people on the top floor, where the lush green branches and berries are, do not realize that the lower floors hold them up. If the lower floors were to be broken, they, too, would fall.

» Posted By Jennifer On 08.10.2016 @ 7:47 pm


He was the chosen one. The one who would save the world. How did he wind up being the chosen one? Well, he certainly did not know but now he knew that he would do what was necessary. Even if it meant giving up everything and everyone he loved. He could see the men approaching and he knew that…

» Posted By jennifer On 04.09.2016 @ 6:32 pm

I had been chosen. The idea was terrifying, thrilling, soul crushing. I had no idea I was even eligible for this particular kind of task. How had my name come into the list of candidates? My heart thundered, my head was humming. It was more than I could imagine.

» Posted By Jennifer On 04.09.2016 @ 12:25 pm


I took a turn down a wrong street, not knowing where my life would go from there. There were no warning signs, no safety precautions not even a suggestion for an alternate route to put me back on track to my desired destination. I stumbled in my confidence, I slowed down, I became fearful for my well being because this was not where I wanted to be, I was not doing what I wanted to be doing with my time. I looked behind me, there were already other cars clogging the road, there would be no turning back. Holding onto the steering wheel I inched forward, I looked for any means of escape I could find. My heart pounding, my eyes bulging, it seemed like even people on the sidewalk could tell I wasn’t meant to be here, they could sense my panic ever growing. Where was the next turn? How was I going to get out of here? Where was this mystery road taking me? Why did I do this? How would I ever find my way home? Where would it all end?

The turn, was indeed, every choice in life I had ever made and had second thoughts about. Everything I committed to without any knowledge of where it would lead. The turn was my life and yet, I have always found my way home.

» Posted By Jennifer On 03.25.2016 @ 1:55 pm


I used to know a gardener. He was a man that didn’t speak much english. He loved to stare at me and my little brother when we walked home from school. It frightened me. I remember feeling vulnerable as a child when he was around. My mom didn’t pay much attention to it. Or anything for that matter.

» Posted By Jennifer On 02.09.2016 @ 1:59 pm


He wasn’t supposed to swallow the planet. Just chew and spit. But he didn’t know that- so now he hears in shades of reds and pinks, a low voice that sings to him, laughs at him, and he is too busy staring down at the floor beneath his feet, the way it wavers and slithers despite the fact that he is certain that he’s standing still.

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a new start, before the end, fresh, new, starting over, getting to choose new things, brand new,

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The dawn is a welcoming start to a new day. As the sun peaks above the horizon I take a moment to reflect upon all the opportunities the day may hold. My thoughts focus as the s

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I feel like I direct things in my life the way I want them to be. Not like they should play out automatically. I can sometimes be so direct, that I feel bos

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The suit on his back was ill fitting. It hung off him loosely and the pants were short by quite a few inches.

» Posted By Jennifer On 07.20.2015 @ 5:01 pm


I think of heaven with divinity. If something is divine, it is truly special exuding peace, happiness, etc. The idea of perfection of heaven fits in with the divine. Clouds and music add to the environment, and angels all around.

» Posted By Jennifer On 04.25.2015 @ 1:11 pm


I wonder why no one has ever thought of the basic lessons a globe can teach us. I mean, after all, at one point in time everyone thought that the earth was round, but I guess we can’t give all of the credit to a piece of plastic with paint blanketing it’s true surface.

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In the wintertime nothing is sublime. Or subtle, even the cold sun is either there or not, sometimes just a dollop of cold candy

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I stared into the fiery eyes of my uncle, they were overcome with anger and jealously. I wanted to save him, to give him a better life. But that was impossible. He was gone……….and there was nothing anybody could ever do to save him.

» Posted By Jennifer On 12.02.2014 @ 9:36 am


while the Englishmen shot their rifles the Indian women and children hide in the fort where they wouldn’t be found.

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I sat there on the green luscious grass on a gorgeous cloudy afternoon realizing , for the first time, the toadstools surrounding me. Seeing for the first time real creatures playing ring a round the toadstool. It was amazing what alternate reality you can see when you open your mind and eyes for the first time after months of searching for something new.

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It’s been a while since Stu and I geocached. I do enjoy a nice long caching trail where it’s just he and I in the wilderness walking along an abandoned footpath. I think in our quest to get numbers, we forget that the simple joy of a walk in the woods is totally worth more than a “smiley”. I hope I can get in some good walking this weekend and enjoy the trails in the park down south, because I really need to be closer to nature.

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i stared in awe as i looked 100 feet above my head at a 100 year old oak tree.

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The terrain around Kodiak is varied, green, undulating. It’s at times uneven, strewn with rocks from a volcanic age. It’s at times steep, where the mountains reach for the sea. It’s at times flat, where the earthquake and tsunamis have leveled the region. It’s home.

» Posted By jennifer On 10.20.2014 @ 4:08 pm

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