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so fresh and so clean, clean. dang this made me think of outkast…andre3000. fresh. outside, sunny. ted. hahaha, is it the charmin teddy bear i’m trying to think of? i have no idea. this word is stupid. so is this sixty seconds. boo.

» Posted By jeannieloves On 10.10.2012 @ 5:17 pm


i am not a dominant person. i don’t like to make decisions on my own and i don’t like to tell people what to do. i would love to encourage someone. not tell them what to do or how to do something. the things that stick with people the most are things they’ve come to realize on their own. i don’t ever want to interfere with someone else’s coming to a realization.

» Posted By jeannieloves On 10.09.2012 @ 11:59 am

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