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I never wanted to be awake on those days, so I wasn’t. I would fall from dreams without opening my eyes, and become suddenly aware of the sheets sticking to my skin. I hate summer. In a house with no air conditioning there’s no where to find a solid breath of air. Might as well sleep through it. No reason not to. Yeah, I could sleep the whole day away.

» Posted By Jeannie On 09.08.2014 @ 6:20 pm


a jealous tune beckons the petals of a withering rose and two simple fingers of a chord. a broken pitch of black and white fills the ears with salty droplets of winter dreams and soft-spoken moonlit nights.

» Posted By jeannie On 01.23.2013 @ 7:49 pm


i am not the dominate type. i don’t want to make decisions and i don’t want to tell someone what to do, or how to do it. people need to come to conclusions all their own. i’d love to encourage, not be a domineering force. the things people remember the most are the things they come to realize on their own.

» Posted By jeannie On 10.09.2012 @ 11:46 am


there are signs telling you everything, go, dont go, stop. it’s all very confusing. And distracting at that. I hate being toyed with, pulled in a million directions. It’s not my style. I like being a free spirit. I hate signs.

» Posted By Jeannie On 10.01.2012 @ 8:20 pm


In certain light it appears like the curving jagged contour of a country traversing the tip of my nose and running across my lips. In the summer months, when the sun falls across it with heat, the line lightens, a drip of milk, a pale pencil drawing. I used to hide it with my hand. In shops I’d place my order through tightly pressed fingers. I wasn’t ashamed of my looks. I I just didn’t want questions.

» Posted By Jeannie On 12.19.2011 @ 10:35 am


im scared of how intense life is. It seems no matter how many corners you cut, there is always another loop. I guess thats life. Everything seems to matter when it should all be so simple. It is confusing when you find out the world has been growing up for way longer than you.

» Posted By jeannie On 06.23.2011 @ 7:40 am


I see the corner of his house and wait there patiently watching him from a distance as i see him come out of his house. I wish to be with him so badly. Oh how i feel like a stalker now for watching him and keeping an eye on his every lovely move. I miss him so very much.

» Posted By Jeannie On 06.09.2011 @ 1:17 am


His trousers flapped like wings around his ankles, they called him Scottish Sam because, well, he was Scottish, from Glasgow, and he still wore his roots like a flag. He wore plaid every day, sometimes a small thing, like a tie, or sometimes he was swathed in it – like the wing flapping trousers that caused a stir along the high street. His home was splashed with it. A table cloth. A bedspread. Napkins. ‘You can taste plaid,’ he’d say, tucking his shirt into his trousers. ‘But only if you’re Scottish. If you’re English it tastes of nothing. But if you’re Scottish… well, I won’t have to tell you what a feast lies in those squares.’ Of course people laughed, but he liked to stand in the doorway and watch them put the napkin to their lips. Always disapointed.

» Posted By Jeannie On 06.05.2011 @ 12:03 pm


the torch lit up offering the fact that it might not be to late it wasnt a full flame but it was the kindling spark that made her realize things might be alright it wasn’t that her behavior had changed and it wasn’t that she had noticed it there was something more to the little black chards that came falling off the wick or the melting of the wax between her fingers it just felt like something had hit a star and came back solely to let her know life might be on her side more than she thought

» Posted By jeannie On 05.25.2011 @ 10:54 pm


Frank edged cautiously around the edge of the southern edge of the crater. The spattering of low lying green vegetation relieved the almost uniform silvery grey surface of the mountain, but did little to hide the scale of the devastation. Frank wished he had stayed with a more domestic occupation. Door to door salesman, for instance, insurance clerk, any monotony was preferred to the terror of being a vulcanologist

» Posted By Jeannie On 05.21.2011 @ 6:50 am

Flintast was bored. He was bored with his six figure stockbroker salary, bored with his Thameside penthouse apartment, bored with his Aston Martin, bored by blonde, leggy girlfriend but he would never be bored by his life as long as he had his guinea pigs. The sheer domesticity of these animals gave him intense pleasure. They spent most of their time making homes, linging homes, having babies, eating them then starting all over again. It was a life he craved for himself

» Posted By Jeannie On 05.20.2011 @ 12:08 am


In the early days of our planet earth, an elegant creature swam in the primordial swamps, but left no fossil record. It’s existence, however, is not forgotten, for it left in the coolling zephrs a song so haunting, so elemental, that it has been sung by every singer since.

» Posted By Jeannie On 05.16.2011 @ 7:05 am


and it was glowing. sometimes you just look at something and know it was meant to be there? this. this was diferent it wasnt even like you saw it and knew it was supposed to be there it was like it glowed with the charisma and love and the expectation that it was worth it. this time it didnt give a shit how many times you repeated a word you just believed in the feeling and the way you felt when you glanced your eyes at this object.

» Posted By jeannie On 05.12.2011 @ 11:01 pm

I used to think the worst thoughts came to me in the small hours, when insomnia stalks the hallways, but I know now that they come during bouts of the tummy problem we brought back from Kenya. Stumbling weakly along the narrow corridor, bent around the griping pain in the guts, fearful of disgracing myself again by not making it in time, the futility, the sheer purposelessness of existence has a sharper edge than at any other time. So it was a great surprise to find last night, during a third visit to the loo, that an angel met me in the corridor. Now don’t misunderstand, when I say an angel I don’t mean a lassie in a glowing frock.

» Posted By Jeannie On 05.12.2011 @ 8:23 pm


The crew was heading towards her and she was unsure of the path that was going to be routed. Tired of making the same mistakes but sick of giving up the norm for a new life, she felt confused. She slumped down in the corner making herself insvisible allowing those last few seconds to make a life decision. It sounded like everyone wanted to make a decision faster than the world was making them.

» Posted By jeannie On 05.10.2011 @ 9:00 am


The eyeliner rolled under the car seat and thats where it sat for weeks. She searched everywhere she could think of , her room purse desk car EVERYWHERE but nothing could provide an explanation for the missing eyeliner. IT was only when she was sitting there wideeyed and fresh faced that she realized the eyeliner had dissappeared the same place where her heart lay and there was no way to get either of them back

» Posted By jeannie On 05.05.2011 @ 11:49 pm


Who knew your heart would deadbolt to another? Thats something that you had no chance of changing. So here I am deadbolted to your heart and watching it be chained to another unrequited love. Its to sad that I long to find the key to unlock this shit I’m tired.

» Posted By jeannie On 04.28.2011 @ 1:41 pm


The only use he had for a trailer was to put a horse in it, or maybe some feed for the horse. He had a wonderfully simple view of the world, and right then she needed simplicity, so that is why your mother married a cowboy and moved to Boulder, Colorado.

» Posted By Jeannie On 04.27.2011 @ 1:54 pm


She came with the morning light, trailing it behind her with a careless gesture, as though this treasure of the seas was of no consequence. A the intersection, she paused briefly, as though puzzeled by its complexity, then she high stepped forward, tossing her magnificent mane free of the last drops of sea sale.

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She put it down flat, ignoring the loud hiss of steam and the smell of scorching.

» Posted By Jeannie On 04.23.2011 @ 11:57 pm


What is there to say about something as insignificant as styrofoam? I am all for respecting the environment and those who are passionate about taking those large steps to improve it. the only problem with the way my mind works is that I see things as they are and would like to be the person who changes the world is little ways like saying hello to someone on the street as opposed to an intense activist who changes the world by going on compaigns againstst \\the things and people harming the world.

» Posted By jeannie On 04.23.2011 @ 8:34 am

on the beach

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There was no way of understanding the foreign gadget that laid before them. No matter how many times it was turned over, poked and prodded and eventually thrown at the wall…it still baffled the mind that such a thing existed. Eventually the two of them decided to call it a day and went up to the bed they had called paradise for years. A cell phone really has no place in the life of a 91 year old anyways.

» Posted By jeannie On 04.20.2011 @ 3:27 pm


the sounds of the harp played through her hearts second decisoin. She sat there will a plastic smile and pretending to feel pretty as she look at the the stranger in the mirror A naseaous feeling os nostologia overcame her building and she ran to the bathroom next door which seemed more like a dungeon to her. As she squatted over a$7. 99 walgreens toilet paper she contemplated what her life had come to. How could she ever tell her kids that on the day they were going to begin their life, the place they chose to get married at didn’t even provide toilet seat covers.

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The smell of whiskey and redwood trees always sparked an image of childhood. Wading in the creek and swimming to the sandy side came back in flashes that he could hardly obtain. There was no doubt in his mind that things had changed….It just scared him. As he put down the last of the whiskey and wiped a tear from his eye he realized that it might be time to do the same.

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She could have been hysterical, arms waving above her knot of bright red hair, stamping her feet, her cheeks scarlet, and though I couldn’t hear what she was saying, her mouth was opening and closing, like she was shouting to the heavens. I smiled. She wasn’t hysterical, she was dancing.

» Posted By Jeannie On 04.15.2011 @ 10:46 am


She could not describe how severe the time had seemed, but continued to live as if nothing had happened. days week months and years passed but still it seemed like each second burned a mark in her heart. she wanted to let go of the needles and burns that pierced her heart but could not seem to say goodbye to the pain. Maybe it was her fear that once it was gone she would no longer have the memories so she just continued to cry through the wreckage.

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I feel as though my personality has become obsolete. I don’t know if its the honesty, loudness or anxious tics but the world seems to have no use for a persona like me. I’m not sure if that makes me feel special because I like the way I am or if it makes the world seem a little more crazy to me.

» Posted By jeannie On 04.12.2011 @ 4:07 pm


As she stared at the remnants of the bookshelf, she couldn’t help but remember the lives that had started there. Each book held a story of someone she had once loved and was now gone. She couldn’t help but pick up the words off the floor and string them into sentences that didn’t make sense. She felt tired and unsure. Mainly, she felt illiterate. Something was not going right in her life.

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I thought I’d feel like this – like a success – when I’d worked hard, when the dream happened, and it did. I imagined I’d punch my fist in the air, walk with my shoulders back for the rest of my life, have people fawning, bowing thier heads in recognition. And plenty did. But what did I feel? What did I really feel? ‘Could Do Better.’

» Posted By Jeannie On 04.04.2011 @ 11:53 am

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