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She made the executive decision to run away. It was the best choice, really. she didn’t want to become what they wanted her to be, but if she stayed she wouldn’t have any other choice. It wasn’t quite what her best friend was telling her to do, to deal with the situation. It was better. If she ran away, it all just disappeared, right?

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so this won’t be a story or anythin like that, more like a rant about feeling like I’ve downgraded my life or something. I had a lot of things going or me at some point. Like. Seriously. I was doing well.. But I’ve always had to rely on other people, and now I see where that’s gotten me. But I’m still doing it, huh?

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She continued to pound away at the wall, with no care for her fist or the flesh that was being scraped and bloodied in the process. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Hell, let the wall DIE, she just wanted to stop feeling so HURT. She didn’t want to feel so frustrated or scared or upset or angry or ANYTHING.

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The institute was large, way larger than any school had the right to be. The lawns were large and bright green, a stark contrast to the dark brick buildings. It all screamed money and prestige, but all Ami really saw was pretentiousness.

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Hiding among the stars. Being capable to shine just as bright. But why be average when we all know you can be much brighter?!

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It was an accidental relationship. She hadn’t meant for it to turn out like this. One mishap, and suddenly she was head over heels with this woman she hardly even knew. Hell, she hadn’t even known she was gay until a few months ago.

“Georgia, Georgia…” She thought to herself. “Why do you always get yourself into problems like these?”

It had all started about three weeks ago. Georgia had painfully pulled herself out of bed towards the kitchen, with one thought on her mind.


She lent against the kitchen bench in her pajamas, loving the feel of the early sun on her freckled face. She twisted a single strand of curly hair around her finger as she waited for her coffee to brew.

The pot finished, and she half ran towards the tantalizing promise of pure caffeine that was sure to wake her up.

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I slowly strolled down the hospital ward only to find what I had been afraid to see for so long. It came gushing, like a river current, unable to stop yet with the hope to prosper.

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Roast is my favorite simply because I love meats.

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Roast is my favorite kinds of meat simply because I love meat.

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We drove street to street watching for houses with a for rent sign in the yard. We saw none. We went back to our grandparents house disappointed. Tomorrow we would find a house.

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“Marco!” My friend called. “Polo!” She walked a little towards me. “Marco!” She called out again. “Polo!” I called back. When she moved closer I moved away. She kept calling out and I kept responding. We kept going until she tripped. She opened her eyes and we laughed together.

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I’m impressed by all the YouTubers out there makin this moneyyyyy. I would like to make just as much money as I can as well and be comfortable. Maybe then, people will be impressed by me…or maybe they already are. Who is to know? Whatever they feel is none of my damn business anyway.

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lonely depressing. Unsettled. Opposite of being in a relationship. By yourself. Glad I am not single, I don’t want to be single. I understand why Tara hates being single. Not as fun as people make it out to be, instead it’s mostly just lonely.

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She was quite interested at the sight if that precious and fancy white flower hiding in the corner by the gate. She wondered to herself what it was and if she could get nearer for a closer look and maybe a quick sniff to see if it had a sent as inspiring as it looked. Maybe tomorrow she figured as she passed through the gate on her way to class.
Tomorrow came. The flower was still there, inviting her like it had a secret specially to share with her. Intrigued as she was, this mornings events were a bit delayed due to a leaky coffee pot. Another day wouldn’t hurt before she could discover the secret it held.
Yet another day comes, but this time, as she neared the gate, she knew the time was right. She developed a little hope in her step. Just thinking about how delicate the flower is made her feel lighter. She approached the gate and her feet felt a bit heavier. When she peered around the corner expecting and hoping to see the small white petals staring up at her, her heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t there. She was of course disappointed, feeling as though she had waited too long and lost her chance. But then, she brightened, realizing that if it was not there and it was not on the ground, somebody must have come by and also spotted it peaking out from the surrounding leaves and had the time right then to appreciate what was staring them in the face. Just the, something caught her eye. A tiny beginning of white. Life building and growing within a new bud. Relief and wonder spread over her. She decided then and there that when an opportunity came her way, she would not put off what she felt compelled to do. She would not delay appreciating the beauty around her. She would appreciate each little gift of life.

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I waited for a message to define my path. You lead me to the water to drown.

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There was a grandfather clock laying broken at the edge of the universe. It was broken and useless but whether it truly was not adhering to its true intended purpose and expectation for invention was another thing entirely. As time becomes more bendable, bendable, and brittle (as this clock was quite aware) the more it lost its meaning.
Its creators had intended to use it as a relative basis to guide their lives. Living based on something that was broken in not only the future but also broken in the past and present due to its having never truly been a plausible or reasonable idea. The first days of mental conception of the invention of the clock were the days in which it knew it would not have any meaning or purpose in this universe but also the most meaning any certain object or space of matter might ever hold.

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Have you ever strived to be someone or something? You put your heart, sweat, and tears into something and come out with nothing. We all strive to be different and we all strive to progress but progression is the strive itself.

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wtf is this why what what have you done i am so done with life no dont jump! you cant stop me !*jumps off building* there see what you have done you caused me to die beacause of this word that nobody knows you uncultured swine you know what never mind im sure you are quite smart

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poop. routine is so hard but so easy
but i can’t get up at the same time/// or sleep at a good time ever
what is this for
i dont have that many routines because im always just trying to fit everything in the day
except school is a routine
kind of
school is more of a dreaded event though.

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I wish I knew what a silo was. I think it’s a container but I’m not sure. It sounds like a bunker. It’s the first 4 letters of silhouette, but I doubt that has any relation to silos.

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a reasonable attempt to try something new and at a slow pace. It is a way to ensure the job is done right the first time and properly. A steady hand is a practical tool when writing.

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Maybe it’s the way she looks at me with those beautiful eyes. Maybe it’s what she tells me whenever I wake up first thing int he morning. But all I know for sure is she makes me happy. Her in general. She’s beautiful, stunning really. Her voice is that of an angel. And I think I migh be in love whith her.

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I get blamed for everything. It’s a shame it really is because its pointless. Why is blame a word? Most people who blame are hated. I hate being blamed, being blamed will just cause a rage inside me that will and has never been seen before. I have blamed people before but I’m not proud of it. What does blaming give you? The proud look, yes. But, it isn’t cute anymore. When your blaming you are not telling someone what you saw was wrong. Your telling someone a lie, just to get the pride of it. What insolence it makes me sick. I’m not blamer, are you? You receive nothing from blaming, and it’s far different from telling what’s right. People who blame think they have the pride to point out people’s issues, their flaws and all. But what about them?

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my best friend kayla have the best sisterhood ever. we started this sisterhood in 1rst grade .are sister hood is the best sisterhood ever there is no sister hood better then our sisterhood because our sisterhood is the best sisterhood.

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The question looms in my head: did i do something wrong? I read through our thread of texts, which were at first so lively and so eloquent and suddenly became cold. Curt. Emotioneless. I wonder if I said something to scare hime away, or if simply lost interest. It pisses me off, not the fact that he isn’t fawning over me but that I don’t even understand what happened.

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It slides out from my hands and lands on the blue floor of the tub. I squint and try to pick up the little green bar again but it continues to evade me. I shrug. Whatever. It can just lay there. I’ll pick it up later. If ever. Whatever. Not my house. Not my problem. Not even my own bar of soap. I lather up and let the hot water run down my shoulders. Where am I, and what have I done?

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“This was written on a napkin with a crayon,” she says, waving it in my face. “It has no credibility whatsoever!”
“It’s i nwriting,” I remind her. “that’s technically a contract.”
“This is bull. I don’t even remember doing this. I was drunk.”
:We might be able to plead something,” I tease.
“You don’t need any vodka for that.”
She punches me lightly in the arm.

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bleeding from where? from a wound from your body? well its generally a sign of immediate need for medical assistance or first aid and there is no need to panic unless there is a lot of bleeding well then you need some ER treatment it is highly recommended you stay around people at all times if you are naturally prone to getting hurt.

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seeing words collate on a page remembering the foretold stories of my ancient forefathers reminds me of how we alll communicate freely in this tongue so easlily mishapen and mistaken in tones and dialects and new news. new feelings on one sound vibrating on tongues new and old. Communicating with each other in a peace unknown to the tangible world. an etheral cry loud and soft on top of the ears of us all hiumane. I can see your words in the air written in your breath and falling on my open hands clear and chuckling grasping the fire in my belly.

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