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The phone rang. It was the ringtone I dreaded the most. Nobody calls nowadays, whoever does must be calling at an ‘official’, business-only capacity. I can only think of one possibility. The super responsible staff at work. And of course he is calling, because I haven’t showed up for days.,

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she woke up in an empty room surrounded by silk curtains and sunlight. the curtains billowed, flowing around her like the ghosts of the decisions she could never unmake. she wanted to cry but found the wind dried her eyes and throat. she tried to lift herself off the bed, but found more silk was binding her to it, wrapped around her arms and legs.

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There was a soft glow emanating from the top of the hill behind her house, and she knew that she had to closer to it but she was also very afraid. There were no good options going forward; she had already seen the light, and from now on she could either proceed toward it or head back to her bed, devastatingly unchanged. She did the only thing that made sense, and took a step forward.

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I watched as he grabbed my hand and I naturally flinched at his touch. His hands were like his self-portrait because they were grimy, rough and abnormal. I looked up into his eyes, which were staring down at me with a glint of madness

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I was filled with the rage. I wanted to kill, I wanted to love, I wanted to exude pride and prejudice. The rage filled me like no other had ever done before. I’m not sure why, but I just know that I wanted to do something about it and get the feelings out of me. Why do I hate this feeling, what have I done to deserve this one day. Crap, I’m not sure about it at all

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The earth finally stopped moving, she looked around and everything was ok. Where was her husband? Was he in the city like he had planned? She looked around with shaking hands for her phone to call him

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I was lying in bet one night. I didn’t think I was cold it was summer, but the chillness inside does not go away. Ghosts tormented my sleep, and they would not go away

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Years ago people use to sale brushes door to door. It was not uncommon to have salesmen come to your house to sale a produce. They would come in and demonstrate what they were selling. You could purchase the item then or they could deliver it later when they were by your house in a few weeks.

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“You act like i’m not trying.” he said. She heard his tone of voice, but continued regardless.
“Just because you try doesn’t mean you don’t fuck things up. You cant do anything right!”

It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard this before. He knew what he was. The question is, why did he still bother getting hurt over it? For the first time, he said something he normally would not. “I know i’m a failure, you don’t have to remind me.” The words tasted bitter, bitter because they were true.

When she heard what he said, she was stunned. She hadn’t expected him to sink as low as he did, but what more could she want? She controlled him, and he knew it. Who cares about his emotions when you can control them. She hadn’t wanted a man (boy) with self loathe, but, oh, had she created one. “You can’t fool me.” she spat.

» Posted By Jane On 03.17.2015 @ 10:22 am

For some it’s a just a remote. The TV controller. The puncher. The clicker. For me, it shows you care when as we sit, you scoot closer, my feet end up o your thighs and you hand it to me. You like sports, I like cooking shows. Tonight, it’s cooking,

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Prefixes get me fixated. What does mium mean? Linguistics is what I should have studied, but what would Ive done w/that? Kind of like the science of politics, except not.

» Posted By Jane On 03.10.2015 @ 5:20 am


I had goods yesterday, Apparently, my words weren’t good enough. That’s OK. I know where to find help to make the best better. That’s a good thing for me and will only improve my goods. So don’t give this to me again, aight.

» Posted By Jane On 03.08.2015 @ 11:48 am

We gotta put the work in if we want the goods.
Girl, you ever give him the goods before the 25th date you’re done.
I got the goods right here.

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I am my loves and he is mine forever
sealed with a seal and safe forevermore
-Sara Teasdale (1884-1933)

» Posted By Jane On 03.05.2015 @ 10:54 am


I have not ever go camping, I’d like to try in the future perhaps with my friends or boyfriend. Should be fun.

» Posted By Jane On 02.15.2015 @ 5:50 am


Daybreak, caffeine intake, shower, dressing, pressing, pressing on towards the goal, running on your hamsterwheel, nighttime, bedtime, pressing the pillows with weariness

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It was gaining on me. Even revving madly in the dark haze. I myself felt a bit hazy, not knowing what to do. Should I let him pass?

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As the day grew dark there across the lake was a light glowing ever so brightly as if a star has fallen to earth and is trapped and through it glowing it is asking for help to all who see it

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You think you’re entitled to everything. Everything this world and the next can offer. You’re entitled to nothing. You get nothing. You get what you make. You’re entitled to try.

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One time in the 6th grade
I bumped into a ski pole
sort of like a cartoon character

I remember tumbling in the white artificial snow
laughing and crying
and mixture of hot tears of embarrassment
and stinging cold

» Posted By Jane On 07.27.2014 @ 3:24 pm


The blurry clouds were creeping on the blue canvas of the sky
like water color seeping through thin crackly paper
All I see is haze as my eyes tear up

» Posted By Jane On 07.24.2014 @ 10:49 am


Mermaids sing just to drive sailors insane.They pull the poor men under and never let them go.But they never think of the women that wait for their husbands to return.

» Posted By jane On 07.08.2014 @ 3:38 am


A bottle of coke and half empty bag of chips.
Were they there from last night? Maybe a week ago.
He couldn’t remember. She told him she was a gamer,
and at first he did’t believe her. Now he knew what she meant.
Not good at playing games on the computer, but good at playing
games of the heart.

» Posted By jane On 06.02.2014 @ 4:00 pm

A bottle of coke and half empty bag of chips.
Were they there from last night? Maybe a week ago.
He couldn’t remember. She told him she was a gamer,
and at first he did’t believe her. Now he knew what she meant.

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salty and humid, hamburgers and amusement parts and sticky lip gloss and fast cars and

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This reminds me of the Tomb of the Unknown soldier which is located in Arlington Cemetary in Arlington, Virginia. this tomb contains the remains of a soldier that was killed in battle but remains u

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I do not like to backtrack when I forget to do something. I feel as if I am taking up time and wasting time by doing this. Sometimes if I make a mistake, however, I will need to backtrack to find it and to fix it. If I forget or lose something, I need to backtrack to locate it. This probably happens more often than I realize. I especially find myself backtracking to locate my cell phone, and I have had to do this much more lately. Am I getting older and more forgetfu

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The talon of the eagle shone in the sunlight as it grasped its prey. It raised its foot to its mouth and tore the flesh from the glistening talon. Blood pooled and dripped on to the dusty ground.

» Posted By Jane On 02.18.2014 @ 5:35 pm


The student was alread in a downward spiral. Feeling very frustrated and not smart he felt there was really little reason to try. He totally was in a state of learned helpness. Unfortunately, this would be very hard to turn around.

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to be insulting. I often think of someone’s religious viewpoint. It is such a taboo subject to comment on someone’s religion. It cuts right to their core. I feel comfortable talking to be people about almost any number of topics with the exception of religion. I’m worried that I’ll say something that

» Posted By Jane On 11.19.2013 @ 1:35 pm

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