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I looked into the pool. It wasn’t the clear blue of a mountain lake, or a turquoise sea. It was just a murky domestic swimming pool, green with the residue of a summertime drought.

» Posted By Jade On 01.14.2018 @ 10:48 pm


I looked at the single glove left in the drawer. Red like fresh blood. And I collapsed.
It was so simple, just one half of a pair. Something you wouldn’t even think about putting on in a cold Minnesota winter. But suddenly it seemed like a gravestone.

» Posted By jade On 10.22.2017 @ 2:35 pm


It was excess. The city. The lights. Everything was stylized. Even the people seemed to have been created by men in boardrooms, who knew the best way to make everything commercial.

» Posted By jade On 10.17.2017 @ 3:48 pm


That’s what we were. Welfare kids. So poor that the government felt bad for us. So poor we needed food stamps. Sometimes, it felt like I was too poor to afford an identity.

» Posted By jade On 10.16.2017 @ 7:29 pm


I never feel informed. I’m always one step away from an improv comedy show, the only one without a memo. Sometimes, I wish I was one of the cool ones. The ones who got the script in the mail, know it by heart.

» Posted By jade On 10.11.2017 @ 1:47 pm


Everything is in the details. From the twitch of his brow to the drips of water you spilled on the floor, the details are what capture small moments infinitely in time. They take us from hurdle to hurdle, allowing us to grasp onto the easier moments when everything felt okay. To when everything felt whole. We had the water on the floor. We had his attention and his expressions. We were something to be seen.

» Posted By Jade On 06.05.2017 @ 5:41 pm


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screens are shmeens smeens are screens meens are screens if shmeens are screens than meens are both of the last 2 words so teens are screens and aeens are screens and seens are screens and feens are sc

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some thing that you dont mean to do the opposite is on purpose lot of peopled things acidental

» Posted By Jade On 09.21.2015 @ 11:24 am


a crazy person or thing you might go psycho if you have to mush candy lot of people are psycho and weird there isn’t much of a different

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It was white and powdery. It had a weird taste. I added water and it instantly because a sticky mixture.

» Posted By jade On 08.10.2015 @ 10:15 pm


they neigh in the field and have long flowing mains. I do not care for them, I find them frightening and overrated as well as gigantic and scary. I am glad I am not a horse. Neighhhhh. I think they are also graceful and can gallop gayly. I think they are also free spirited and beautiful. They are like ‘Black Beauty’ and Red Rum and Desert Orchid. They run at the grand national. Neigh They gallop on.

» Posted By Jade On 07.03.2015 @ 9:12 am


I rolled it down over my elbow but it didnt go long enough to even reach my mid forarm. i was ashamed. The blouse looked nice on me, and i hoped the cop would assume I was doing better. I just dabbed some makeup under my eyes and gathered the cash I’d been saving since my arrest.

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I like it

» Posted By jade On 05.25.2015 @ 4:56 pm

the weather weather weather weather weather weather weather weather weather weather weather weather

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I wanted to start out with a clean slate but that’s hard to do in a town where everyone knows you’re bussiness. Bucle is a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone. It’s like being permenantly stcuk in highschool, and a small high school at that. Everyone played the high school streotypes still too. Older versions of the nerds, well they were the only ones that got out and made it somewhere, so there weren’t actually any nerds in

» Posted By Jade On 01.03.2015 @ 11:31 am


I was stale. Bored. Sad. Upset. Nothing to do. I sat around for hours. Nothing. I couldn’t move my head, or body. I was stale.

I was stale. Bored. Tired. Sleepy. I couldn’t sleep. I had to stay awake, staring at this wall. I was stale.

» Posted By Jade On 12.18.2014 @ 6:05 pm


i am very apologetic when i get in trouble they call me a goody tushus
am i a goody tushus

» Posted By jade On 10.07.2014 @ 8:14 am


I doubt myself. Every decision I make is one filled with doubt. I’m never sure of myself, never completely confident in what I want to do. Will I ever be able to make a choice without being full of doubt? I doubt it.

» Posted By Jade On 10.06.2014 @ 5:18 am


i imagined a wonderful family home with that warm and cosy feeling
but i was wrong it was nothing like that

» Posted By jade On 09.24.2014 @ 5:52 am


i can hardly see why that guy is staring at me
i am hardly good looking
i look more like a goblin than a person

» Posted By jade On 09.23.2014 @ 7:44 am

laughing is hardly something to get in trouble about
i mean really

» Posted By jade On 09.23.2014 @ 7:40 am


There was a worldly look to the place, and she felt as though she was immersed in every culture in the world. She felt at home, in the tiny village, as if she was already settled there.

» Posted By Jade On 09.14.2014 @ 4:20 pm


The spikes hit me hard, as I stepped over the sharp, grey points. I almost screamed, it bubbling inside me, but I was too scared to scream. I jumped over the sharp pointy needles and steeped inside the tall building named death.

» Posted By Jade On 09.07.2014 @ 12:19 am

Her heels made it sound as if they were made of spikes. She was angry, but he couldn’t figure out why; he hoped it wasn’t his own fault.

» Posted By Jade On 09.06.2014 @ 2:37 pm


glowing eyes following
running faster, catching breath

closer, closer, closer…

» Posted By Jade On 09.05.2014 @ 5:18 pm


She walked hesitantly through the cereal aisle of the Lucky Mart, preparing herself for the odd looks she would receive if she failed her corespondent. They had yet to meet, and instead were leaving letters around the town for the other to find as their means of communication. It was rather exhilarating, like the first time you learn to ride a bike and feel so free that you take off down the road and never stop. With that courageous thought, she smoothed down her pleated burgundy sensation of cloth, and anxiously fixated her senses to be a watchful guard as she proceeded to the Lucky Charms. No one, to her knowledge, could be found in the aisle except her. With a blissful smile, she reached for the box on a shelf inches too high for her liking, and seized the fourth box in the third row. As soon as her hand had landed upon the devious box, her foot slipped, causing her to crash to the ground as if she were the London Bridge, the remaining attackers that resided on the shelf followed her to the floor, seeming to wipe her form existence as hundreds of boxes covered her. In an instant, her head perked up from the remains flaming, she had to retreat, before anyone came to her. But no, she could not leave without the box. Frantically, she began searching for the cursed item that had caused it all, ignoring the rushing stream of unwanted humans, and pleas’s to call the EMS.
“Mam, are you alright? Have you lost something?” A gentleman asked with an outstanding bitter sweetness that she read to mean: “Do not sue me.”

“I’m fine, I just seem to have lost my dignity, that is all.” She responded, ignoring his offer to pull her up from the rubble. Instead, she continued to scramble on the ground in search of the fourth box which was said to have a white envelope attached to the back.

“Okay, you can’t keep damaging the boxes, and creating a scene. I’ve offered to help, and you don’t want it. I’m going to call the cops if you don’t leave now.” The man threatened, but as soon as he had said it, there it was, the letter. Now, she was no athlete, but in that instance, she truly had become an Olympic champion, snatching the letter, she propelled off the floor, and began to run, making sure she had hit the old grump with her purse before she fled the scene. It wasn’t until she was outside the store and inside her car that she allowed herself to breathe, and focus on her prize. The envelope, was not of an ordinary sense. It was an off shade of white, with cryptic green lettering on the front and a rose waxed seal on the back the infamous Hogwarts symbol. Letting out a laugh at how he remembered her Harry potter obsession, she opened it to find her Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a note from her corespondent:
“Allie, I knew you would make an adorable fool of yourself trying to find the letter. That is how I know you are truly ready for Hogwarts and our magical adventure. Meet me a 7pm at Annabelle’s Coffee Shop? Enough of the letters, I need to see you. Love always, Matt.”

“My God Matt.” She cried, turning up to smile at the trees. She turned on her car, and drove off, replaying the whole scene in her head as one of the best moments in her life.

» Posted By Jade On 08.15.2014 @ 8:43 am


tape sounds like a duck is grey airconditioning duct ducted heating duct tape fixes anything what even is duct wait what

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i remember when i was home schooled. I was dumb
but now… i am different
i know
i know more than i did before and i can act upon it
but not in the way that i was taught
not in the way that they though i would be using it

» Posted By jade On 05.26.2014 @ 3:59 am


I love drawing. Artwork can be inspired by many things, but I like to be inspired by the closet lake. Lakes are beautiful, and can really get one going if they are stuck in drawing.

» Posted By Jade On 05.23.2014 @ 9:25 pm

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