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wrenching the sordid novel from her hands, he yelled with conviction, “filth! nothing but absolute filth! i forbid you from furthering you’re readings if this is the sort of ‘literature’ you would choose

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darkroom. processing, capturing, creating. In the darkroom, we expose ourselves in the chemicals of our film. Vats of expression lie untold. Then, development, our creatures fly free!

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i…i dropped her. this fragile little thing beckoning love and warmth and protection…and i dropped her. no one else was in the room. she didnt cry. maybe that soft spots hardened by now. maybe shes fine. yes, shes probably fine. nothing to worry about at all…

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dropped from the balcony the infant fell into the plummeting abyss where the creature waited…silently…slumbering…
the dark was cold and icey blue , the child wide eyed and shining..the creature, waiting.

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relatives played a large role in the last century and continue to carry importance now. in the advent of world war, relatives birthed theories in time-space, psychology, and social consciousness, causing us to re-examine our existence as sentient beings.

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in the basement there lurked the dark. he’d been living there his whole life, but now at 37 it finally seemed like he might have overstayed his welcome. The furnace had always complained, and the mice didn’t get along with him, but all in all it was an ok place.

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