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She’s bobbing in the wind, like some kind of demented flag. High off her ass, is what dispatch said, but now I’m not so sure. She’s high, sure, but high on control. This is the only thing in her life that she has control over. Who am I to take it away? She doesn’t deserve to die, but she doesn’t deserve to live through the pain. Put her out of her misery. “Ma’am–”
The body drops. Cracks against the pavement, limp as a rag doll. She’s gone, no longer swaying, but still as a stone, crumpled on the sidewalk in front of me.

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Photography had been her solace. She saw things differently when through a lens– the rays of light through the trees became a doorway to heaven, the clouds in the sky were ships waiting to dock.

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I looked up from the ground, into those unforgiving eyes. They mocked me, waiting for me to bow, to submit. But I am no servant, and I kneel to no man.

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She scanned the crowd, searching diligently for any sign of disturbance. People waited, eyes twitching, roaming for answers. Nothing.
There, in the back. A murmur.

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He held onto the handlebars of the bike, peddling quickly out of sight of the trio of uniformed officers searching for him.

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The water glistened with the reflection of stars, sailboats traveling the distance between the dots, connecting them like a map.

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This version of my shouldn’t exist. She’s vile, psychotic, completely evil to the core. And she’s after me.
All I can do now is fight for my right to exist.

» Posted By Isabella On 11.16.2017 @ 12:38 pm


Today I couldn’t go outside because of the weather, i don’t like when the weather is like that, i prefer the sunshine. it make me feel happier and powerful.

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The melodic sound of a harmonica drifted through the abandoned building, bouncing off the peeling walls eerily as the teenagers made there way through the wreckage. They looked around for the source, but it was impossible. It was coming from everywhere at once.

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The gray package lay just outside the door, untouched, unopened, undisturbed. It lay in wait for its next victim: the young girl padding her way to the front door after hearing the unmistakable chimes of the door bell.

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They marched through the windy streets, a frightening and confusing sight to everyone now leaving their homes to see what was happening. The soldiers’ feet pounded on the concrete, sending a resounding ‘thump’ throughout the neighborhood.

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This was a broken world, with broken people and a broken government. So broken that no one tried too hard to put it back together again. When someone finally sprouted from the rubble with a plan for redemption, they were quickly quieted- pulled like a weed from the dirt. There was no redemption here. This is no-man’s land, Hell brought up to earth.

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Stunts are actions people do for attention. They could be fake, they could be dangerous- but people will look at you when you do them. I don’t want that- i’d never want that. I don’t mind doing something dangerous or exciting, but not everyone watching me.

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scuba duver intrigue me but id never want to be one cos the whole idea of having water piled on top of you scares me in fact dowining is my biggest fear aside from my family dying and being burnt alive and surely 60 seconds are up by now?

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They walked through the crowded hallway looking anxiously around them trying to find a way out, their history teacher was getting faster by the second and they knew that by the second he got to them, they would be lost.

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She was the one, the she-wolf in the prophecy that the Elders had been awaiting for centuries. A fresh-out-of-college, sassy, 20-something-year-old nobody who had absolutely no clue about her heritage. Yeah, this would be fun.

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I was stuck in the middle of a fight, as always. Never the instigator, never the victim. Yet, somehow, I’m always here, whether I want to be or not.

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well i think they should have a good life with god i meen who will not have a good time with god

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i think anles are really cool but i have never seen a real anglesoi do not know but i thinkthey are nice

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building hight step nei

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I don’t honestly know what congregate means. Just like how I don’t know what half the things that they talk about in class mean. How am I meant to use so many of these things in life one day. Look at the real world. Open your eyes and think. When will you have to use most of the things we learn at school in life? The basics we will of course use but the rest of it is unimportant. I don’t know the meaning of this word just like I don’t know why we have to learn such things.

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“Disgrace! How dare you?”
They shouted and jeered as I ran through the forest. The voices grew and grew the deeper I got. Then, they stopped.
And the ground fell beneath me.

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The girl looked at the rusted armor hanging in front of her. The plaque beside the stand said it belonged to a woman warrior, a queen. It said that she was the one who won freedom for them, but everyone knew she took it.

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Can I have another word? I am not good at figuring things. I am good at feeling things. Good at missing things. And great at loosing time. I alwyas wondered which time is lost and which time is gained.

» Posted By Isabella On 11.18.2015 @ 10:02 am

Oh, it’s figured again. Well, I figured this is a way to write without thinking and I realize what I do is to describe reality as it is happening. Does it help? Anyone? Me? Describing isn’t doing. Isn’t creating.

» Posted By Isabella On 11.18.2015 @ 10:00 am

I fured out this must be the word yu guys always start with. Ayrton just posted on Facebook that he wrote about it. So, well.. I hope he does not post about other words the site generates. Otherwise this is cool.

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Down by the willow tree was where it began. It stood there like an omen know. A reminder that dark times have come before, and will again. We are not safe. We will nevr be safe. Not while he’s alive, at least.

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She tried to peer at the building in this distance, but without her glasses, she could only make out an indistict rectangle. She sighed. Why did she have to lose her glasses of all things?

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There he sat, in the most hated class in the school, algebra. He wasn’t listening to the teacher, but looking outside the window, paying attention to the colorful birds outside. He didn’t notice me, though I was near the bird. He didn’t notice I was watching him as intently as he was watching the bird. And he sure as hell didn’t notice the gun in my hands.

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The body still lay beneath them, waiting for the two to decide what to do.
“Well, I say we just drag it out into the woods. Maybe a lonely wolf will find it.”
“Do you really think that is a good idea? Does this stuff actually go through your mind”

» Posted By Isabella On 07.14.2015 @ 1:23 pm

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