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sunlight keeps things alive, without it, in the darkness, other things thrive, but the light brings all things into balance. if the balance is broken, all will be lost.

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the thieves ran through the crowd, the guards right on their heels. There did not seem to be any way to escape these royal guards. Tamara suspected they were using magic to track wherever her and her friends were running. she was wrong.

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The history between the two people made it awkward when they had to pretend to be strangers in order to infiltrate the event. They wanted to protect each other so badly but were stuck on opposite sides of the group.

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the gameplan was lost in the midst of the final round. No one wanted to execute the original lineup after Ruddy lost his leg to the battle dogs in the qualifying round. they were screwed.

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The universal space league never knew what hit them. It was possibly the worst incident in history. The galaxy never saw anything as graphic, or as destructive in the entire creation of the universe

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