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Last night I was convinced that I had left my keys in the outside of my front door. The sense of paranoia was so strong it stopped me from sleeping .Even after coming all the way down the stairs to check that my keys were inside of the door I was convinced that they weren’t, that my house was going to be broken into and my car stolen.
The brain is a strange organ, and the imagination very powerful – a huge escalation just from a set of keys.

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For the last few weeks it felt like I was walking on air – I finally felt like life was going my new way. New job, finally money wasn’t an issue, deliriously happy in a new relationship. But then it all grounded to a halt around me with a stark reality. My new job wasn’t what it was promised, the unhappiness was spreading, poisoning every other part of life

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the ground beneath them collapsed. A sink hole had open up – the trees and earth was being swallowed into the abyss, like a monster cruelly devouring its prey. The deafening cracks as branches of tall powerful trees were snapped like brittle sugar under a hammer

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‘Until next time.’ he tipped his hat, jumped onto the majestic horse and galloped away, matching the mysterious circumstance in which he arrived.

Jane stood bewildered, surrounded by nothing but rustling trees and the wildlife hidden amongst them. Had that really happened? A hero, seemingly from the Victorian era, here, in the 21st century, in the woods just over the field from her house.

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Pandas are cute. Well at least that is the impression you get when you see the pretty pictures and welfare campaigns – my experience of pandas is decidedly different. When in China I visited a bamboo forest where the some pandas were known to still live in the wild – we were warned that although they are lazy, (something i then witnessed at Beijing zoo – and on a later date at Edinburgh zoo) when threatened they are violent – like the bears which they are. I never saw any in the wild – but the stories made me see a very not cute side :(

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He was captured, held a prisoner in his own game. Luke hated playing with the older kids cause they always took his games and ruined them. They changed the rules, made the games harder and then made sure he couldnt play by always catching him first or sending away. He wanted to talk to the kids in his own class not with the boys his older brother used to be friends with – but his mum insisted that he was around them alat least some of the time so he could tell james what was happening at his old school. James went to a different school now in the hospital, with other kids like him.

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Begging for mercy – on his knees he asked to dark looming figre above him to reprive him. even just for a moment. The relentless torture had gone on to long – he just wanted to get home and return to his norml life, back in the city where he blended into a crowd

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olives immediately remind me of my time in spain.Every drink out, meal, or social gathering seemed to be accomplanied by the smallsalty green fruit, every bread, pasta orsalad coated in golden olive oil.

I had a boyfriend whose father owned a small olive tree orchard, one day i went help harvest the olives, this is not quite as i had imagined and not as romantic and idealitistic as portrayed in media instead it isincredibly had work. olives are harversted during the hottest months and they weigh a lot, instead of climbing ladders and casually throwing olives down into a wicker basket in a delightful manner, i found myself waving a rake like object through the branched and then picking hundreds of olives into a sac i was carrying, copy and repeat. By the end of the day i was thoroughly exhausted, aching and seemed to be covered in many scrapes. However it was another new experience and i had loved it :)

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The beauty of the wood, the subtle smell of its bark – neither give a hint to the powerful, strong or mighty nature of the oak. It could hold the weight of a thousand men or crush a habitat. Starting from such a small meagre acorn then growing and growing until it is the tallest tree in the forest, until it houses the creatures which will also feed on its fruits, until it is mercilessly chopped for the very properties that give no clue of its greatness.

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Furious Love.
Furious Hate.
Furious Fire.


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They had expected it to be really quite simple but they now were on the quest of a life time. They were trudging across ice and snow desperately trying to reach the other side of the lake before the people following them caught up. It was a risky route, it left them visible and exposed, but it was the quickest way – and time was of the essence.

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Meanwhile away from the real world the children were playing merrily on the lawn. They were dressed for the garden party and looked like the well-to-do children they were. They were all members of the aristocratic family that owned the house and most the buildings and businesses in the village. Little did they know that all this, the wealth, the titles, the problems would all be theirs one day. They would have to learn to work together to find the solution to the problems that came with their wealth and titles that were to plague them for the rest of their lives. Little did they also know a war was brewing across the ocean which would affect their lives forever.

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The big things scare me, the little things bore me. I have no idea where I am supposed to be or what I am supposed to do. Some people say that this is fear, I say it is confusion. There is a slight comfort that can be found in the unknown, the freedom to do what you want when you want to. You can up and leave, you can hide in the corner, you can go sky diving or just for a walk to the park. It doesn’t matter whether it is a big or a little thing – despite what you think, how free you feel; you are following something, someone, some doctrine.

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Oil was spilling out the bottom of the car; she had no idea what to do. She scanned the traffic hopefully, looking for someone who looked like they might be able to help, if she could pluck up the courage to help. That’s when she saw him walking towards here, he didn’t look like the type that would know how to help her but she tried to keep her mind open. The expensive silk tie, freshly ironed crisp shirt and shiny black shoes didn’t fill her with confidence either; he grinned as he approached
‘Hi. I’m Oliver – you look like you could use a hand’

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Together they were so much better than apart; they had the potential to change the world. If only they could work together, but ironically what would have made them together so brilliant was the reason they couldn’t work together – they were to different, the potential was there but in reality the chances of them ever coming together as a team was hampered by their stubborn unwillingness to bend, break and change to accommodate one another.

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Europe is a big place; it is annoying when people refer to something as European. It is a very large place with many different cultures, countries, religions, ethnicities etc. Therefore, yes, something may be European however it will also have much more specific roots. ie. I am very different in every way from someone who is from say Turkey, or Lithuania or Spain. As I said; Europe is a big place.

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The edge, the fringes, the end, the beginning to a new place and new horizons. Borders are seemingly insignificant just a dotted line on a map, yet these borders contain within them so much pride and power. Wars are fought over the dotted line, lives are lost for the sake of borders.

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When I was 21 I decided to go and study my final semester of undergrad abroad, in China. Lets look at what happened as an immediate chain of events connected to my eastern promise… A volcano erupted (this is by no mean a consequence of me going to China) and I missed my flight home, I was stranded for 17 days in Beijing one of the biggest busiest cities on the planet; I didn’t make it back to University on time to take my final exams, consequently I failed my degree – not so attractive to the afore mentioned employers.
I loved it.
I caught the travelling bug, I now am working my way around the world to see as much as possible – 1 particular experience taught me to grab the full bucket, with both hands, by the horns (I may be mixing metaphors here) and that is exactly what I am doing.
I no longer have any desire for the career I wanted before, and ultimately the one thing I did to further my life, has done just that; but in a way I least expected it too.

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Come on, your supposed to be a squad. Pull together and make something of yourselves. You rely on each other for your glory, for your pride and for your career. You need to start acting like a team and work together. This selfish attitude to put yourself first will not do if you want to stay in my league.

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The Lemon yellow curtains were complete. now she just had to wait for Gary to get home to hang them in the new bedroom. she really hoped that he would like them, he hadn’t seemed very interested in anything to do with the new baby, even though before hand he was so enthusiastic, it was like since the baby came and reality hit, he just didn’t care.

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There he laid, tinier than you could ever imagine. He was the most beautiful thing in the world, but terror gripped her heart as she watched all the machines flash and move in sync with his tiny body. She knew he would come of the machines one by one, well she believed. She had total security and a future in her tiny son – he was still the only way out of this mess. It was just a matter of waiting and hoping, being there with him everyday to support and love the bundle in front of her, his life may have begun for all the wrong reasons but now she cherished him regardless of her situation. Motherhood had changed her and that was the scariest thing of all.

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There curtain went up, the lights went down. A sudden silence fell across the cinema as the audience held their breathe with anticipation of the film to come. Such drama was readily awaited for the epic which was to be shown before them. Not a single person could be heard eating the popcorn, rustling a packet or shuffling in their seat; it was if someone had stopped time

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Faith is had to master, we can think we are standing so strong and solid in what or who we are committed too and then something trips us up, some small seemingly insignificant event and where does that faith go. The doubt that starts to creep into your mind, the need to just find out if…

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This is a hard one, there is so much to be said about suicidal people that can not be fit into a minute.

I will say this though, I feel for all the people who have reached this point in there life, I wish I could reach out to them, to help them. No one should feel so much despair feel so alone, trapped or weak that they feel this is there only option. Which ironically is one of the things which must take the most courage in the world – and that is something to live for.

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I think, you think, he thinks, she thinks, it thinks, we think, they think. Everybody thinks, we can’t escape it, so embrace it and use thinking to be all that you can.

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Speaking is a privilege we rarely appreciate, To not be able to speak is frustrating, it is lonely, it is something that makes you feel alienated from the world around you. Speech is some thing more of us find so amazingly simple but so essential to our being, but rarely do we stop to admire to genius of words.

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Speech is one of the functions we rely on most to get through the day. But how much of what we communicate is actually through speech. Recently I have moved to a country where I speak none of the language, I have discovered, like many before me, that so much of what we say comes from places other than out mouths. Our hands speak volumes when we communicate, as do our facial expressions and tone, the biggest communicator however, has to be our body language, with out a word being utter, it is instantly obvious whether a person is happy, sad, thinking, bored, fearful, excited and so much more.

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The terminus. Of one part of your journey, so many more places to go from here.
The final. A winner and a loser, either way everyone had a good game, if they didn’t love it they would give up.
The climax. well…
The pinnacle. Who doesn’t love to look back at what they have achieved.
The ultimate. Everyone likes to know how things end, also the best.
Come to end. All good things do eventually.
The end just leaves possibilities for new beginnings

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